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for those who don't get the title on this "car dialogues" episode, TGW stands for "The Great Wall" and SDH stands for "San Diego Harbor".

anyway, though. i got through the San Diego Harbor tour of the Porsche 718 Boxster S championship this morning. so, what i wanted to do was to combine two tours in one episode, just like last time.

so, here it is! the "car dialogues" will begin now. grab your...... well, i'm out of food ideas, but it's still about to go down. so, here goes:

    Team Azelfland arrives at the great wall of China

Me: well, the great wall of China hasn't changed one bit. still a great tourism hot spot.

Hanna: indeed. but we're not here for sightseeing. we're here to race.

Me: and we will race. LET'S GO, everyone!

 after the qualifiers and an easy Grand Finale.

NEKON: they sure showed no mercy, but we beat them nonetheless.

Me: yeah. but things will only get tougher at the San Diego Harbor. i hope you guys are ready.

TheHawtDawg1: we got your back, man. no worries.

  at the San Diego Harbor gates

Guard: are you Azelfland?

Me: the one and only.

Guard: and you and your friends are team Azelfland, right?

My Porsche 718 Boxster S: i'm also part of it, but yes.

Guard: i'm a HUGE fan of yours! your conquest of the championship is everywhere in the world. i'm rooting for you guys!:D

Me: thanks.:)

Guard: also, what happened to Hanna? she looks a bit..... different. i'm just curious.

Hanna: it's a long story.

Guard: fair enough. anyway, have a good day. oh, and someone wants to see you guys.

TheHawtDawg1: i wonder who it might be?

   at the pit stops

Anthony Jose: hey,guys.:)

Hanna: ANTHONY! oh, it's good to see you.:D

Anthony Jose: and who's this friend of yours?

NEKON:Anthony Jose, this is Azelfland. Azelfland, this is Anthony Jose.

Anthony Jose: you can also call me AJ.

Me: nice to meet you. oh, and i'm a big fan of your livestreams.:)

AJ: it's good to see that someone likes my livestreams. anyway, i'll help you guys with your conquest of the championship.;)

Me: sounds good to me. welcome to the team.:)

after more qualifiers and another easy but intense Grand Finale.

AJ: guys, you might want to see this.

TheHawtDawg1: let me have a look. * sees a sailing ship with the telescope*

NEKON: a sailing ship at this time and age? that's weird.

Me: it sure is, but it's full of ninjas instead of pirates. that means the boss of Gameloft is after our 4 pokemon emeralds.

Hanna: stand back. i'll show you boys how it's done.

a horde of ninja starts attacking and doing their battlecries. Hanna stands, as the Mortal Kombat theme song plays on the background.

Hanna: *jumps in, as she's about to attack the ninjas* MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAT! * kicks three incoming ninjas, one by one*

random yellow ninja: WAKAWAKAWAKAWAKA-

Hanna: *grabs the yellow ninja, shakes him and kickflips the ninja, then proceeds to kick the ninjas that surrounded her* MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAT! * punches the ground and knocks back the ninjas*


Hanna: *keeps kicking the crap out of those ninjas until the last one* that's the last of them.

TheHawtDawg1: did she just beat the crap out of a horde of ninjas all by herself?!O_O

NEKON: yep.

Me: she's a force to be reckoned with.O_O

Hanna: that's right! never mess with an independent girl, SUCKERS!

Me: i guess that's good. anyway, we're off to Dubai next. oh, and Hanna?

Hanna: yes?

Me: you might want to look up the laws of Dubai. you're really not gonna like them.

Hanna: why, is it because they forbid kissing?

Me: how did you know?

Hanna: i looked them up while you were racing.

Me: fair enough. anyway, we're off to Dubai. LET'S GO!

and that ends another blog edition of "car dialogues". it was fun to write. anyway, i hope you guys enjoyed it. there will be more coming from my not-so endless blog barrage. seriously, it's because i take a break every once in a while.

until next time.