the title is pretty much me using the Arash AF10's nickname in a really funny way.

although i'm not excited for the "Trash As F@#k 10" R&D's second revival, i thought it would be a great chance to get a bunch of tokens, a few V8s and re-experience the Arash AF10. that's why it's titled "project Trash revival". because the R&D's second revival was kind of redundant. and going through it won't be easy, even with my tuning of 5555 2132. still, it will be a great break before the Aprilia bike R&D and the Honda Civic Type-R champonship. and Spudanky himself advised me to think of it as a way to farm V8s.

this is episode 13 of season 4 of "car dialogues". here goes:

another normal day in Azelfland's garage.

ThunderWolf: hey, Flora. how's it going?:)

Flora: i'm good. i was about to finish my boxing training.:3

ThunderWolf: cool. so, you train every day, huh? and you look good in your boxing outfit.:)

Flora: *giggles* thank you. anyway, i was thinking i could use a sparring partner. and you fit the bill just fine. so, how about a friendly boxing match? if you can survive 3 rounds against me, you'll get to be my sparring partner.:3

ThunderWolf: whoa whoa whoa. relax. you know i can't hit girls. i'm just gentle with the ladies, you know.O_O

Flora: what's the matter? can't hit a sexy boxer girl like me?:3

ThunderWolf: *sighs* all right. but don't say i didn't warn you.:I

Me: *pauses the action and breaks the fourth wall* due to the kids-friendly policy of my own, i shall not show what's going to happen. i am not responsible for any feminism OR sexism crap in this one.:P *unpauses the action*

on the ground floor of Azelfland's garage

Supdanky: hey, Azelfland. we got a flyer you didn't notice yesterday. and you're not gonna like this.:I

Me: let me have a look.:I *takes the flyer and gets shocked* NOT THIS S@#T AGAIN!!!O_O

Hanna: what happened?:I

Me: the "Trash As F@#k 10" R&D. that's what happened.O_O

My Falcon F7: well, my EDD is also getting revived, but i'm not complaining. a lot of people will get the chance to have a piece of me.:I

TheHawtDawg1: wait. why are you calling it "Trash As F@#k 10"? what did it ever do to you?:I

Me: nothing. i just hate its R&D. that's all.:I

Spudanky: well, think of this as a way to farm V8s. trust me. you'll need them to pro tune your 675LT.................. and your C63, if you want to.:)

Me: *sighs* okay. let's get this over with.-_-

Asphalt Labs, 9:36 PM

Me: well, look who it is. the "Trash As F@#k 10" herself.:P

Arash AF10: STOP CALLING ME THAT!! i'm not as bad as you think!>:(

My McLaren 675LT: whoa. calm down. he was just joking.O_O

Arash AF10: i'm sorry. i just.............. i don't like the nickname. that's all.:(

McLaren 675LT: that's okay.:)

Me: hold on. i have to check if her upgrades are there. *checks the Arash AF10* oh, thank god. she's still fully upgraded.O_O'

Arash AF10: you can't check the pro tuning, however. we need to go through a few tests to do that.:I

Me: *sighs* let's get it over with.-_-

after test 3

Arash AF10: no nitro needed, suckers!>:D

Spudanky: wait till you get to lab 4. it's going to be like hell.-_-

Hanna: has anyone seen ThunderWolf and Flora?:I


Anthony Jose: what is it?:I

Shelby: hold on. i'll be right back.O_O *teleports*

meanwhile, back at Azelfland's garage, on the second floor

Flora: well, you proved you could stand up to me.:3

ThunderWolf: yeah. and i'm sorry for hitting you. also, you caught me off guard with that fake out:I

Flora: *giggles* that's okay. i'll love you no matter what.:3

ThunderWolf: awwwww.:3

Shelby: guys! oh, thank god you're okay. what were you thinking?!O_O

Flora: oh. sorry for worrying you.:3

Shelby: that's okay. *uses her Heal Pulse on Flora and ThunderWolf* just.............. the next time you'll have a friendly boxing match, let me know. i was worried sick about you two.:I

ThunderWolf: thanks. and we'll just be sparring. no big deal.:)

