i'm sorry TheGoldenThunder, but it had to be done.

so, last time, i showed how my new Sonic OC will be introduced. today, the introduction of my new Sonic OC will happen.

so, meet the medic of Team Harmony, Shelby the Fox. here's her bio:

Name: Shelby the Fox.

Age: 16

Fur color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel.

Hair color: Purple.

Favorite color: Yellow.

Likes: fashion, hanging out with her friends and sister, ice skating and boxing.

Dislikes: being critisized.

Friends: Azelfland, Hanna, NEKON, Anthony Jose, TheHawtDawg1, Feuerrm, EliteHectorX, Flora, Chica, Wendy, Alice, Diana (her sister), Wanda, Cynthia, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream.

Enemies: TweakRacer.

Personality: smart, creative and sometimes sassy.

Crush: Shadow Azelfland.

Abilities: Heal Pulse (for healing purposes) , Moonlight, Psychic powers, Spin Dash, Homing Attack and teleportation.

Outfit: she wears a sky Blue jacket over her Pink T-Shirt, a yellow dress ( same as her sister's), Black fingerless gloves that reach the elbows, a Red Ribbon on her head, White socks and Green boots with a White stripe in the middle and thick heels on the sole.

Theme song: ILS - Feed The Addiction

More info: she's Diana's younger sister and they get along very well.

Birthday: 12th of March.

and that's it. on to the update.

i got the Bugatti Veyron and fully ugraded it (without PRO tuning). again, TheGoldenThunder, if you're reading this, i'm sorry. i just need the licenses to get the 1965 Shelby Cobra, that's all.

anyway, this is episode 10 of season 2 of "car dialogues". so, here goes:

Me: okay, so when is your sister gonna come?:/

Diana: right about........... now.:)

a Brown fox appears in front of Everyone

???: so, you must be Team Azelfand. my sis told me a lot about you guys.:)

Diana: SHELBY! oh, sis, it's been a while!:D *hugs Shelby*

Shelby the Fox: same here. so, who are your friends here?:)

Diana: these are my friends, Azelfland, NEKON, Anthony Jose, Lucas -AKA TheHawtDawg1-  and Hanna. guys, this is my sister, Shelby the Fox.:)

Me: *shakes hands with Shelby* nice to meet you.:)

Alice: hey, Shelby. been a while, huh?:D


Cynthia: yep. we became team Harmony and now you're part of our justice team. we needed a medic anyway. also, Hanna is our leader.:)

Shelby: AWESOME!:D

Anthony Jose: family reunion aside, there will be something crazy going on today.:/

Shadow Azelfland: *appears on the giant screen*  well, well, well. looks like you guys had a family reunion. how cute!>:)

NEKON: what do you want from us?!>:(

Shadow Azelfland: hmph! i knew you'd say that. do you see what i have in this cage?>:)


Shadow Azelfland: that's right! BUT if you want to get it, one of the girls of team Harmony has to come to me. alone. oh, and by the way, i'm at Mykonos right now. good luck finding me.>:) *the giant screen turns off*

Hanna: okay. one question. which one of us will confront him?:/

Me: i'm sure we'll have to do it the "character select screen" way.:P


the cursor stops on Shelby's spot

Shelby: all right! i'm up!:)

Flora: wait. Shelby will go confront Shadow Azelfland? but...... she's the newest member of our team.:/

Diana: she may be new to our justice team, but she can take care of herself. she's my sister after all.:)

Hanna: well, let's see what she can do by herself.:/

later, at Mykonos

Me: *talking to Shelby via telepathy* Shelby, can your hear me?:/

Shelby: huh?:I

Me: *talking bia telepathy* i'm talking to you via telepathy. now listen. Shadow Azelfland is 60 kilometers ahead of your posistion. all the loops and the platforming shouldn't be too hard for you:/

Shelby: i got this. it's not going to be aproblem.:P

a horde of Panda bots want to battle!

