with the first episode of season 8 of the series, the end of my final exams and with the 2018 summer update coming up, i thought it was time to introduce some new previews for the future episodes.

let's get to it.

Preview 1: TweakRacer's death.

yep. i decided to remove TweakRacer for a new character. also, this scene will have a reference to Sub-Zero's original fatality from the first Mortal Kombat game.

Me: GOT YOU, YOU LITTLE S@#T!!>:( *zaps TweakRacer with Thunder's un-OCer*

TweakRacer: oh, crap!O_O *splits between himself and Cyril*


Cyril the Arctic Fox: yep. truth be told, he was still working for Vivendi the whole time. switching between him and me was so frustrating. he wanted to make you lose in all the events AND now he wants you to lose in the RX-8 Special Edition championship.>:(


TweakRacer: it's 'cause Gameloft was evil all along!>:(

Me: i'm getting tired of your bullcrap. Cyril?>:I

Cyril: time to die!>:(

TweakRacer: NO, WAIT! WE COULD TALK THIS OUT! i-i'll never call Gameloft evil ever again!O_O

Cyril: SAVE YOUR LIES FOR YOUR GRAVE! NOW, PREPARE TO DIE!>:( *beats the everliving crap out of TweakRacer*

Mario and Luigi: whoa!:O

Shadow Azelfland (making his Mortal Kombat announcer impression): FINISH HIM!>:)

Mario and Luigi: whoa!:O

Shadow Azelfland: what?>:I

Cyril: *grabs TweakRacer by the neck and rips his head off*

Shadow Azelfland (making his Mortal Kombat announcer impression): Cyril wins. flawless victory. FATALITY!>:)

Mario: imma just slowly back away. ._. *slowly backs away with Luigi*

Cyril: Wanda, i'm sorry for not telling you the truth from the start.:(

Wanda: it's okay, Cyril. you're cool in my book (no pun intended).^_^

Cyril: that's it? you're going to forgive me just like that? you're not gonna break up with me or anything?:I

Wanda: are you kidding? i knew it was you all along. i had my suspiscions as well.:)

Cyril: oh. okay. so, um............... how about we get something to drink?:3

Wanda: sounds good.:3

Preview 2: a new villain in the Vivendi Villain Syndicate.

because the Devil Gene is a reference to the Tekken franchise, i thought of introducing a new villain, who is the fourth and last villain in the VVS (Vivendi Villain Syndicate). also, this continues where R8 tyke's first clip on his preview ended.

Vincent: like it or not, we're still using it.:P

Azelfland.exe: UGH!>:(

Mike458: so, who's next?:I

??? (speaking Japanese): *comes out of the Ultra Wormhole* so, i hear you need my help to take down your enemies.>:I

Vincent: um, excuse me?:I

Anais: wait. that's............................O_O


Dr. Eggman: ......................................O_O

Boswer: .......................................O_O

Heihachi Mishima: yes. now, who do you want me to snap like a twig?>:I

Vincent: i shall tell you. follow me.>:)

Preview 3: Azelfland's backstory.

this flashback is a reference to the Tekken 5 intro.

Me: so, remember when you guys messed up royally when you worked with Vivendi? well, i was the one who messed up royally in the first place. i worked for the Asphalt Police and went undercover to find out about the truth behind Vivendi.>:I

Audi R8 tyke: WHAT?!O_O

Me: yes. i was somehow possesed by Azelfland.exe after seeing TweakRacer chained. i beat him, but my demonic alter ego was ressurected. i was powerless against him, because back then, i was a human. after he knocked me and Vincent unconscious, and after TweakRacer ran away from him, he broke through the ceiling of the Honmaru.>:I

Honmaru, Japan, one year ago, five days before the Porsche update

a few helicopters from G Corporation fly outside of the Honmaru

Me: *regains his consciousness* ugh................. what happened?:I

the helicopters create a squadron of JACK-4s and fire them to the Honmaru, which invade the Honamru temple and target Azelfland and Vincent.

