this time, i got two more new cars. the Mitsubishi Eclipse, another car i wanted to get for a long time and the GT by Citroen, which i planned to get after its multiplayer cup. funny thing is, i fully upgraded the Eclipse before the assembly of the GT by Citroen was complete. also, the struggle of the Apollo N championship is real.

this is episode 1 of season 7 of "Asphalt stories". this covers the day the update rolled and yesterday's events. here goes:

Me: looks like we got a message from Gameloft.:)

TheHawtDawg1: let's see what's all about.:I

Matt: well, if it isn't team Azelfland. we got some good news and some bad news.:I

Hanna: what's the good news?:)

Matt: the good news is, we got some new boxes. the other good news is we got some new cars and bikes on AsphaltLand.^_^

TheHawtDawg1: and what's the bad news?:I

Matt: the bad news is, the Tuono's R&D will be postponed for the third time.:(

Loraine: *sighs out of disappointment* goshdarn it.-_-

Matt: the other bad news is.................. i'll let you guess that one.:I

TweakRacer: the cars and bikes have a bad mastery.:I

Matt: no. it's worse.:I

TheHawtDawg1: the events will be hard. and the Intensa Emozione will dethrone the Vulcan.:I

Me: well, RIP my dream of having the Vulcan.:(

Anthony Jose: actually, it's not confirmed yet. so don't be disappointed.:P

Matt: nope. even worse.:I

Hanna: the Apollo N and Intensa Emozione have token-only upgrades.:I

Matt: exactly.:(


Matt: we had no choice, okay? Vivendi threatened us.O_O


Hanna: geez. calm down.O_O

Me: ANYWAY, anything about the events?:I

Matt: it's confirmed that you'll get the Apollo N, the Vencer Sarthe and the Kawasaki Ninja H2 R through championships. the Ducati XDiavel and the Apollo Intensa Emozione will have their own R&Ds. as for the Zenvo ST1 GT, you'll have to get it through its very own EDD. we haven't confirmed the EDD vehicles yet, but we'll let you know. okay?^_^

Hanna: hopefully the R&Ds won't be like last time.:P

Matt: what do you mean by that?:I

Hanna: i mean that i hope there won't be a crime syndicate of Vivendi OR an AI that wants to kill us. that's what i mean.:P

TheHawtDawg1: don't forget that they wanted to use the R8 E-Tron Special Edition's AI for evil.:P

Me: same.:I

Matt: speaking of championships, the Apollo N championship is around the corner.^_^

Audi R8 tyke: so, are you gonna take part or what?:)

Me: not yet. we'll do it after we get the Mitsubishi Eclipse AND fully upgrade her. okay?:I

Hanna: okay.:I

the next day, after some grinding

Me: NICE! we got the blueprint i needed for the GT by Citroen. now, let's open those boxes.^_^ *opens the 14 boxes that contain the GT by Citroen blueprints*

Alice: i see you got all the blueprints.^_^

Me: yep.:)

Hanna: and it looks like we got a map of Munich. and......... what's this signature?:I

Me: hey! i recognize this logo!O_O

Alice: the logo?:I

Me: it's the Silver Skulls logo! now i remember! someone from the Silver Skulls must've sent this map!O_O

TheHawtDawg1: are you sure it's not someone else?:I

Me: yes, i'm sure. *Azelfland's phone rings* hm? *picks up the phone* hello?:I

Errol: well, if it isn't the old king of CSR racing himself.:P


Errol: save the questions for later.>:I

Me: and you're helping us?! last time i remembered, you wanted to take me down time and time again......... except for that one time you helped me fully upgrade the FXX K to beat Nitro.:I

Errol: i know i wanted to beat you to prove i'm better than you, but listen. before you ask, yes, i'm the one who sent you this map.:P

Me: thanks, i guess.:I

Errol: anytime. and one day, if you come back, I WILL take you down.>:)

Me: consider this challenge accepted.>:) *hangs up*

Hanna: so, it was Errol all along, huh? not surprised.:I

Silver Azelfland: though, as usual, we'll go look for the derelict parts. let's go.>:I

a few hours later

Hanna: looks like we found the Mitsubishi Eclipse.>:I

Me: where is it?:I

Audi R8 tyke: it looks like it's near a gym in Madrid.:I

Loraine: though, i suspect a trap.>:I

Lily: but we're gonna go. we need her anyway.>:I

Naomi: that's right.>:I

later, in Madrid

My Sbarro Sparta: looks like this is the place.:I

Me: yeah. though, i still suspect it's a trap. anyway, let's go in.>:I *everyone enters the gym*

