straight to the update. no messing around.

i just got through test 27, whic was the first AI race of lab 3, and now i'm at test 32. i also fully upgraded my Alfa Romeo gulietta 2016 Veloce and went through challenges 1 to 12. now, i'll have to fully upgrade my Honda Integra Type R.

anyway, this is episode 4 of season 3 of "car dialogues" so, here goes:

the third KTM lab opens

KTM 1290 Super Duke R: well, here we are. this is lab 3, or as i call it "the hard mode lab".:P

Me: it's because it will be a lo-

Everyone: WE GET IT!>:(

Me: sheesh. you don't have to be so touchy about it.-_-

Alice: well, you know the drill. i'll take on the even tests and Wendy will take on the odd tests.:I

Me: as for me, i'll sit here till we get to the first AI racer.-_-

after test 27

Hanna:  not too bad. you're improving from AI racer to AI racer.:)

Me: thanks. i guess i'm almost as skilled as Shadow Azelfland, but i didn't realize that.:)

meanwhile, back at Azelfland's garage

Shadow Azelfland: well, that's that. you're ready.:)

My Alfa Romeo Gulietta 2016 Veloce: thanks. you guys are the best.:3

Persephone: well, i say we take her for a spin till mastery challenge 12.:)

Shadow Azelfland: hmph! YOU will drive the Gulietta? pfff. i bet you 5 euros that you won't last long.:P

Persephone: i know you're going to lose this bet. i'll show you that i'm NOT a pushover.:P

one Persephone death stare montage till mastery challenge 12 later

Shadow Azelfland: well, i stand corrected. you're almost as skilled as Azelfland. and your death staring is quite deadly. ._.

Persephone: HA! pay up! i told you i'm not a pushover. also,never mess with girls.>:D

My Honda Integra Type R: so, you'll fully upgrade me, right?:)

Shadow Azelfland: yes, but it'll take a while.:I

back at the third KTM lab

Hanna: so, what's the situation?:I

Flora: well, the tests here are crazy. like one will take 2 keys to complete, while the very next one takes one key to complete. in other words, we're in for a treat.:I

Me: pffff. it's not going to be THAT hard. i mean, we've done this before. it's going to be easy.:)

after test 31

KTM 1290 Super Duke R: we're only 2 tests away from completing "the hard mode lab". keep it up.:)

Wendy: we will. once we get more proto keys, that is.:I

Me: don't let your guards down just yet. we still have time and it's only tommorow till lab 4 unlocks.:I

and that's the end of episode 4 of season 3 of "car dialogues". sorry if it wasn't as good as you and i expected.i'm pretty much in a hurry.

until next time.


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