i don't know how, but my luck has no bounds........... well, okay, it does have its bounds, but still! yesterday, i got my Vulcan to 2 stars just by an SCG 003S card pack and now i got the Hommage to the maximum 3 stars with a classic pack! talk about lucky.

this is episode 4 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

My Aston Martin DB11: hey, Vulcan. guess what?:)

My Aston Martin Vulcan: what is it?:I

Aston Martin DB11: England is my city.:P


Aston Martin DB11: chill, sis. i was just pulling a joke on you.O_O'

Aston Martin Vulcan: whatever.-.-

Hanna: sheesh. just take the jokes, will you?:I

TF2014: hey. sorry to interrupt your Vulcan blueprint collecting and your conversation, but i have good news and bad news.

My DS E-Tense: what's the good news?:I

TF2014: the good news is, i got some awesome plans to destroy Vivendi's sixth base.>:)

Me: and the bad news?:I

TF2014: Anais escaped. turns out Vincent found where we hid her.:I

Hanna: HE WHAT?!O_O

Alice: i say we kidnap her again.>:I

TF2014: i won't bother doing so. besides, it's not my priority anyway.:P

Me: didn't you say that finding a date isn't your priority?:I

TF2014: that too.:P

Flora: anyway, what plans do you have?:I

TF2014: i heard from Aris Cheese God that Vincent is going to strike a deal with someone to get a fully PROed  McLaren X2. if we rig it with a nuclear explosive, this should bring down their base.>:)

Me: i like it.>:)

DS E-Tense: problem is, the security is tight.:I

TF2014: we'll get in with betrayal.>:I


TF2014: whoa. take it easy. we'll fake it.:)

Me: a fake betrayal?:I

TF2014: yes. now, one of the girls will have to accompany me for this one.>:I

Shadow: and i know just the gal for this job.>:)

Everyone: *stares at Rouge*

Rouge: why are you guys looking at me?:I

TF2014: wait, why would Rouge be the one to join me on this mission?:I

Sonic: trust us. she worked with Eggman back in one of my adventures.:P

Me: which happened in Sonic Adventure 2.:P

TF2014: okay, i guess that makes sense.:I

Nick: wait, what about us?!O_O

TF2014: no worries, Nick. we fake that we betray you. but you can join us if you want to.:P

Nick: oh. if it's fake, then i'm in.>:)

TF2014: good. but keep in mind that we'll put this plan in action after the 918 EDD.>:I

Rouge: roger that.^_^

Roger: did someone call?:I

Blaze: not you, idiot. it's the term.>:I

Roger: i should've known.-.-

Me: well, thanks for the info.^_^

TF2014: anytime.:)

Me; and now, let's try my luck with one of those SCG 003S card packs. *spends 75 tokens for an SCG 003S card pack and gets 2 Vulcan blueprints* WHOA!!!! i guess we won't struggle anymore.^_^

Aston Martin Vulcan: awesome!! now i'll be stronger than ever.^_^

Alice: but we'll need the parts. i'll begin the research and development. someone has to go to the workshop to get parts for the upgrades.>:I

Cynthia: i'll be happy to help.^_^

Wendy: me too.^_^

Amy: so am i.^_^

Rouge: count me in.^_^

Alice: just be warned. two Vivendi goons were attacking the workshop lately. you'll find someone named Doug. he knows a lot about upgrading. and making AIs.>:I

Wendy: we're on it.>:I

near the workshop

Wendy: well, they went with the usual guards outside the entrance, huh?>:I

Amy: well, one thing's for sure. they never change.:P

Rouge: so, do you girls have a plan?>:I

Cynthia: one of us will have to attract the guards. with our breasts.>:I


Amy: well, it's the only way.:P

Rouge: fine. i'll do it.-.- *charms the Vivendi goon*

Vivendi goon 1: ooooooh wow! boobies..... must have....... must touch...... booooooooooobiiiiiiiiiiiiiesss.:D

Amy: *hits the Vivendi goon with her hammer*

Wendy: nice one.^_^

Rouge: you done?:I

Amy: yep.:)

Cynthia: let's go.>:I


???: i don't know what you're talking about.':I

Cynthia: stay away from him!>:(

???: thank god you're here!:D

Vivendi goon 2: so you ARE providing upgrades to team Azelfland. i'm out of here, then.>:) *tries to run away*

Wendy: OH NO YOU DON'T!>:( *uses Spacial Rend on the goon*

Vivendi goon: what's happening to me?!O_O

Cynthia: omae wa mou shindeiru.>:) (translation: you're already dead.)

Vivendi goon: what does that even mean?!O_O

Wendy: it means "you're already dead" in Japanese. because i distorted your space continuum.>:)

Vivendi goon: WHAT?! YOU MUST BE JOKING!O_O *explodes into a bloody mess*

???: ouch. that's gonna leave a mark. ._.

Rouge: yeah. ._.

