now, by "reuniting with an old friend from CSR Racing", i mean "getting the Ferrari FXX K back", considering i was the king of CSR Racing 3 years ago. and getting it back was so satisfying. besides that, i got myself the Mosler GT3 at a 20% off -which was worth it, even though i was planning to get the Koenigsegg One:1-, allowing me to complete the Gran Turismo collection. also, i got to lab 4 aas of now for the SLS AMG Coupe Black Series. also, i got the 488 GTB, but that's irrelevant.

this is episode 1 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

Hanna: looks like the SLS AMG Coupe Black Series is here.:I

Me: i think it's time to make my comeback. Concept One, Biome and Survolt, you'll provide the intelligence.>:I

My DS Survolt: sure.:)

My Pagani Huayra BC: the 675LT and i will handle the farming.>:I

Me: dang, Benny. you're sharp.^_^

My McLaren 675LT: Benny?:I

Pagani Huayra BC: i was actually named after the late Benny Caiaola, the first customer of Pagani and a close friend of Horracio Pagani. in 2010, the late Benny Caiaola passed away and 6 years later, they named me after Benny Caiaola himself and in memory of him.:)

McLaren 675LT: okay, that makes sense.:I

My Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning: i'll come too. the AMG Electric Drive and GT Coupe Final Edition will come as well, as this is a family matter.>:I

Me: sure.:)

Cyril: has anyone seen TweakRacer?>:I

Diana: why? you want to rip his head off again for being mean to you and Wanda?:I

Cyril: not exactly.:I

Wanda: i know what happened. he left and left us this.>:I

TheHawtDawg1: a letter?:I

Feuerrm: why?:I

Me: let me read it. *takes the piece of paper and reads it* "you're ALL wrong! Gameloft were always the bad guys and we'll prove it! Nuke, Sunny, Tobias, SurfNSlide and i will kill you, then kill Vivendi ourselves and then kill Gameloft and rule the world with an iron fist! -TweakRacer.". THAT DAMN MOTHERF***ER!>:(

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: i knew he'd betray us like that. i didn't like him ANYWAY!>:(

Feuerrm: no one did.-_-

Me: doesn't matter. we have an R&D to take on.>:I

Asphalt Labs, lab 1

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series: so you're the Azelfland everyone is talking about.:)

Me: the one and only.^_^

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series: i'm the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series. nice to meet you.^_^

Alice: are you seriously called "Black Series", because you're painted black?:I

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series: that's racist, but yes.:P

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: *laughs* oh my god, that's the best joke i've heard all day!XD

Hanna: that was so good.XD

R&D techician: welcome, racer 8. today, you'll be testing the SLS AMG. get to it.:)

Me: it's Azelfland.>:I

R&D technician: who?:I


R&D technician: never heard of you.-_-

Me: ............................................................ oh. i see. ._.

after test 1

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series: wow. you really are the real deal.:)

R&D technician: it seems like we had some Rogue AIs recently. and we're trying to fix this.:I


R&D technician: excuse me?:I

Me: i'm sorry. it's just that.............. i've had a few cases where R&Ds would try to kill us. the Apollo IE R&D, the Zenvo ST1 GT R&D, the Huayra BC R&D. the list goes on.:(

R&D technician: i see.:I

the next day, after test 7


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series: nice one. i guess going for the multiplayer tuning isn't always the best answer.^_^

R&D technician: good work. we'll get to lab 2 in a couple of hours.:)

the narrator from Spongebob: three hours later.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series: i got a bad feeling about this.:I

Hanna: all of us do.:I

Me: the difficulty ramps up a bit, but so what? we'll beat it like every other R&D we beat.:P

Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning: we know you can do it.:)

the next day, after test 17


R&D technician (?): okay. the virus is gone now.:)

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series: i still have a bad feeling about this.:I

the next day, on lab 3

R&D technician (the real one): racer 8, where have you been?! you've been caught up in lab 2 for- OH NO!!! THIS IS BAD!!! keep racing!! we'll sort this out!O_O

Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning: DAMN IT! i knew something was going on!>:(

Hanna: what if the technician we were talking to WAS the AI in disguise?!O_O

Diana: you sure about that?:I

Loraine: well, you never know. we'll see.:I

the next day, after test 28


R&D technician: well this is crazy..... it looks like the source of the virus wasn't coming from the AI itself. it's coming from somewhere else.>:I

