it's about time that i completed the Porsche Motor Series events.

it turns out the EDD was easier than i thought. i got the blueprints for the Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package and it's going to be ready in 16 hours by tommorow. still, it was fun while it lasted. but don't worry. the "car dialogues" will continue after this.

anyway, this is part 2 of our episode. the Porsche Motor Series "car dialogues" have finally come to an end. so, here goes:

    after team Azelfland got over 75.000 Enduro points

Everyone: YEEEEAH!!!

TweakRacer and the boss of Gameloft: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


the mind controlling helmet breaks and the Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package comes to his senses

My Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package: ugh. what....... what happened?... wait... are those...?

My Porsche 911 GT3 RS: BRO!!:D

Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package: guys!!! oh, i'm so glad to see you! *talking to Azelfland* thanks, Azelfand. we owe you big time.:)

Me: anytime. *talking to TweakRacer* it's over, TweakRacer! your reign of terror is over!

TweakRacer: do you really think i'll accept my defeat?!

Hanna: i knew he would say that.

the boss of Gameloft: we're gonna end this, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

 a giant mech appears


TheHawtDawg1: we gotta get outta here!!

Anthony Jose: everyone, RUN!!

the Porschenator destroys the Porsche Headquarters, as Azelfland and Hanna stand.

NEKON: what are you guys waiting for? RUN!

Hanna: you guys go! Azelfland and i will deal with this.

TheHawtDawg1: but he's gonna kill you! you guys don't stand a chance!

Me: we may not stand a chance right now, but with the power of the 7 pokemon emeralds, we're unstoppable!

TweakRacer and the boss of Gameloft: WHAAAT?!!

Me: it's time. *screams like Goku going super saiyan and mega evolves into a mega Azelf* Lava orange eyes, magma blood flowing inside me. now THAT'S really neat! you ready, Hanna?

Hanna: i was born ready!

Hanna transforms into her super form, as the Ash-Greninja theme starts playing on the background

Hanna: now THAT'S super neat! my fur color is purple now!:D

Me: it's super neat indeed. now let's get 'em!!

Azelfland flies towards the Porschenator

Me: EAT THIS!!! FIRE BLAST!!!! *uses fire blast*

 the Porschenator takes the damage and aims at Hanna

Hanna: *teleports* missed me. *teleports again* can't catch me! *teleports for the third time* too slow!


Me: * uses his psychic powers to cause a headache on TweakRacer and the boss of Gameloft*

TweakRacer and the boss of Gameloft: AAAAAH!! MY BRAIIIN!!

Me: now's our chance! are you ready to finish them off?

Hanna: i am.

both: *charging up their kamehameha* KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEE.......*they fire and merge their kamehameha* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

the Porschenator gets completely destroyed and Azelfland and Hanna get back to their normal forms

Hanna: not feeling so full of yourself now, huh?

TweakRacer: *coughs* yeah..... well, them is the breaks. crap.

Hanna: any last requests?

TweakRacer: yeah......*coughs* can i diss Azelfland?

Hanna: you're an a@#hole to the end. PUNK MOTHERF@#$ER!! *decapitates TweakRacer with her katanas*

 the mind controlling helmet breaks and the boss of Gameloft comes to his senses

the boss of Gameloft: i...... I'M FREE!!! i'm no longer mind controlled!:D


Me: somehow, by killing TweakRacer, the boss of Gameloft is back to normal.

the boss of Gameloft: thanks to you, i'm now able to do my job normally. sure, i get money from the players, but you guys are the best.

Me: thanks.:)

the boss of Gameloft: on behalf of Porsche, Gameloft and the whole world, the Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach package is yours to keep.

Everyone: WOOHOO!!! AWESOME!!!!

My DS Survolt: come on, everyone. we're going home.

back at Azelfland's garage

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: HEY GUYS! AZELFLAND IS BACK!:D

everyone cheers for their victory over TweakRacer

Me: it looks like the whole family is here.

TheHawtDawg1: well, we gotta get back to our normal lives now.

Me: well, it's okay. you're welocme at anytime. oh, and Lucas, NEKON, Anthony Jose?

NEKON: yes?

Me: take these with you.* gives them a holo caster each*

Anthony Jose: what is that?

Me: it's a Holo caster. it's like a phone, only the person who speaks appears as a hologram.

TheHawtDawg1: now that's neat! see you next time.:)

Me: later. *talking to Hanna* finally, it's the two of us. oh, and Hanna?

Hanna: yes?

Me: i got something for you. now, close your eyes.

Hanna: *closes her eyes*okay.

Me: now take my hand.

Azelfland and Hanna head to the new second floor of the Garage, where a small room is there.

Me: you can open them now.

Hanna: *opens her eyes and gasps* A ROOM?! FOR ME?!:D

Me: yes, it is. just for you, my cute little cookie.:3

Hanna: *bursts into tears of joy* awwww, that's the sweetest thing ever! you're the best boyfriend i ever had!:'3

Me: *blushes* awww.:)

Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package: *narrating the story* and that's how i reunited with my brothers and sisters and made new friends. everything is now back to normal. TheHawtDawg1 and Anthony Jose went back to their videos and livestreams. NEKON went back to making his funny montages. as for Azelfland and Hanna.... let's just say they now live a happy life as a teenage couple.

Hanna: awww, Azelfland, you're so cute.* Azelfland and Hanna laugh*

???: now hold on just a second!

Me: huh?

Hanna: did you hear something?

Me:.......... nah. just my imagination.

???: I SAID, now hold on just a second. * TweakRacer appears on the giant screen*

Hanna: what the....?

Me: TWEAKRACER?! i thought you were dead!>:(

TweakRacer: THAT TweakRacer was actually a robot made by me.

Hanna: wait, how-

TweakRacer: i knew you would try to save the Porsches. so, i mind controlled the boss of Gameloft to attack the Porsche Headquarters. but YOU had to interfere with my plans. you may have saved the Porsches and the boss of Gameloft, but there are still many cars you have to save!

Me: do you really think we'll let you get away THIS easily?!

TweakRacer: if you think you're brave enough, why don't you try? anyway, i got more plans for taking over the world. i must bid you farewell. *the giant screen turns off*

in the end, evil geniuses are harder to squash than cockroaches. there will be more "car dialogues" coming. anyway, that's the end of the Porsche Motor Series "car dialogues". i hope you enjoyed it. stay tuned for more.

until next time.


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