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before we begin, i'd like to apologize for that love scene on episode 12. i just couldn't help it. if i ever make a love scene like this, i'll simply censor it by replacing it with a bit of trivia and skip straight to the end of it. now on to the update.

so, i got the Ferrari F430 and as usual, i fully upgraded it. with my smart move of PRO tuning the Weber Faster One's transmission to level 1 and doing the mastery challenges of the Savage Rivale GTR (challenges 1-12), the Ferrari F430 (challenges 1-12) and the Weber Faster One (challenge 12), i got the 1965 Shelby Cobra. being myself, i was like: "you know what? screw multiplayer tuning. MAX PRO FOR THE WIN!".......... even though the PRO kits are at level 1. so, yeah. and then i got the Honda Integra Type R, because the Motorcycles update on Windows will make it a blueprint car and i don't want to suffer. that's all.

this is the final episode of season 2 of "car dialogues". so, here goes:

Chica: hey, Hanna. so, um, Flora told me what happened the day before yesterday.:/

Hanna: oh, the fact that Azelfland and i made love for the first time? you know, there's always a first time for everything.:)

Chica: oh. makes sense if you think about it. anyway, i gotta go. i'll see you later.:3

Hanna: later.:)

Hanna heads downstairs

Me: okay, sooo, what's happening?:/

TheHawtDawg1: there's a train in the Metro Rail of Los Angeles. we don't know its whereabouts just yet.:I

NEKON: but there is a Ferrari F430 inside that will get transported.:/

Anthony Jose: something to do with TweakRacer.:I

Hanna: seems to me we're in for a ride. literally.:/

Me: well, baby, i think it's time we get to that train ASAP. but if we have to follow the train, our cars won't be able to fit.:I

Shadow Azelfland: you can borrow my Harley Davidson XL 1200. that way, you'll follow the train with no problem.:)

later, at the Metro Rail of Los Angeles

Me: okay. so, who are we looking for?:I

Hanna: some Vagos gang members are meeting some San Francisco rifas, cutting some kind of deal.:/

Me: San Francisco? i thought that gangs never mess with the mafia.:/

Hanna: man, you got me.:/

Me: *gets a sudden headache* UGH! not again!X_X

Big Smoke (inside Azelfland's head): ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, CJ!>:(

Hanna: are you okay?! what happened?!O_O

Me: just got a small headache, that's all. and i see the Vagos up there.:/

Hanna: those idiots clocked us! we gotta get those fools!>:I

Me: *gets on the Harley Davidson XL 1200 with Hanna* okay. i'll try to keep up with the train. you get on top of it and take down those Vagos.>:I

Hanna: got it! *gets on top of the train and slices the Vagos gang members with her katanas* and that's that.>:)

Me: okay, good. now, on the last train cart, the Ferrari F430 is inside. see if you can get her out.>:I

Hanna: wait. what about you?:/

Me: i'll try to keep up with the train for as long as possible. trust me on this one.>:I

the narrator from Spongebob: twelve seconds later.

Hanna: we came to save you!>:I

My Ferrari F430: oh, thank god. i didn't want to get transported.:I

Hanna: we're getting outta here!>:) *shifts to first gear and rams the back of the train cart like a boss*

Me: okay. now let's get outta here before the police shows up.:)

back at Azelfland's garage

Ferrari F430: well, thanks for saving me back there, but my friend, the Subaru Impreza has been transported. which means TweakRacer will win.:(

My Savage Rivale GTR: not exactly.:)

Ferrari F430: huh?:/

Savage Rivale GTR: because i had a free A class upgrade and because the Ferrari collection gives another free A class upgrade, we had to wait for the right moment. and that moment is now.:)

Me: which means we'll take down those mastery challenges, Azelfland style. B) *puts on his sunglasses, as Gangnam Style plays on the background*

after mastery challenge 12 of the Ferrari F430, the Savage Rivale GTR and the Weber Faster One

Shadow Azelfland: feels good to have 1070 licenses, am i right?:)

Me: yeah. and now we'll get a message from the boss of Gameloft.:)

the boss of Gameloft: *appears on the giant screen* well, guys. congrats on getting 1070 licenses. the 1965 Shelby Cobra is all yours.:)

NEKON: nice! so, when is he gonna come?:)

the boss of Gameloft: right now. keep up the good work.:) *the giant screen turns off*

My 1965 Shelby Cobra: ssssssssso, you mussssst be the Azelfffffland that everyone talkssssss about.:)

Me: yes, sir! the one and only. and why do you hiss like a snake when you pronounce the letters S and F? i'm just curious.:I

1965 Shelby Cobra: becausssssse i'm named afffffter the Cobra.:P

Anthony Jose: makes sense if you think about it.:I

1965 Shelby Cobra: anyway. i hope you're not like all the other playersssssss that use a multiplayer tuning.-_-

Me: trust me. i'm not like them. i prefer the MAX PRO way over the multiplayer tuning way.:)

after mastery challenge 12 of the 1965 Shelby Cobra and one grinding montage later

1965 Shelby Cobra: well, i mussssst sssssssay, i'm happy that you MAX PROed me....... even though the PRO kitsssssss are at level 1. i hated multiplayer tunings anyway.:)

Me: yeah. i mean, what's the deal with that, if you can't use the cars to their full potential?:P

Hanna: well, at least that's something you don't see every day.:)

the boss of Gameloft: *appears on the giant screen* well, guys. i got good news. we got the Honda Integra Type R back. come to our headquarters in Barcelona, so we can talk about the price.:)

TheHawtDawg1: um, okay.:I

later, at Gameloft's headquarters in Barcelona

Me: good to see you, man.:)

the boss of Gameloft: good to see you too, guys. now, as you may know, the motorcycles update is coming and we were thinking of making the Honda Integra Type R a blueprint car. unless............. you guys want to get her by your side right now.:)

Me: sure. how much?:)

the boss of Gameloft: that will be 450.000 credits.:)

Me: *shakes hands with the boss of Gameloft* then it's a deal. it's been a pleasure doing buiness with you.:)

My Honda Integra Type R: yay! you guys are the best!:3

back at Azelfland's garage (again)

Honda Integra Type R: can't wait to do some races of my- *gasps* SIS! i'm so glad to see you!:D

My Honda S2000: me, too.:3

Ferrari F430: well, that's a good family reunion. but what about the Impreza? she's my best friend, after all.:I

Me: we'll get her back. we promise. but for now, let's focus on upgrading the Honda Integra Type R.>:I

and that's the end of the final episode of season 2 of "car dialogues". as i stated, i'll get the Subaru Impreza WRX STI once i fully upgrade my Honda Integra Type R. and there will be talking motorcycles, too.

until next time.