Lily: it's dark in here. i can't see anything.O_O

the lights turn on, revealing Anais in her golden boxing outfit

Me: YOU AGAIN?!>:(

Anais: well, if it isn't Azelfland and his bitches.>:)

Diana: what do you want this time?>:(

Mike458: it's simple. she's gonna challenge one of you to a boxing match. if you win, you can leave with the Mitsubishi Eclipse. if you lose, Lily and naomi will be ours. also, you get to do what you want after the end of each round.>:)

Hanna: i won't let you harm them!>:(

Anais: like you're gonna do anything.>:)

Lily: i'll handle this.>:I


Lily: i have to, sis. no more being a damsel in distress. let's do this.>:I

Anais: just so you know, you won't even survive till round 12.>:)

an intense boxing match between Lily and Anais happens, as it gets more intense every round. after round 11, however.

Lily: oh, god. i can't beat her.X_X

Hanna: yes, you can.>:I

Sonic: has anyone seen that Azelfland is acting strange right now?:I

Me: *summons a fireball without his will* what's happening?!O_O

Lily: what are you doing?!O_O

the fire heals Lily's wounds

Mike458: WHAT?! she's okay now?! no fair!>:(

Shelby: you said it yourself, loser. we can, like, do what we want at the end of each round.:P

Me: i'm not sure what happened, but.............. i feel like i can heal you guys with my fire.................. even though i'm more of the agressive side.:)

Azelfland learned Fiery Healing!

Lily: well, then. prepare for the beating of your life.>:) *the bell rings*

Mike458: oh, god. i can't watch.D: *covers his eyes so he can't watch Lily beating Anais*

Lily: and THAT'S for making me a damsel in distress!>:( *knocks down Anais with an uppercut*

the announcer from Street Fighter IV: K.O.!!!

Lily: THIS is what Hanna was worried about? tch. easy.:P

Naomi: you did it sis! i'm so proud of you!^_^

Lily: thanks.^_^

Naomi: but next time, leave it to Hanna and her friends, okay?:I

Lily: okay.:)

Me: let's get the Mitsubishi Eclipse and get out of here.>:I *throws 395.000 credits to the cage and breaks it*

Wanda: somehow, it's also got 225.000 credits for getting her.:I

Alice: let's upgrade her, before we leave.>:I *applies a bunch of upgrades on the Mitsubishi Eclipse*

Me: okay. NOW let's get out of here.>:I *everyone leaves*

Rouge: *loots Anais and gets her very own golden boxing outfit* well, it feels good to have my own golden boxing outfit.^_^ *leaves the scene*

Mike458: we need to get Anais to Vincent ASAP.>:I

Vivendi goon 1: yes, sir.>:I

Vivendi goon 2: what do we do with Azelfland and his bitches?>:I

Mike458: i want every single unit after team Azelfland.>:I

Vivendi goon 2: everyone?>:I


a few minutes later

Vivendi's dispatch: attention all units. attention all units. we have a code 6 driver heading north to Barcelona. all available units head to the location.>:I

Hanna: uh-oh. they're after us!O_O

My Porsche 718 Boxster S: hopefully we won't be mentioned from the dispatch.O_O

Vivendi's dispatch: suspect vehicle is a silver Sbarro, an orange Mitsubishi and a white Porscha.>:I

My Mitsubishi Eclipse: DAMN IT! they're after us, all right.O_O

Porsche 718 Boxster S: and who the hell pronounces Porsche as "por-sah"?!>:(

Me: probably some idiot.:P

after an intense chase

Me: phew! we made it.:)

My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: you guys are okay! man, i'm glad to see you! and you brought my sister with you! nice!^_^

My Pagani Huayra BC: my guess is that you want to fully upgrade her, right?:I

Me: yep.:P

after fully upgrading the Mitsubishi Eclipse

Hanna: nice. we got 750.000 credits from Gameloft.^_^

Me: all right. now, let's upgrade Enzo.:)

Alice: sure thing.:) *upgrades the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari's nitro to level 5*

My Ferrari Enzo Ferrari: it's about time.:P

Wendy: i agree.:P

Me: well, guys. we're off to Rio. it's time to take on the Apollo N championship.^_^

