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like i said before, once a quest ends, a new quest begins. this one is no exception.

the Arrinera Hussarya GT championship has started for me. basically, it won't be easy, but we can do it. doesn't matter how long it will take. as long as i get that Hussarya GT or the 650S GT3, i'll be satisfied. also, i got the Nissan GT-R NISMO outside of these events.

this is episode 8 of season 4 of "car dialogues". and TheGoldenThunder, if you're reading this, i have an idea you can use for your "car dialogues". here goes:

My Arrinera Hussarya: hey, Azelfland. where are you off to now?:)

Me: my friends and i are going to go through the Arrinera Hussarya GT championship.:)

Arrinera Hussarya: oh, god. it's my cocky brother, isn't it?-_-

TweakRacer: why are you saying that?:I

Arrinera Hussarya: because he's ALWAYS cocky in every single race. and that annoys me.>:(

Wanda: sheesh. and i thought I was the cocky one.:I

TheHawtDawg1: well, that's going to be overkill.:I

Feuerrm: don't you think that's a bit rude?:I

Me: it doesn't matter. anyway, though. here's the plan for this championship. Hanna, you'll be the second driver. we'll be taking turns for this one.>:I

Hanna: finally some car action for me.:)

NEKON: wait. why Hanna?:I

Me: she proved herself more times than i can remember.>:I

NEKON: oh.:I

Me: Silver Lightning, you and the Biome will provide the brains.>:I

My Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning: you got it.:)

Me: Agera R, Aventador and Lykan Hypersport, you'll provide the free S class upgrades.>:I

My Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4: we're on it.:)

Me: C63, you're on the farming, as usual. CLA 45 AMG, you'll come as moral support.:)

My Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series: sure thing.:)

Me: Alice, your mechanic skills will be needed, as always.:)

Alice: sweet.:D

Me: let's all do our best and take down this championship!:D

at the Munich Subway

Arrinera Hussarya GT: so, you must be Azelfland.:)

Me: the one and only.:)

Arrinera Hussarya GT: i heard from my sister. she says you're very skilled and all that. care to show me?:)

Me: heck yeah! but first, we'll upgrade you to get a better edge.>:I

at the Grand Finale of the Munich Subway

the announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the eleventh annual Asphalt championship! we have an excitng race for all of you tonight! and everyone's favorite, Azelfland, is here to show us his skills once again!:D

Me: you ready to see my skills in action?:)

Arrinera Hussarya GT: i was manufactured ready!>:)

after the Grand Finale of the Munich Subway

Arrinera Hussarya GT: so, you really are the real deal. WOO!:)

Mister Batfox: he sure is, but don't get cocky. it's gonna get rocky.:P

Hanna: my dad's got a point, you know.:I

Arrinera Hussarya GT: so does your mom. *MLG airhorns* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!:D

Hanna: HEY! leave my mother out of this!>:(

Miss Batfox: what was that for?!>:(

Anthony Jose: WHOA! guys! chill the frick out.O_O

Me: AJ's right. let's keep our cool. French Guiana is awaiting us.:I

the next day, after the second goal of the second qualifier (and lots of farming)

Feuerrm: hey, guys. i found a new car you guys will have to see.:)

My Nissan GT-R NISMO: hi.:)

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4: NISMO?! DAAAAAANG, it's been months, hasn't it?:D

Nissan GT-R NISMO: it sure was that long. and Azelfland's with you? how have you been, buddy?:D

Me: been doing some events, hanging out with Hanna, studying for school. you know, the usual stuff.:)

tweakRacer: where did you get her?:I

Feuerrm: i found a cage near the launch pad, threw 650.000 credits at it, unlocked the cage and drove it out of the launch pad, so it wouldn't melt from the intense heat of the rocket.:)

Me: and i see she still has her upgrades since the Weber Faster One EDD.:I

Nissan GT-R NISMO: yep. i'm glad to see my friends again.:)

after the third qualifier

TheHawtDawg1: looks like Arrinera sent us another box.:)

Alice: let's see........... *opens the box* some tires, 3 exhausts, a drivetrain, another mid-tech and another V8. one more V8 and i'll do some work on those tires.:)

Arrinera Hussarya GT: sounds good to me.:)

Hanna: all right. now, stand back, boys. i'll show you how it's done.>:)

Arrinera Hussarya GT: but............. i am a boy.:I

Hanna: oh, sorry about that.:I

at the Grand Finale of the French Guiana

the announcer: ladies and gentlemen, we're back at it again, with the Grand Finale of the French Guiana. we have a special treat for you tonight! this time, it's going to be the one and only Hanna the Batfox, Azlelfand's girlfriend of awesome! you've seen her in the qualifiers of the Kawasaki Z800 championship. and now you see her in the Grand Finale of the French Guiana of this championship!:D

Hanna: let's show 'em what we're truly made of!>:)

Arrinera Hussarya GT: you got it!>:)

after the Grand Finale of the French Guiana

Hanna: that showed 'em! they messed with the wrong girl!>:)


My W Motors Lykan Hypersport: remind me to never mess with her. ._.

Me: well, it's time to go to sleep, everyone. we got a long road ahead.:)

TheGoldenThunder: i agree. we had a rough day.:I

Me: all of us did.:I

TheGoldenThunder: so, um.................. see you guys tommorow?:I

Everyone: yep.:I

and that's the end of episode 8 of season 4 of "car dialogues". now, this is the idea i had for you, TheGoldenThunder. make a casual episode, where you and Kri hang out and get to know each other better. would be cool to see. also, wish me luck for this championship.

until next time.