now before we get into this episode of "car dialogues", we're gonna start a bit different.

that diffrerent thing we're gonna do is going to be a bio. yup, that means i'll introduce the new characters for you. be aware that it will happen for the next 5 episodes and it's going to be about the girls of team Harmony.

we're gonna start off with Flora the Cat, the brains of team Harmony. so, let's get to it:

Name: Flora the Cat.

Species: Cat.

Fur color: Green.

Eye color: Red.

Hair color: Blue.

Favorite color: Blue.


Likes: playing Pokemon, animals, ice skating and boxing.

Dislikes: Genwunners, animal cruelty and PETA.

Personality:shy, creative and adventurous.

Friends: Azelfland, Hanna, TheHawtDawg1, NEKON, Anthony Jose, Feuerrm, EliteHectorX, Chica (her sister), Wendy, Alice, Diana, Shelby, Wanda,Cynthia, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream.

Enemies: PETA, TweakRacer and anyone who hurts animals.


Outfit: she wears an Orange T-shirt with a white star printed on it, a yellow ribbon on her head, pink fingerless gloves that reach the elbows, black shorts, white socks and Purple-and-yellow boots with thick heels on the sole.

Abilities: she's fast, agile and has fast reflexes since she's a cat, self-levitation, psychic powers, leaf storms(can summon them out of nowhere), spin dash, homing attack and Hydro cannons.

Birthday:1st of February.

Theme song: BT feat, The Roots- Tao Of The Machine

Backstory: Flora was an ordirany kitty cat before that fateful day. she lived a happy life with her owners. one day, her owners were murdered by some PETA grunts. they took her in, along with 4 other girls: Wendy the Hedgehog, Diana the Fox, Wanda the Bat and Cynthia the Rabbit. once they reached PETA's headquarters( because Mobius is similar to Earth and because Azelfland logic), they were set to be executed. right before they were executed, 5 drops of Uranium drop on the girls, altering their DNA and fur color. they became bipedal, taller, stronger, cooler and able to understand human speech and talk like humans. the girls ran away and never looked back. Flora and the girls were 10 years old when all this happened. their goal is to take down PETA, because of this incident and because they ruined their childhoods. 7 years later, Flora met Hanna when Hanna mistakingly crashed into her while learning how to fly.

and that's that. now let's get to the plot of this episode, which is how i got the Lamborghini Veneno and the Maserati MC12.

after upgrading my cars- except for my BMW M3 Sedan, which i upgraded after i fully upgraded my Lamborghini Veneno and completed mastery challenge 11 of the Maserati MC12-, i got the Lamborghini Veneno, maxed it out, got its pro tunings to level 2 and at 12:02 AM, i got 2 blueprint boxes for the Maserati MC12 from the daily bonus. in the morning, i got the Maserati MC12 and now i'm trying to get the GTA Spano.

anyway, it's time for episode 3 of season 2 of "car dialogues" to begin. so, here goes:

Me:*knocks on Flora's room door*

Flora: come in.

Me: hey, Flora. how's it going?

Flora: not much. i'm playing Pokemon Moon. wanna watch?

Me: sure. *joins in* so, at what point of the game are you into?

Flora: i'm pretty much at that point where i have to battle a Totem Mimikyu. do you know anything about it?

Me: i can help. i played Pokemon Sun on my 3DS and beat the game, so i can help you. now here's the strategy. first of all, DON'T USE YOUR Z-MOVES IMMIDIATELY! Mimikyu has Disguise for its ability, which is like a free decoy, and that means it's not gonna suffer any damage whatsoever. also, it can SOS a Haunter or a Gengar to annoy you, so you want to take them out. you have to bust its disguise with a regular move. second, it depends on the team you have. and third, if you have a ghost-type on your team, don't use it until you bust Mimikyu's disguise. okay?

Flora: wow. you sure know a lot. so, let me tell you what my team i-

Me: let me guess. you got Primarina, Drifblim, Growlithe- because you want to teach it Outrage before you evolve it into Arcanine-, Lilligant, Espeon and Hariyama.

Flora: how did you know? it's as if you read my mind.

Me: just took a guess.

Hanna: hi, Flora. hi, Azelfland. i see you guys are getting along.

Me: yeah. just helping her progress through Pokemon Moon. she's a true pokefan.

Flora: he's great both as a racer and as a mentor. his tips will definitely help me.:3

Hanna: anyway. do you mind? i gotta talk to Azelfland.

Flora: i don't mind at all.

Hanna: thanks. *talking to Azelfland* you gotta see this.

Me: see what?

TheHawtDawg1: some random ancient ruins from the sea appeared on Holywood, California and of course, near Venice beach. looks like TweakRacer is at it again...... well, after he recovered from that nutcrack Hanna gave him. also, there's a Lamborghini Veneno on a cage.

Me: again, this whole thing is like something out of "Sonic Heroes".

Hanna: no worries. we'll take care of it.

Me: well, at least we took care of upgrading my cars before heading there.

Hanna goes upstairs

Hanna: hey, Flora. we're heading to California. there are some ancient sea ruins to go through.

Flora: one sec. let me save first.

at Holywood, California

Hanna: well, girls. here we are. Holywood, California. the city of Celebrities.

Wendy: what does that have to do with Venice beach?

Hanna: nothing. but we're on Venice beach anyway. let's go, girls. we have a Lambo to rescue.

after loads of ruin sighseeing, speedrunning, giant turtle riding and a triple Indiana Jones reference

TweakRacer: here we are again. you girls think you can handle THIS?

Wendy: is this supposed to be a Panda Hawk?

Hanna: yeah. it definitely is.

Cynthia: and it doesn't look friendly.

Flora: what did you expect? it's a machine.

TweakRacer: we'll see who's laughing now! i'll never forgive you for that nut shot AND the vampire bat bite!

Team Harmony used Homing attack spam. It's super effective!

TweakRacer: you think i'm done yet?! i'll show you someday! *runs away*

Wanda: well. at least we saved the Veneno.

back at Azelfland's garage

NEKON: they're back!

Hanna: hey, guys.:3

Me: well, seems like nothing  can stop you. you girls are amazing!:)

Hanna: *giggles*

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: hey, sis. how's it going?

My Lamborghini Veneno: i got saved by team Harmony. they were awesome!

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: well, now, Azelfland and i make a great team when it comes to grinding. if he MAX PROs you, i'll pass the farming to you.

Lamborghini Veneno: thanks, bro. i knew you would understand.:)

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: anytime, sis.

Anthony Jose: okay, everyone. a Gameloft employee will come at 12 AM. that means we're gonna get the Maserati MC12.

later that night

Me:*hears the doorbell* it must be the Gameloft employee Anthony was talking about.*opens the door*

Gameloft employee: hey. you're Azelfland, right?

Me: the one and only.

Gameloft employee: these are 2 blueprint boxes. the boss sent them to help you on your journey to beat TweakRacer.

Me: i'll put it with the others. oh, and by the way, send my best regards to your boss.

Gameloft employee: i will.*leaves*

Diana: i thought the boss of Gameloft was our enemy.

Hanna: actually, he was mind controlled by the robot TweakRacer made. the boss of Gameloft is now our ally.

Diana: oh.

the next day

TheHawtDawg1: guys, i think there's something you want to see.

My Maserati MC12: hey, guys. the boss of Gameloft told me how you want to take down TweakRacer. so, thanks to those 8 blueprints, i became a team member of team Azelfland. now it's go time.;)

and that's the end of episode 3 of season 2 of "Car dialogues". the next one comes once i get the GTA Spano( the original, not the 2015 GTA Spano). i hope you guys enjoyed it.

until next time.


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