continuing on our quest to getting "the boat".

Gameloft strikes once again with the offers! and today is no different, since i can call them "Generousloft" for it. i intended to get the CLA 45 AMG Racing Series and i did, thanks to the 30% off sale of today. though i had to stop upgrading my Biome to get the car. still, it was worth getting that Alpine alternate. and before you ask, yes, it's an Alpine alternative only, since i already have the Sbarro Sparta. and the next thing to do is a Halloween special the day after tommorow. also, i have some ideas of my own that TheGoldenThunder will need.

with all that out of the way, this is episode 2 of season 4 of "car dialogues". hopefully the Munich update will be fixed before i get it. so, here goes:

Diana: so, how was your date with the new guy, Alice?:3

Alice: it was amazing! i'm so glad i got to meet him and have a really stable relationship.:3

Cynthia: i ship it.:3

Lucas the Hedgehog: well, what do you think our couple name will be, my sweet pumpkin?:3

Flora: how about LucAlice?:)

Alice: hey. not bad at all, Flora. sounds good to me.:3

Wendy: i warn you, Lucas! if you dare hurt my sister's feelings, i will kick you to the next dimension!>:(

Lucas the Hedgehog: WHAT?!O_O

Wendy: relax. i was toying with you. but seriously. don't hurt her feelings.:P

on the first floor of Azelfland's garage

Me: okay, Biome. you're good to-

Spudanky: hey. sorry to interrupt, but i need to let you know.:I

TheHawtDawg1: what is it?:I

TheGoldenThunder: is it another car we need on our team?:I

Spudanky: how did you know?:I

NEKON: 'cause that's what we're always after.-_-

Me: right. and this time, it's the CLA 45 AMG Racing Series. luckily, Gameloft made it so that it's at 30% off for the next couple days. Biome, you wait here. we'll get your other upgrades later. for the time being, we got another Mercedes-Benz to get. also, no cars or bikes needed here. Hanna, ThunderWolf, Flora and i got this.>:I

Hanna: let's go, then! and i'm pretty sure TweakRacer might have a ridiculous plan to take over the world.>:I

in Area 51

Me: okay, guys. here we are.>:I

ThunderWolf: huh? what is this thing?O_O

Flora: it's the............... O_O

TweakRacer: that's right! I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! with my new Panda Hawk!>:)

Me: DAMN IT! i thought we got rid of this thing!>:(

Hanna: well, looks like we didn't.-_-

TweakRacer: now it's time to destroy all of you!>:)

My Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series: be careful, guys. this one is powered by my cage. if you throw 283.500 credits at it, you should be able to destroy it.>:I


Hanna: well, that escalated quickly.:I

Me: okay, guys. let's get them! ThunderWolf, you and Flora go to the right. Hanna and i will go left!>:I

ThunderWolf: got it!>:I

TweakRacer: you'll never catch me! *stops in the middle* initiate rotary attack!>:D *fires the machine guns*

Flora: he's too fast!O_O

ThunderWolf: no worries. the engines are fragile, so it won't be a problem to take them out!>:I

Me: everyone, attack the engines!>:I *destroying the engines of the Panda Hawk*

TweakRacer (after the destroyed engines): OH NOOOOO!!!!! THE ENGINES ARE DEAD!!!!O_O

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series: YES!! now, destroy the cage!!>:D

Me: cover me, guys! i'm going in!>:I *jumps on the Panda Hawk*

TweakRacer: what the-? what are you doing?!O_O

Me: destroying your machine, just like i did with your mom! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!>:D *throws 283.500 credits to the cage and burns it with a Fire Blast*

TweakRacer: DAMN IT! i got roasted AND lost?! ugh! you may have beaten me today, but i'll be back!!>:( *runs away with his Panda Mobile*

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series: phew! i thought i was gonna be toast. i owe you one, guys.:)

Hanna: anytime. wait. your condition isn't good. you need a tune-up.O_O

ThunderWolf: let's go home. we'll tune him there.>:I

Flora: agreed.:I

back at Azelfland's garage, after lots of grinding

My Mercedes-Benz Biome: phew! feels good to have those upgrades. only the top speed and nitro are level 4, but they'll get to level 5 eventually. then, i'll be like the Silver Lightining.:)

My Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning: well, sis. you will have them at some point. however, tommorow, Azelfland and his friends have school. and Azelfland has history exams tommorow. chances of sucess are at only 0.000005%, but if Azelfland studies, the chances will go up to 75%.

My TVR Sagaris: in English, please.-_-

Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightining: he'll fail the exams, but with hard work and a lot of studying, Azelfland will suceed. i hope it helps.:)

TVR Sagaris: fair enough.:I

Me: GOSH DARN IT!! I FORGOT!! look, i have no time to waste! i'll have to study! i'll see you guys later.O_O *runs off to his room*

Anthony Jose: what the heck was that about? ._.

NEKON: Azelfland freaked out, because he has history exams tommorow.:I

Anthony Jose: fair enough. ._.

Hanna: well, it doesn't matter. after his studies, he'll get back to grinding. i'll go help. hopefully we can get good at it.:)

and that's the end of epsiode 2 of season 4 of "car dialogues". now, there are some things i need to explain. first of all, the "your condition isn't good" line is a reference to the fact that, when i got the CLA 45 AMG, its bar was at the red zone for no reason. second, the Silver Lightning calculating my chances of me suceeding at the history exams is because tommorow, i have history exams, which is the truth and that means i have to study really hard to make it. that's all.

until next time.


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