now, before you ask what this is, check my previous "car dialogues" for information. you'll thank me later.

so, after i completed the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, i assembled it, got the car and went all the way to its mastery challenge 13( i was also OG enough to win without using the nitro for most of the tracks). surprisingly enough, i got the Datsun 280Z- by getting over 650 licenses-, along with 2 champion kit boxes from mastery challenge 5 of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which counts as a triple reward.

anyway, to celebrate my victory over the R&D, here it is! the "car dialogues" are, once again, about to begin. grab your hot dogs and pizzas, because it's about to go down. so, here goes:

Me: *while the final AI race is about to begin* it's finally time.

ILS- Feed The Addiction plays on the background, while the Porsches rev their engines and the race begins

Me: looks like he won't stand a chance.

My Porsche 911 GT3 RS: um, i wouldn't say that, cause he's right behind us!O_O

Me: don't worry, you're triple boosted, so being ahead won't be a problem.

as the 180 degree turns are coming up

Me: the 180 degree turns are coming up. prepare to drift!

Porsche 911 GT3 RS: i'm on it! * drifts like a boss and takes the turns easily*

Me: that's what i'm talking about!

after loads of effort,  Azelfland and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS cross the finish line first


Hanna: *hugs Azelfland* that was awesome! i knew we could do it!:D

TheHawtDawg1: for a second, i doubted you, but i gotta admit, you really are the real deal.

Me: thanks. now let's go home and assemble that Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

3 hours later.

My Porsche 959: SIS! oh, we're so glad to see you!:)

My Porsche Cayman GT4: how was it, sis?

Porsche 911 GT3 RS: it was AWESOME! you guys were right about Azelfland. he sure is a pro.:3

Me: so, according to your mastery challenges, chalenge 5 will give us 2 champion kit boxes.

Hanna: then, what are we waiting for?

TheHawtDawg1: let's get on with those challenges.

after mastery challenge 13.

Me: phew! after 13 challenges, it's good to have a triple reward, am i right?

TheHawtDawg1: *laughs a bit* yeah.

My Datsun 280Z: i don't know how i'm related to being a triple reward, but ok.

Me: that's because we got the Porsche 911 GT3 RS on the team and because we got 2 champion kit boxes AND the fact that you joined us shortly after we got over 650 licenses.

Datsun 280Z: oh. that makes sense.

Hanna: um, can you guys leave me and Azelfland alone? i need to talk to him.

TheHawtDawg1: okay. go ahead.:)

Hanna: thanks. *talking to Azelfland* finally, it's just the two of us.

Me: um, what are you talking about?

Hanna: you know, Azelfland, there's something i want to tell you.

Me: you can tell me anything. i'll take it.

Hanna: Azelfland, i...... i'm in love with you.

Me: wow. that's actually great. because i feel the same way about you.

Hanna: aww, so you also had feelings for me. that's so sweet of you.:3

Me: also, i want to ask you this and i hope the answer is yes. Hanna...... will you be my player 2?

Hanna: *confused* what does that even mean?

Me: what i'm trying to ask you is this and -again- i hope the answer is yes. Hanna...... will you be my girlfriend?

Hanna: *bursts into tears of joy* that's the sweetest thing anyone has asked me! yes, i'll be your girlfriend!:'3

Me: *hugs Hanna* i'm glad you love me.

Hanna:me, too. i think i made the right choice to be with you. i'll support you through good and bad times. let's hope we stay togeth-

Me: *gives Hanna a surprise kiss and they both start making out*

The Narrator from Spongebob: a few moments later.

Me and Hanna: * they both stop making out*

Hanna: wow. that was fun.

Me: maybe we should hang out sometime.

Hanna:*giggles* sure.:3

oh boy! it took me longer than i expected. anyway, i hope you guys enjoyed this one. there will be more coming soon and more blogs about tackling the game modes and history of the kings of Asphalt will come soon. also, for those who ask what race track the final AI race took place into, it's Azure Coast.

until next time.


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