Panda bot 1: lil' sorry yo ass gon' get f@#$ed, homie!>:I

Shelby: watch it, shorty!>:(

Panda bot 2: HA!

Panda bt 3: TATO!

3 of the panda bots get rekt by Shelby's normal punch

Shelby: *using her psychic powers to rek the other 2 panda bots* FORGETABOUTIT!>:(

loads of loops and platforming later

Shadow Azelfland: so, you came. *turns around and sees Shelby* what the........ you're not Diana!O_O

Shelby: actually, i'm her sister, Shelby.:3

Shadow Azelfland: fair enough. so you came to battle me. i accept your challenge.>:I

Shelby: *falls in love with Shadow Azelfland and sighs* you're really cool, you know that?:3

Shadow Azelfland: *blushes* um, thanks. you know, TweakRacer didn't appreciate me when he created me, but you- *realizes* WAIT A SECOND! are you trying to distract me?! i don't think so!>:(

Shelby: no, wait! we can talk this ou-

Shadow Azelfland: HMPH! if you're trying to distract me, that's not going to work. NOW, PREPARE YOURSELF!>:(

one intense battle later

Shadow Azelfland: hm. not bad. i guess you're as skilled as your sister is.>:)

Shelby: look. i don't want to battle you. you know we can work together and-

My Bugatti Veyron: um, guys, i hate to break it to you, but TweakRacer is going to get me!O_O

TweakRacer: *does an evil laughter* with you fighting, i can get that Bugatti back to ME! SO LONG, SUCKERS!!>:D

Shadow Azelfland: OH NO, YOU DON'T! *burns the cables*

TweakRacer: what the......?O_O

Shelby: wait, i thought you wanted to kill me.O_O

Shadow Azelfland: i know that we aren't friends, but we are not enemies anymore. *kicks TweakRacer's Panda mobile into oblivion*


Shelby: well........ that was boring.-_-

Shadow Azelfland: agreed. you know, i think you're right. helping one another isn't so bad. i guess i could learn from you.:)

Shelby: *giggles* aww. sooo, do you want to hang out with me?:3

Shadow Azelfland: i'll think about it. i have many things to think about.:/

back at Azelfland's garage

Me: so, how'd it go?:/

Shelby: we're no longer enemies with Shadow Azelfland. :)

Everyone: WHAT?!O_O

Shelby: i know. i know. but he has a lot to learn about friendship and love. and i can teach those things to him.:3 *sighs*

Bugatti Veyron: and if she can teach him all that, i guess you guys can give me some upgrading.:)

after the triple trials of the Lamborghini Veneno, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and Bugatti Veyron and after mastery challenge 11

Me: well, that takes care of that. hey, where's the DS Survolt, the Nissan GT-R, the Maserati GranTurismo Sport and the Bentley Continental GT V8?:/

Bugatti Veyron: they went to the nearest McDonald's they could find. but they'll be back shortly.:)

meanwhile, at a random McDonald's drive-thru

McDonald's employee: can i take your order, please?

My Bentley Continental GT V8: hey, Survolt. what do you want to get? you gotta eat to keep your strength up, man.:)

My DS Survolt: 'ey, i'll take a number 9. fat boy.:P

My Maserati GranTurismo Sport: gimme a number 9, just like his.:P

My Nissan GT-R (R35): uh, lemme get a number 6 with extra dip.:/

Bentley Continental GT V8: i'll have 2 numbers 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45s, one with cheese and a large soda.:)

meanwhile, at the top of the house of Parliament in London

Shadow Azelfland: *thinking* turns out all the time i spent alone taught me nothing. if i want to get stronger, Shelby has to go with me on a date. she could teach me everything about friendship and love. it's settled. once i meet her again, i'll date her. but........ that feeling i have. i feel like......... i fell in love with her.:I

and that's the end of episode 10 of season 2 of "car dialogues". next comes the Geely GC9 and it's going to be tougher than last time.

until next time.


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