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Apollo N: so, you're Azelfland, huh?:)

Me: the one and only.^_^

Apollo N: nice to meet the famous team Azelfland.^_^

Hanna: yeah.:)

Apollo N: and you must be Hanna, Azelfland's beautiful girlfriend and leader of team Harmony, right?^_^

Hanna: *giggles* your words flatter me. why, thank you.^_^

NEKON: so, what does the N stand for?:I

Me: i dunno. Natura Harmonia Gropius or something like that?:I

Apollo N: it stands for Nurburgring, silly. but anyway. you're here to recruit me, right? let's do it.>:)

after the secondary goal of the first qualifier

Alice: well, guys. say hello to our newest member of the team, the GT by Citroen.^_^

My GT by Citroen: so, you're Azelfland, huh? i heard a lot about you.:)

TheHawtDawg1: there's one thing i need to ask, though.:I

GT by Citroen: what is it?:)

TheHawtDawg1: how did you even become part of AsphaltLand in the first place?:I

GT by Citroen: well, i was minding my own business in the Gran Turismo games, when in 2015, Gameloft came at Polyphony and said: "hey, we're here to add your concept car in AsphaltLand, for his very own R&D and to promote your games. would you be willing to co-operate with us?" and Polyphony was like: "sure. go ahead.". and that's pretty much how i ended up in AsphaltLand.:P

TheHawtDawg1: oh.:I

Me: anyway, contracts aside, we got a tour to complete.>:I

at the Grand Finale

the announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 20th annual Asphalt championship! this championship is going to be the Apollo N championship, which was the surprise we had in the previous championship!:D

Me: all right. after two hard qualifiers, it's time to show what we can do.>:)

Apollo N: all right. let's do this.>:)

after the Grand Finale

Apollo N: nice. you sure are the real deal.^_^

Hanna: yeah, but don't get cocky. i got the feeling that Vivendi is somehow gonna mess  with us.>:I

meanwhile, in Vivendi's secret base in Havana, Cuba

Vincent: what happened?!O_O

Mike458: your wife is seriously injured. she's unconscious, but will regain consciousness in a few seconds.:I

Vincent: get a chair and let her sit.O_O

Mike458: yes, sir.:I *gets a chair and lets Anais sit on it*

Anais: *regains consciousness* ow. i can still feel the pain. ow.X_X

Vincent: thank god you're okay. i was worried about you!O_O

Anais: i can't believe i lost to that bitch. ow.X_X

Vincent: here.O_O *gives Anais a bag of ice*

Anais: thanks, sweeite. *puts the bag of ice on her head* i'm sorry i had to make you go through all this.:(

Vincent: it's okay. i'm here for you. are you okay?:(

Anais: i still feel the pain, but yes. no need to worry.:)

Vincent: that's a relief. Mike, would you mind if you leave me and my wife alone? we need our time together.:I

Mike458: as you wish.:I

Vincent: oh, and make sure no one gets in the office. like i said before, my wife and i need our time together and no one has to interfere. okay?:I

Mike458: as you wish, boss.:I *gets out of the office*

Me: *pauses the action and breaks the fourth wall* even villains need their heart warming moments, you know. not just the heroes.:) *resumes the action*

Vivendi goon 3: hey, i want to see if the boss is okay.:I

Mike458: sorry, but the boss ordered me to keep you all out, until he feels better. he's concerned about his wife and he needs his time with her.:I

Vivendi goon 3: oh. okay.:I

in Vincent's office

Vincent: i can't believe Azelfland outsmarted us again.>:I

Anais: yeah. he got some sort of healing power that allows his fire to heal his friends.:I

Vincent: and then you got your butt kicked and all because Azelfland was able to heal his friend. no matter. we're still gonna mess with him.>:)

Anais: how? i was beaten. how can he and his team possibly be defeated?:I

Vincent: Mike made sure the qualifiers were rigged by A LOT. he won't even stand a chance. still, i'm glad we could spend some time together.:)

Anais: now that's clever. they won't see it coming. but i'm also glad we could spend our time together. you're truly kind.^_^

Vincent: yeah. i know. now, let's mess with team Azelfland, shall we?>:)

Anais: oh, i WILL enjoy this.>:)

and that's the end of episode 1 of season 7 of "Asphalt stories". the blog barrage will end on Monday, considering that i got school after the weekend. oh, boy, it's gonna be a tough week.

until next time.


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