well, i suppose the R&D is easy enough..... sort of.

now, this will be the last bio i'll do in the series. so, it's time to introduce the weapons expert of team Harmony, Persephone the Bat. so, here's her bio:

Name: Persephone the bat.

Age: 19

Fur color: Grey.

Hair color: Sky Blue.

Wing color: Pink.

Eye color: Grey.

Favorite color: Orange.

Likes: excersizing, ice skating, healthy food and boxing.

Dislikes: losing.

Crush: none.

Friends: Azelfland, Hanna, TheHawtDawg1, Anthony Jose, NEKON, Feuerrm, EliteHectorX, Flora, Chica, Wendy, Alice, Diana, Shelby, Wanda (her sister), Cynthia, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream.


Personality: athletic, nice, adventurous and competitive.

Outfit: she wears a Red no-sleeve hoodie, Sky Blue fingerless gloves, Sky Blue small jeans, black socks and Green running shoes with a big White stripe.

Abilities: Shadow Force (disappears for a few seconds and attacks right out of nowhere), flight, Cross Poison, teleportation and Dragon Claws.

Weapons: Uzis, AK-47s, Sais, 9-milimetre pistols, Rocket Launcher, Minigun, M14, Double Barrel Shotguns and Flash Grenades (they release a light that blinds temporarily anyone who sees the flash).

Birthday: 8th of March.

Theme song: Vitalic-Stamina

More info: she's Wanda's older sister and they get along very well. she taught Wanda everything she knows.

and that's that. then i'll have to make a top 10 that relates to the girls of team Harmony. now, on to the update.

i just completed lab 2 of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R R&D. on test 16 -which takes place in the San Diego Harbor-, i was able to do an awesome backflip above the warehouse. it was awesome. and now i'm starting to get used to the bikes, but not completely. there's still a long way to go. also, trying to upgrade my Alfa Romeo Gulietta 2016 Veloce and i'm almost done with upgrading it.

as for the guessing game from my previous 2 episodes -which is about the colors of the biker outfit of the girls of team Harmony-, since no one answered, i'll tell you the answers. so, here they are:

Hanna the Batfox: Black and Pink with pink gloves and pink high-heeled boots.

Flora the Cat: White and Blue with Blue gloves and Blue high-heeled boots.

Chica the Cat: White and Sky Blue with Sky Blue gloves and Sky Blue high-heeled boots.

Wendy the Hedgehog: White and Red with Red gloves and Red high-heeled boots.

Alice the Hedgehog: White and Grey with Grey gloves and Grey high-heeled boots.

Diana the Fox: Black and White with White gloves and White high-heeled boots.

Shelby the Fox: White and Yellow with Yellow gloves and Yellow high-heeled boots.

Wanda the Bat: White and Green with Green gloves and Green high-heeled boots.

Persephone the Bat: White and Orange with Orange gloves and Orange high-heeled boots.

Cynthia the Rabbit: White and Purple with Purple gloves and Purple high-heeled boots.

and those are the answers.

anyway, this is episode 3 of season 3 of "car dialogues". there is also an easter egg hidden in the episode, so try to find it. here goes:

the second KTM lab opens

KTM 1290 Super Duke R: this is lab 2, or as i call it, "the normal difficulty lab".:)

Alice: doesn't seem normal to me.:/

Me: actually, the difficulty is on normal. that's what she's trying to say.:/

Wendy: makes sense if you think about it. but anyway. we got some tests to go through.>:I

Me: guess i'll sit here till the AI race happens.:/

after test 18

Me: no sweat. the AI was too easy, even if i stopped using the nitro for a few seconds.:P

Wanda: still, i wonder if my sister arrived by now.:/

meanwhile, outside of Azelfland's garage

Persephone the Bat: so, this is the garage my sister was talking about.:/

Shadow Azelfland: *a few meters behind Persephone* what do you think you're doing?>:I

Persephone: *turns around* um, look, i was gonna go in anyway. *catches Shadow Azelflands's pscychic attack* what the heck? *catches Shadow Azelfland's Fire Blast*

Shadow Azelfland: what the....?O_O

Persephone: hey.*slashes the Fire Blast attack with her Dragon Claws* you got it wrong.:I

Shadow Azelfland: what have i got wrong?>:(

Persephone: i know how this looks, but i'm not an intruder.:/

Shadow Azelfland: you're a terrible liar.>:(

Persephone: no, no, no! don't be stupid! look at me!O_O

Shadow Azelfland: i don't really need to. with those wings and your fur color, there's no denying it.>:I


Shadow Azelfland: never heard of you.-_-

Persephone:.............................. oh. i see. ._.

