"i'm here at my garage. just bought my brand-new dedicated Lamborghini. it's fun to drive in the Asphalt........... area. but do you know what i like more than this Lamborghini? knowledge." if you didn't get the reference, i feel sorry for you.

as you guessed from the reference i made, yesterday i got myself a new Lambo in my collection. it's none other than the 1966 Lamborghini Miura, which, for some reason i forgot to mention in my "history of C class kings" blog. and it's a good thing the events, like the EDDs, allow you to keep any upgrades you installed on your cars and the Miura is no exception. now it's almost fully upgraded and i intend to go through its mastery challenges, as usual, once i get the last top speed upgrade.

this is episode 12 of season 3 of "Car dialogues". this is after the events of TheGoldenThunder's "Car diaogues". so, here goes:

Me: another day of school is done. i thought i was gonna die out of boredom.:P

Hanna: yeah. all of us did.:P

TheGoldenThunder: i don't know about you guys, but i quite enjoyed the lessons.:)

Shadow Azelfland: as if.-_-

Me: as i said before, we need to stick together. nothing stops us from-

The boss of Gameloft: *appears on the Holo Caster* sorry to disturb you guys, but it's important.:I

TheHawtDawg1: what is it?:I

the boss of Gameloft: it looks like a ship has appeared on the port. turns out the Miura got shipped there. you should go get her. i'm counting on you. >:I *the Holo Caster turns off*

Me: okay, team. we'll get her for sure. Hanna, you're on air patrol, since you're a Batfox.>:I

Hanna: i'm on it!>:I

Me: Shadow Azelfland, TheGoldenThunder and Lucas, you guys stand guard on the garage.>:I

TheHawtDawg1: you got it.:)

Me: the Sesto Elemento and i are on ground patrol.>:I *hops in the Sesto Elemento and shifts to first gear*

a few seconds later

Hanna: *appears on the Holo Caster* found it. i'll fly down to the ship.>:I

Me: great. the Sesto Elemento and i are coming to your current location, then. good thing i installed a hydraulics system on the Sesto Elemento.>:) * they both jump to the ship*

My Lamborghini Miura: BRO! i knew you'd come!:D

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: did you think we were going to leave you with those punks?:)

Me: *throws 325.000 credits on the cage and smashes it* now you're free!:) *gives the Lamborghini Miura the level 1 pro kits*

Panda Bot: they're getting away! don't let them escape with the Miura!>:(

Hanna: *uses her grappling hook on the Panda Bot, pulls it and makes a perfect Scorpion impression* GET OVER HERE!>:( *uppercuts the Panda Bot into oblivion*


Hanna: *gets in the Lamborghini Miura* who the frick is this chick?!O_O

Me: i'll tell you later. for the time being, let's get back to the garage. we'll be safe there.>:I *gets in the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and shifts to first gear*

Lamborghini Miura: um, guys. i hate to break it to you, but they're chasing us with some black Ferraris!O_O

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: *thinking* how are we gonna be safe? they'll chase us forever.O_O

suddenly, the Lamborghini Asterion comes knocking down the black Ferraris

My Lamborghini Asterion: NEVER mess with the Lamborghini siblings!>:)

Lamborghini Miura: Asterion! you came just at the right time!:D

Me: thank god. now, let's get out of here, before they get back up!>:I

Kri: damn you, team Azelfland. someday, TweakRacer and i will get you for good! YOU HEAR ME?! WE'LL GET OUR REVENGE!!>:(

back at Azelfland's Asphalt Academy garage

Hanna: hey, Azelfland. um, i was wondering. do you want to go on a date together?:3

Me: don't we have to study first?:I

Hanna: oh, yeah. i forgot. but we can study together, if you want.:3

Me: sure thing. that way, we can get on our date with no problem.:)

later that night (7:25 PM)

Me: *sees Hanna in her yellow dress, her red scarf and her black high-heeled mini boots* oh, you're wearing the scarf and the high-heeled mini boots i gave you. you're so adorable.:3

Hanna: *giggles* why, thank you.:3

Me: shall we go?:) *opens the co-driver's door to the Miura*

Hanna: awww, you're so kind.:3

Me: C63, you and Alice will farm the credits for the upgrades. oh, and feel free to relax when you get tired, okay?:)

My Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Touring Car 2014: you got it, buddy.:)

Alice: have a good time.:)

later, on the way to the burito restaurant

Hanna: you know, it's been a few days since our last date.:)

Me: i know. oh, and i got something for you. you ready?:) *turns on the radio and KSI-Lamborghini Feat. P Money plays on the radio*

Hanna: *gasps* you...... you really want to sing along with me?:'3

Me: yep. so, let's do it, then.:3

Both: *singing along with the lyrics and Azelfland doing his KSI impression* got rocks on my wrist, that s@#t you can't resist. cash flow greater than the haters hatin' on my jizz, riding in your face, lookin' like i found a damn genie................... RIDING IN MY LAMBORGHINI! LA-LAMBORGHINI! LA-LAMBORGHINI! B@#CH I KNOW YOU SEE ME IN MY LAMBORGHINI! La-Lamborghini. La-Lamborghini. drive so quick, you will think i'm Houdini. BOOM!B-B-B-Been in the game since Namco. bring it back. i'm fully gassed, yo! VROOM, VROOM, in my brand-new Lambo. juiced up, and i don't give a damn, yo. going with 120, and that's my slowest, on an one-way laaaaaaaane, like Lois. who's that? Superman's b@#ch. wanna see what happens when i touch the Superman switch? ride with more peers than Morgan, wassup? drive past bloggers that are walkin'. i taunt them, Matt Lees, can you see MEEEEEEEEEEEEE RIDING IN MY LAMBORGHINI!

okay, you get the idea. let's skip straight to the end of it.

Me: so, did you like it?:)

Hanna: like it? i love it! now, i think we'll wait till our buritos come. am i right?:3

Me: yeah. anyway, i got some Star Wars jokes. wanna hear them?:)

Hanna: um, sure.:I

Me: okay, then. *does his Yoda impression* what kind of car do i drive?:P

Hanna: um.............. i don't know.:I


Hanna: *laughs out loud* oh my god, that was a good one.XD

Me: i got another one. *does his Yoda impression again* which is a Jedi's favorite Italian desert?:P

Hanna: i don't know.XD


Hanna: *keeps laughing out loud* dude, that one was cool. i can't help but laugh.XD

Me: and here's a thrid one. *does his Yoda impression for the third time* where does darth Vader go to shop his shoes?:P

Hanna: i don't know.XD


Hanna: *keeps laughing out loud* i'm crying out of laughter right now.X'D

Me: glad you're enjoying the Star Wars jokes.:)

after the FUNNYYYYYYYYY date

Hanna: that was so much fun. i never thought that you were good at telling jokes.:)

Me: yeah. i learned those a long time ago. still, it was fun. we should go on a date again someday.:)

Hanna: i agree. *sighs* i love you.:3

Me: i love you too.:3 *they both start making out*

the narrator from Spongebob: a few moments later.

Me and Hanna: *they both stop making out*

Me: what do you say we go back to my garage?:)

Hanna: *giggles* sure.:3

back at Azelfland's Asphalt Academy garage (again), in Hanna's room

Me: you know, i'm glad that we went on a date tonight.:)

Hanna: me too. i guess next time we should simply go ice skating. that would be so much fun.:3

Me: i know. still, getting to sleep with you is so rewarding. anyway. good night.:3

Hanna: good night to you, too.:3

and that's the end of episode 12 of season 3 of "car dialogues". now i think it's time to get back to where i left off.

until next time.


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