Doug: anyway, thanks for saving me. the name's Doug, by the way.^_^

Wendy: nice to meet you, Doug. i'm Wendy the Hedgehog, Alice's older sister.^_^

Doug: it's good to see you came. Alice is busy doing her research, isn't she?:)

Cynthia: yep. she sent us to get parts for the upgrades of the Vulcan.^_^

Doug: well, sure thing. i owe you one.^_^

Amy: if you need us, you know where we'll be.:)

Doug: i'll keep that in mind. it's not every day i meet 4 girls of team Harmony. and team Azelfland of course.^_^

back at Azelfland's garage

Aston Martin Vulcan: now i'll be able to get better times. cool.^_^

Alice: well, temporarily fully upgrading you again will be no easy job. but we can do it.^_^

the next day

Me: okay. time to see what THIS classic pack will have. *opens the classic pack and sees 3 Hommage blueprints* awesome!^_^

one research and development later

Alice: there you go.^_^

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: well, that's awesome! now who wants to go to school today?^_^

all my D class cars (except for the Challenger Scat Pack): *glare at the Hommage*

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: woooooooooooo! wooooo................':D

Me (narrating the scene): it was at this moment when the Hommage knew.......... she f***ed up.:P


the Hommage gets into a dirt road

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: get f***ed, bitches! LATAAAAAAAAAAAA!!>:D *goes at 70 kilometers per hour*

all my D class cars (at full speed): LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINSSS!!!!D:<  *knock down the Hommage and the knockdown turns into a wreckfest*

My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (in Patrick's voice): FINLAAAAAAAAAND!!!!X_X

back at Azelfland's garage (again)

My Dodge Challenger SRT8: well, be thankful they forgave you this time.:I

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: i was only kidding. they could go if they wanted to.:(

Loraine: hey, Silver Azelfland. i thought of going on a double date with my sis and Azelfland. how about it?:3

Silver Azelfland: sure.^_^

later that night , in Hanna's room (6:30 PM)

Diana: you're lucky to go again.^_^

Hanna: we sure are.:)

Shelby: so how was your shopping?:)

Loraine: it was good. and we got ourselves a new outfit.^_^

Hanna: we decided to wear it so we can impress the boys.^_^

Diana: i dunno. don't get me wrong. you look cool. but isn't a flame pattern overkilling it?:I

Shelby: i don't think so, sis. flames go with everything. in every color.^_^

Diana: i guess you're right.:I

Loraine: besides, a pair of boots wth flame patterns is cool, right? well, we're definitely going to impress the boys tonight.^_^

Diana: well, have a good time. that's all i have to say.:)

Hanna: we will.^_^

later that night (8:00 PM)

Loraine (flirting with the boys): hey there, boys.>:3

Hanna (also flirting with the boys): like what you see?>:3

Me (flirting with Hanna and Loraine): DAAAAAAAAAAAAANG, you girls are really hot!:D

Hanna and Loraine: *giggle*

Hanna: why, thank you.:3

Silver Azelfland: shall we go?:3

Loraine: sure.:3 *Silver Azelfland and Loraine hold hands*

Me: after you, ladies.:3

Hanna: *giggles* you boys are such gentlemen.:3 *Azelfland and Hanna hold hands*

a few minutes later

Me: man, your shopping seemed to have gone well for you two.^_^

Hanna: it sure did. well, the dress and the boots were really cool AND it also comes with a new pair of gloves as well. cool, right?^_^

Me: well, yeah. anyway, can you get to the left?:)

Hanna: okay. why?:I

Me: no reason. *punches a Mishima Zaibatsu member from behind without anyone noticing*

Hanna: oh well. you're charming in your own way.:3

Silver Azelfland: i gotta admit. you did a good choice.^_^ *kicks a Mishima Zaibatsu member in the nuts from behind*

Loraine: thanks.:3

after the date

Hanna: that was so much fun.^_^

Loraine: it sure was.^_^

Me: well, time t- *sees the unconscious Mishima Zaibatsu members* uh-oh.O_O

Hanna: what the heck were those Mishima Zaibatsu members doing?:I

Silver Azelfland: pretty sure they wanted to ruin our date.:I

Me: i know how to fix this.:) *snaps his fingers*

the broom from Baldi's basics: LOOKS LIKE IT'S SWEEPING TIME!! GOTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!! *sweeps the Mishima Zaibatsu members out of sight*

Me: problem solved.:)

Hanna: no way!:O

Loraine: i didn't know you could do that!:O

Silver Azelfland: i taught him to do this.^_^

back at Azelfland's garage (for the third time)

Loraine: thanks for the great date.:3

Silver Azelfland: anytime.^_^

Loraine: *sighs lovingly* i love you.:3

Silver Azelfland: i love you too.:3 *they both make out*

Loraine (as they both stop making out): we should go out again sometime.^_^

Silver Azelfland: sure.^_^

and that ends episode 4 of season 9 of"Asphalt stories". here's a mini preview of the next episode for that time of the year again:

Me: here we go again. school.-.-

My Aston Martin Vulcan: don't be ridiculous. it's only one year.:P

Me: one year of TORTURE!>:(

Aston Martin Vulcan: your odds of surviving, though, are at 33%, which is better than usual. so you s-


Aston Martin Vulcan: oh my god, he just ran in. ._.

and that's it for the mini preview.

until next time.


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