Vincent: WHO GOES THERE?!>:(

Me: *calms Vincent down*

Both: *punch a JACK-4 from their side and get to their fighting stance*

Me: .....................................>:I

Vincent: .....................................>:I

Me: *punches an incoming JACK-4 and breaks it*

Vincent: *breaks another one of the JACK-4s, headbutts and sends another one flying to Azelfland*

Me: *grabs the flying JACK-4 from the leg* UUUUUUGGHH-YAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!D:< *throws the JACK-4 to the statue of the temple and breaks it, then uppercuts another JACK-4 coming from the ceiling, sending it flying*

Vincent: *beats up the rest of the JACK-4s* YAAAH!!>:D

more JACK-4s invade the Honmaru

Me: *grabs Vincent by the head and lures him to the JACK-4 traps and the JACK-4s pin Vincent down while Azelfland takes his leave* hmph.>:) *leaves with an evil smirk on his face*


one of the JACK-4s: *splits his face revealing a bomb inside it, 4 seconds to detonation*

Vincent: WHAT?!O_O

meanwhile, far away fom the explosion and the ruins of Honmaru and with Vincent blasting off

Vicky Watson ( reporting to HQ via radio on her earpiece): Vincent Bollore......... is dead.>:I *slices the JACK-4 behind her with her rope blade, as she sheathes it afterwards*

preview 4: the new cars.

yep. it says it all. one exapmle would be the Sbarro GT1. Predator reference incoming.

Sbarro GT1: you're Azelfland, right?:)

Me: the one and only.^_^

My Toyota Supra: you're one ugly motherf@#$er.O_O

Sbarro GT1: HEY!>:(

My Sbarro Sparta: don't insult my sister like that!>:(

Toyota Supra: sorry. i was just saying.:P

Sbarro GT1: well, anyway, my bro and i go way back and we have a little bit of a brother-and-sister rivalry going on between us.:P

Sbarro Sparta: all right, then. Azelfland, show her what you can do.:)

Me: sure.^_^

Preview 5: the new characters of team Azelfland.

i already introduced Cyril the Arctic Fox in the first preview of this one. there are two more characters i'll introduce.

TraceG11: you called?:I

Me: yep. check this out.^_^ *zaps TraceG11 with Thunder's OC-er*

TraceG11: *checks on himself* hmmmmm. i don't look-a half bad.^_^

Me okay, tiger. time to un-OC you.:P *zaps TraceG11 with Thunder's un-OCer and splits himself with the Sonic OC version of himself*

TraceG11: AWESOME!!!:D

Roger the Bat: you can call me Roger the Bat. nice to meet you.^_^

TraceG11: cool! a Black Bat version of myself!!!:D

???: *comes out of the Ultra Wormhole* ugh............... where am i?:I

TraceG11: hm?:I

Hanna: who's that?:I


Blaze the Cat: ugh........ guys?:I

Sonic: it's been a while.^_^

TheHawtDawg1: *breaks the fourth wall* sheesh. these introductions here are crazy.O_O

TraceG11: *also breaks the fourth wall* if i'm correct, the Sonic OC version of myself is going to ask her out and they'll be a happy couple, which is not going to be canon in the main series of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but only canon to this series. is this how it goes in some of those episodes?:I

Me: yep.:P

Preview 6: a new couple.

this continues from the prediction of the fifth preview.

Blaze: that was so much fun.:3

Roger: it sure was. and Blaze, i have something to tell you.':I

Blaze: what is it?:3

Roger: Blaze, i.................... i'm in love with you.':I

Blaze: r-really?:3

Roger: yeah.:3

Blaze: awwwwww, that's so sweet. i'm in love with you too.:3

Roger: and, um................ i want to ask you this, hoping that the answer is yes. Blaze............................... will you be my girlfriend?:3

Blaze: *gasps and bursts into tears of joy* that's so sweet. this is the best thing anyone's ever said to me! yes, i'll be your girlfriend! *sighs lovingly* i love you.:3

Roger: i love you too.:3 *they both make out*

Preview 7: memories from the Porsches.

this is where i include some of my fond memories from the Porsche Motor Series, or PMS for short. for example, the Cayman GT4.

My Porsche Cayman GT4: so, you know how we have the event series of me and my brothers and sisters?:)

Sonic: yeah. what of it?:I

Porsche Cayman GT4: this was the time when i first met Azelfland.:)

Rio De Janeiro, one year ago

Me: feels good to be in Rio for my second championship win.:)

Porsche Cayman GT4: hey there. you must be the guy my mechanics told me about.:)


Porsche Cayman GT4: whoa. calm down. i didn't mean to scare you. and no one put drugs in your cereal.:I

Me: oh.:I

Porsche Cayman GT4: seriously, you've never seen a talking car, have you?:I

Me: that's true.:I

Porsche Cayman GT4: well, anyway, get in. we got a championship to take down.>:I

Me: okay. *gets in the Porsche Cayman GT4* um............. where's the gearbox?:I

Porsche Cayman GT4: you do realize that i'm a 2016 model and cars like me have buttons on the steering wheel for the gearbox.:P

Me: oh yeah. i forgot about that.:I

End of the previews.

and that's it. these are going to be great for the summer full of racing.

until next time.


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