hey, everyone. this one is a little different from the others. now, you might've thought that it would be a top 10 or a top 5, but this time, i decided to try something different.

with the Vanda Electrics Dendrobium championship in progress, this guide is about championships and how to beat them....... well, in my point of view, that is. also, this guide is here to help pros improve their skills and for newcomers to get better at this game and understand it a little better.

so today, i'm going to give tips on how to beat championships without breaking a sweat. keep in mind that this is to improve your skills as a pro player and it's also dedicated to newcomers of the game. so, let's jump right into it.

Tip number 1: farm the needed credits to upgrade the car/bike.

we all know that farming for these events is important. now, to make upgrades a lot easier to get, you'll need to grind those credits like there's no tommorow. but remember to take a break after a lot of farming. 'cause if you farm too much, you might get exhausted. also don't spend your credits on any expensive credit-sucker, like the temporary credits or tokens Devel Sixteen Prototype, like i did.

Tip number 2: make sure you got the needed cards to PRO the car/bike.

while upgrading the car/bike is important, PROing it isn't easy. to get the best results possible, you need to have a huge amount of pro kit cards, a huge storage space AND a bit of knowledge on whether the car/bike is a speed demon (Arrinera Hussarya GT) or nitro-reliant (Ariel Atom V8) or an all-around car/bike (the Formula 1 cars). because if you mess up with the tuning, you won't win easily. it's possible with a low tune, but i prefer MAX PRO, since this is the way to go. if you want to multiplayer tune the car/bike, go ahead.

Tip number 3: be smart with your tires.

now that you're ready to take on the championship, it's time for the hard part: the tires. being smart with your tires is crucial. especially on championships that have the 12-hour refill rule. on the first tour of any championship, you can get all the main goals and sub-goals by spending your tires on them AND using the 2 ads the game gives you, which regenerate every day. however, getting all the sub-goals on the later tours of any 12-hour refill championship.............. is out of the question. however, that doesn't mean you can't win the car/bike. it's possible without doing the sub-goals. you just have to know when to use your tires. also, you get the car/bike ONLY if you beat every Grand Finale in the championship. the trophies aren't required at all, unless you want to get more rewards. that's all.

Tip number 4: use your tokens wisely.

while the championships reward you tokens the more trophies you get, having a lot of tokens with you is always a wise thing to do. some qualifiers' sub-goals and/or main goals might mess with your sanity (the Rip Rod's rigged  second qualifier in Iceland, for example). so, if you feel like a qualifier's sub-goal is too hard, there are two things you can do. you can simply ignore it and go for a different qualifier without spending your tires (see tip number 3 above), which doesn't apply for main goals. OR you can go: "f@#k this" and spend your tokens if you need the trophies and don't want to waste a tire on it (you might have tried and still failed). but the former is a wiser choice, if you don't want to spend your hard-earned tokens, or if you're going for a no-tokens-spent run, which will mostly end up in failure. then again, the spent tokens are redeemable during the championship.

Tip number 5: have fun.

to me, championships are about two things: having a good time and winning the car/bike of it. and like Aris Cheese God said, always stay positive. because anger never leads to anything good and it won't ever help you. you're just punishing yourself that way. and if you didn't win the car/bike, remember, it's just a game. you can't win them all. sometimes, you'll win and sometimes, you'll lose. that also applies in real life. so, remember to always have fun, even if you know you can't win.

End of the guide.

and that's it for my guide to championships. like i said before, these tips will help pros improve their skills and newcomers to understand the game better. but then again, i'm just trying to help everyone as much as possible.

until next time.


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