Shadow Azelfland: either way, it doesn't matter to me in the least. you've been able to read my attacks twice in a row. THAT'S the real problem. created by Azelfland's DNA combined with TweakRacer's DNA, i've been improving my skills since the time i was created. yet YOU saw right through them in an instant. this, i cannot permit.>:(

Persephone: *thinking* what's he talking about?:I

Shadow Azelfland: my pride won't allow it. i don't care who you are. i can't let you walk away just like that.>:(

Persephone: oh, come on. you just want to try out those honed-perfected moves on me. i can tell by that innocent smile of yours.:)

Shadow Azelfland: *laughs and smiles creepily, then proceeds to confuse and confound Persephone with his sonic speed movements* WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS SPEED THAT BREAKS THE SOUND BARRIER? OF THESE SHOCKWAVES? CAN YOU EVEN SEE ME?! *continues trying to confuse and confound Persephone* HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY KEEP UP WITH ME?!>:D

Persephone: *as Shadow Azelfland is about to attack behind her* um, can i go in now?:I

Shadow Azelfland: BASTARD! PK-THUNDER!>:( *fires a thunderbolt on Persephone*

Persephone: *dodges the thunderbolt*

Shadow Azelfland: what the.........?O_O

Persephone: *keeping her fist up in the air* checkmate. *Shadow Azelfland lands on Persephone's fist with his groin* oops. s-sorry. i....uh...... i didn't mean to do that on purpose. i meant to stop before hitting you, but your momentum carried my fist into your.....uh......O_O

Shadow Azelfland: *screams in pain*

we are experiencing technical difficulties. please stand by.

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: who are you?:/

Persephone: i'm Persephone the Bat. oh, and is this guy your friend?:)

My 1965 Shelby Cobra: yessssss. SSSSSSSShadow Azelfffffland isssssss our ffffffffriend. jusssssst curiousssssssss. what happened?:I

Shadow Azelfland: i tried taking her down, but i landed on her fist with my groin. ow.X_X

Persephone: i only wanted to help. Wanda told me.-_-

My Honda Integra Type R: wait. you know Wanda?:/

Persephone: if i know her? she's my baby sister.:)

Shadow Azelfland: you're her sister?! then, why didn't you tell me all along? ow, my groin.X_X

meanwhile, back at the KTM labs

NEKON: so, when do you think Wanda's sister is gonna call?:/

TheHawtDawg1: right......... now.:/

Shadow Azelfland: *appears on the Holo Caster* hey, guys. ow.X_X

Wanda: i hate to ask, but what happened?:I

Shadow Azelfland: your sister, Persephone, happened. i thought she was an intruder, tried to confront her and i landed with my groin on her fist. it will take a whole week for the pain to subside without a bit of healing.X_X

Everyone: *laughing hysterically*

Shadow Azelfland: it's not funny! my nuts got busted up really badly.X_X

Shelby: hold on tight. i'll come to heal you.:3

a few minutes later, at Azelfland's garage

Shadow Azelfland: thanks for coming to help me, Shelby. i really appreciate that.X_X

Shelby: anytime. so, let's get to it.:3 *uses her Heal Pulse on Shadow Azelfland*

Shadow Azelfland: hey. i............ i feel a lot better now. thanks, my cute biscuit.:3

Shelby: *giggles* you're welcome, sweetheart.:3

Persephone: wait. you two........... ARE A COUPLE?!O_O

Shelby: yeah, we are.:)

Persephone: but........... you said you didn't want to get involved in a relationship until you find the one you want.O_O

Shelby: yes. Shadow Azelfland is the one i want. our love is strong and we can't be seperated, no matter what.:3

Shadow Azelfland: well, we were enemies, but then we became a great couple.:)

Persephone: okaaaaay. that's the weirdest way of being in a relationship. still, i hope you guys have a great future as a couple.:)

Shelby: thanks, Persephone. i knew you would understand.:3

and that's the end of episode 3 of season 3 of "car dialogues". have you found the easter egg? let me know if you did.

until next time.


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