Silver Azelfland: well, that's crazy.:P

Me: also, i got a text message from Gameloft. *reads the text message* "Halloween is coming early this year, as the Halloween festival comes to AsphaltLand. you can collect coins on the tracks to exchange them for goodies, but you can also test your skills by completing the quests. have fun.". cool.^_^

Loraine: i'll get ready.:)

Emily: already ahead of you.:)

Hanna: are you supposed to be cosplaying as Bruce Lee?:I

Emily: yep. minus the hair, of course. also, this outfit is from the Nunchuck scene of the movie The Game of Death. what do you think?:)

Hanna: it's really cool.:O

the narrator from Spongebob: a few moments later.

Loraine (flirting with Silver Azelfland): hey there, boy. like what you see?>:3

Silver Azelfland (flirting with Loraine): DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG, arrest me if you want, officer, but you're really hot!:D

Loraine: *giggles* why, thank you.:3

meanwhile, 500 meters underground, at some unknown location

SunnyTomato: well, it looks like Azelfland is ignoring us in thw wiki.:I

Tobias Mann: does that mean we convinced him?>:)

SunnyTomato: i guess. BUT we'll take care of business. he's gonna try to get the Mosler GT3. we know it's at 20% off right now. any ideas on how to kill one of his friends?>:I

TweakRacer: you know Shadow Azelfland, right?:I

SunnyTomato: Shadow Azelfland? who's that?:I

NukeStar: he's like Azelfland, only he's an edgelord.>:I

TweakRacer: he was going to obey ME, but it turns out he's doing the opposite. all because he has Azelfland's DNA on him.>:(

SunnyTomato: then your creation and his girlfriend will be our targets.>:)

NukeStar: so, how do we kill him? you know he's immortal, right?:I

SunnyTomato: well, i know he can't mega evolve, like the original Azelfland does. Tweak, Nuke, you'll take him down. and take these with you.>:) *gives them a flamethrower and a plasma gun*

later that night (12:00 AM)

Shelby: so, who on Earth would call us to that spot?:I

Shadow Azelfland: i really don't trust what Tweak would say. keep your eyes open>:I

TweakRacer: well, if it isn't my creation. hope you're keeping well.:)

Shadow Azelfland: i couldn't care less about you, maggot. we're here for the Mosler GT3.>:I

NukeStar: you want to get it? then come and get it.>:)

Shadow Azelfland: you just never learn, do you?-_-

TweakRacer: 'cause you, your girl and your friends are being headaches.>:(

Shadow Azelfland: #GrumpyPanda.:P


Shelby: oh, we'll show you now!>:I *charges towards TweakRacer and NukeStar but gets shot by their plasma gun*

Shadow Azelfland: SHELBY!! NO!! GRRRRRRRR!! I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!!*charges towards them, but gets shot by their plasma gun as well* ugh............. i'm not................ strong enough.....X_X

TweakRacer: heh. what a pathetic weakling. now, be a good boy and wait for your turn for elimination. we have a mild threat to take care of first, before moving on to you, the even more useless member of the pair.>:)

NukeStar: he can't even mega evolve. what a joke!>:)

TweakRacer: agreed. we'll squash her like a level 2 Caterpie. but first, let's finish off THIS perpetual annoyance. you................. you took everything from me, Shadow Azelfland. so, now..................... i'll take everything................ from you.>:)

Shadow Azelfland: no.................................... no.......................................... *gets determined* NO!! I WON'T LET YOU HURT MY GIRLFRIEND!!>:( *mega evolves into mega Shadow Azelf and roars*

TweakRacer: WHAT THE HELL?! since when can he do THAT?! *breaks the fourth wall* did i miss an episode or something?!O_O

Shelby: no, this is............ this is definitely new.................. oof.... and extremely well-timed.X_X

TweakRacer: ugh! Nuke, burn him with your flamethrower!>:(

NukeStar: *uses his flamethrower on Shadow Azelfland, but the fire turns to smoke upon contact*

TweakRacer: not even a scratch.O_O

Shadow Azelfland: learn your type match-ups, noob! water resists fire!>:(

NukeStar: he's right, man. BUT he's weak to Electric. so i can hit him with our- *gets punched to the face and gets knocked to the wall* oof!X_X

