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the quest for the Kawasaki Z800 is finally over. and once a quest ends, a new quest begins.

as of now, the Kawasaki Z800 is finally added to my collection. this championship was easy, and i hope it's the same for the Arrinera Hussarya GT. also, completing the McLaren 650S GT3 R&D's lab 3 is tougher than i thought, but i'll get to it eventually.

this is episode 7 of season 4 of "car dialogues". this covers the events that happened this Wednesday. here goes:

London, England. 2:25 PM.

Me: this is it, everyone! we got this in the bag. i know it.:)

Hanna: well, then. let's show them how it's done.:)

Mister Batfox: we got our faith in you, guys. go get 'em!:D

after the sixth qualifier

Hanna: all right, Azelfland. go show everyone that you can handle the bikes just fine. it's all you wanted.:)

Me: i will.:)

at the final Grand Finale

the announcer: this is it, folks! the final Grand Finale of the Kawasaki Z800 championship! who's gonna win? who's gonna go home? let's find out!:D

Me: all right, Z800. this is it. let's give it everything we got!>:I

My Kawasaki Z800: you got it, buddy!>:)

at the final straight of the Grand Finale

the announcer: it looks like Azelfland is about to be first. *Azelfland and his Kawasaki Z800 cross the finish line first* AND LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS OVER! WHAT A RACE!! AZELFLAND GOT 7 PERFECT GRAND FINALES IN A ROW AND WON THE KAWASAKI Z800!!! that's it for this championship. see you in the next championship, folks!:D

back at Azelfland's Asphalt Academy garage

Everyone: *cheering*

Hanna: you did great out there. and you proved you can handle bikes.:3 *kisses Azelfland on the cheek*

Me: *blushes*

Mister Batfox: i must say. you really are the real deal. i'm glad to know that you and my daughter will keep going even higher.:)

Me: thanks.:)

later that night (9:35 PM)

Kawasaki Z800: wow. so, this is Azelfland's garage. neat!:D

TheHawtDawg1: it is neat. but wait till you see him in action.:)

Kawasaki Z800: can't wait.:)

My Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Touring Car 2014: well, feels good to be back home.:)

My Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series: i agree.:)

TweakRacer: hey, Wanda. um, we need to talk.:I

Wanda: what is it?:I

TweakRacer: you see, there's something i need to tell you.:I

Wanda: and that would be........?:I

TweakRacer: Wanda, i......................... i'm in love with you.:3

Wanda: *gasps* really?:3

TweakRacer: yeah. since the first time i saw you, i fell in love. i wanted to confess my feelings to you, but i couldn't, because of my evil personality. i waited for the right time to tell you.:3

Wanda: awwwwww, that's so sweet of you. i also fell in love with you. and after that counseling, this was the right time to tell you.:3

TweakRacer: i want to ask you this, and i hope the answer is yes. Wanda................. will you be my girlfriend?:3

Wanda: *bursts into tears of joy* that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. yes, i'll be your girlfriend!:'3

TweakRacer: *hugs Wanda*

Wanda: well, it's good and all, but........... i don't know if my sister will accept our relationship.:I

TweakRacer: it doesn't matter. i will always be there for you.:3

Wanda: awwwww. you really are kind.:3

Hanna: so, you guys are a couple now, huh?:)

TweakRacer: yep.:)

Wanda: we should hang out sometime.:3

TweakRacer: sure thing. wanna play Mortal Kombat X?:)

Wanda and Hanna: heck yeah!:D

Me: count me in.:)

Anthony Jose: me too.:)

NEKON: i'm also in.:)

TheGoldenThunder: don't start the party without me and ThunderWolf.:)

Flora and Chica: we're also in!:D

Alice and TheHedgehogOne: we're in too.:D

Me: well, you know what they say. "the more, the merrier".:)

Cynthia: i'm in too!:D

TweakRacer: well, i guess it's on now.:)

meanwhile, at Vivendi's base on Vesuvius

the boss of Vivendi: you may celebrate now, but the war isn't over yet. you still have a long way to get the Cadillac 16 Concept. and i shall do everything to stop you at all costs.>:) *evil laughter*

and that's the end of episode 7 of season 4 of "car dialogues". the Arrinera Hussarya GT quest will start once i start the champonship. it's about to go down!

until next time.