Shelby: oh. well, i'll have to clean up this mess.:I

a few days later, after test 12

Arash AF10: well, at least we're not having any rage issues.:P

Me: for now.:P

My Mclaren 675LT: so, you must be Thunder's 675LT.:)

TheGoldenThunder's McLaren 675LT: yep. and you're Azelfland's 675LT, right?:)

My McLaren 675LT: yep.:)

TheGoldenThunder's McLaren 675LT: so, how's the upgrading?:)

My McLaren 675LT: it's slow, but i can deal with it.:)

TheGoldenThunder: and i think Azelfland will be dumb and use a V8 on the C63 for faster farming.-_-

My McLaren 675LT: yeah.:I

Me: i heard that!>:(

Danny the Bat: hey. sorry i didn't get the chance to talk to you. i'm really shy, you know.:)

Diana: that's okay. and i'm sorry for dragging you into the whole "truth or dare" thing.:I

Danny the Bat: i forgive you. and your gloves are really cool.:3

Diana: awwww, thank you.:3

Danny the Bat: oh, where are my manners? i'm Danny the Bat.:3

Diana: i'm Diana the Fox. nice to meet you.:3

Danny the Bat: so, um............. do you want to hang out together?:3

Diana: that would be great.:3

later that night (7:00 PM)

Danny the Bat: *sees Diana in her Purple dress and her Red high heels* wow, you're............. you're really beautiful.:3

Diana: *giggles* thank you.:3

Danny the Bat: all right. let's go.:3

a few minutes later

Diana: well, this is the place my sister told me about. The Parking Pizza.:3

Danny the Bat: let's go in. after you.:3

Diana: awwww, you're so kind.:3 *they both sit on a table*

Danny the Bat: so, tell me about yourself.:3

Diana: well, i'm smart, creative and sometimes sassy. what about you?:3

Danny the Bat: well, i'm shy, but i'm also kind to others. if anyone dares to harm you, i'll protect you at all costs.:3

Diana: that would be sweet. but just so you know, i'm no damsel in distress. anyway, though. what's your favorite color? mine's White.:3

Danny the Bat: my favorite color is Purple. and it's basically my fur color, too.:3

Diana: awwwww. *giggles* so, you like my dress?:3

Danny the Bat: it looks good on you.:3

Diana: awwwww, thank you. so, what are your likes?:3

Danny the Bat: well, i like helping others and Purple cars and bikes. what about you?:3

Diana: i like having a sense of fashion and hanging out with my friends. i'm also into ice skating and boxing. what are your dislikes?:3

Danny the Bat: well, i dislike losing and i also dislike the "truth or dare" game. what about you?:I

Diana: i dislike insects, because i have a fear of them...... well, except for butterflies and ladybugs, because they're cute. and i dislike being critisized, which is my anger point. if my sister gets critisized, she gets to the point where she might cry.:I

Danny the Bat: must be harsh.:I

Diana: yeah. the boss of Vivendi insulted my sister just like that. i will never forgive him for harassing my sister!>:(

Danny the Bat: i agree. someday, he'll pay for the insult.>:I

the narrator from SpongeBob: two hours later.

Diana: that was really fun.:3

Danny the Bat: i couldn't agree more.:3

Diana: Dan, there's something i need to tell you.:3

Danny the Bat: what is it?:3

Diana: Danny, i..................... i'm in love with you.:3

Danny the Bat: *blushes* um................ that's...... a little odd to say. but i'm also in love with you. and i got you these, as a first-date gift.:3 *gives Diana a Black scarf and a pair of Red high-heeled mini boots*

Diana: *gasps* oh my gosh. that's so sweet of you.:3

Danny the Bat: and i want to ask you this and i hope the answer is yes. Diana................ will you be my girlfriend?:3

Diana: *bursts into tears of joy* awwww, that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. yes, i'll be your girlfriend! *sighs* i love you.:'3

Danny the Bat: i love you too.:3 *they both make out*

Danny the Bat: *as they both stop making out* so, um................ do you want to go on another date sometime?:3

Diana: *giggles* sure.:3

and that's the end of episode 13 of season 4 of "car dialogues". it was long, but fun. hopefully the "Trash As F@#k 10" R&D will be over in a few days.

until next time.


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