TweakRacer: what the-?! how dare- *gets headbutted* oof! *gets knocked to the wall* how....... is this...... possi- *gets thrown to the other side of the room* WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAA!! *gets knocked to the wall* oooof!X_X

Shadow Azelfland: *stomps NukeStar, teleports in front of TweakRacer and grabs him by the coat* YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG ULTIMATE LIFE FORM!>:( *punches him to where NukeStar was and charges his laser*

TweakRacer: w-wait, wait! Shadow Azelfland. please. w-we could talk this out. i-i'll never attack you guys again. i'll apologize to Azelfland. i'll never hate Gameloft again!O_O

Shadow Azelfland: SAVE YOUR LIES FOR YOUR GRAVE!! NOW PREPARE TO DIE!!>:( *fires his laser and kills TweakRacer and NukeStar, then turns back to normal* (TweakRacer/NukeStar died counter: 4)

Shelby: ugh........X_X

Shadow Azelfland: SHELBY! are you okay?!O_O *heals Shelby with his Healing Water*

Shelby: *regains her consciousness* i'm okay now. thanks. what about Tweak and Nuke?:I

Shadow Azelfland: they're dead. but i'm sure they'll come back. they always do.>:I

Shelby: what about the Mosler GT3?:I

Shadow Azelfland: i got this.>:I *throws 788.999 credits to the cage, breaks it and gets in the Mosler GT3*

My Mosler GT3: thank god you guys were here. i couldn't stand these two.>:(

Shelby: we couldn't stand them either.>:I

Mosler GT3: this whole thing is like the gang fights between the Grove Street Families and the Ballas, with you guys being the GSF and these two that abducted me being the Ballas.O_O

Shelby: can't argue with that.:P

Shadow Azelfland: well, that "Grumpy Panda" and PukeStar got what they deserved anyway.>:I

the next day, at Azelfland's second garage in Tokyo

My Icona Vulcano Titanium: you won't believe it. we got the last blueprint for the FXX K,, after that one race in Rome.:)


one Ferrari FXX K rebuild later

My Ferrari LaFerrari: well, bro. i have a surprise for you.:)

My Ferrari FXX K: what is it?:I

Ferrari LaFerrari: see for yourself.:)

Ferrari FXX K: *sees Azelfland* NO WAY!! AZELFLAND!!! IT'S BEEN THREE YEARS!!:D

All my cars (except for my LaFerrari): YOU KNOW EACH OTHER?!O_O

Ferrari FXX K: yep. Azelfland and i go way back. the time when he was the king of CSR Racing. now, you might be familiar with the Civic Type-R, right? he's a great friend of mine.:)

Me: i was unstoppable back then. but now, i'm glad he's back.^_^

Ferrari FXX K: we'll kick their butts just like we did back in the day, right, bud?:)

Me: right. but now, if you'll excuse me, we got an SLS AMG R&D to take down. right after we take care of that Ferrari only tournament, of course.:P

at test 33

R&D technician: turns out the virus is in the trivia app. i don't know what's going on, but whatever happens after this, you just gotta keep racing, Azelfland.>:I

Me: you got it.:)

after test 33


Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning: okay. i hacked through the program and created a portal for you guys to get in there. once you enter, you can only exit by teleporting, when needed.>:I

Hanna: we got this. right, guys?>:I

Silver Azelfland: right.>:I

McLaren P1 boy: good luck, guys.:)

TraceG11: be safe.:I

Me: well, there's no turning back now.>:I

meanwhile, at the unknown location, 500 meters underground


TweakRacer: we didn't know MY creation would be able to mega evolve due to the stress!O_O

NukeStar: and my flamethrower did nothing to him! it's as if his body was made out of 100% PURE water that time!O_O

Sunny Tomato: ENOUGH! i won't take any nonsense from you! especially TweakRacer! if they want a fight, they got one! and Tweak, this was your idea, so it was YOUR fault!>:(

TweakRacer: whatever, man.>:( *an aura of rejection surrounds TweakRacer*

and that ends episode 1 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories". how's THAT for epic points? also, i see you, haters. trying to break me? i don't think so!

until next time.