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as the title says, the Hot Wheels came in Asphalt. and you know darn well i'm going after those.

this will also include me getting "the boat" in the process. in all seriousness, the Hot Wheels toy cars were the talk of the town when i was 5 years old. and now that they'll be in Asphalt, i'll get to relive my 5-year old self, after 12 years. so, now, it's time.

this is episode 1 of season 5 of "car dialogues", with Jun Imai, one of the Hot Wheels designers, as a guest character of the series. so, here goes:

Me: okay, everyone. we got 1.601 licenses. now we can finally get "the boat".:)

My Suzuki Hayabusa: and speaking of which, Matt, Gameloft's livestreamer, is here.:)

Matt: hey, everyone. i came for two things. one, the boss sends you his best regards.:)

Me: thank you.:)

Matt: and two, we went undercover and stole the Cadillac 16 Concept from the boss of Vivendi, thanks to the power of your collected licenses. all the non-blueprint cars are now back at the dealership. you have our thanks for it. and now, the Cadillac 16 Concept, or as you call it "the boat" is all yours.:)

My Cadillac 16 Concept: good to see you guys. thanks for rescuing me.:)

TheHawtDawg1: you're welcome.:)

Matt: keep up the good work.:)

My Datsun 270Z: well.................... there's one thing we need to tell you.:I

Hanna: what is it?:I

My Chevrolet Camaro Z/28: when Azelfland got me on the team, the boss of Vivendi saw him as a true threat to his plans.:I

My 1965 Shelby Cobra: so, that'sssssssss why he put us in cagesssssssssssss. he wanted to use usssssss as a source for the cagesssssssssss of the other carssssssssss. the flaw was that if you got a certain amount of creditssssssssss or tokensssssssss with you, you'd be able to break the cagessssssssss easily.>:I

Cadillac 16 Concept: after you got the Porsches, the Datsun 270Z also joined you. and the boss of Vivendi saw that you would disrupt his plans in no time at all.>:I

My Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package: he used the mind controlling devices on Gameloft's employees and the boss to gain control over them. then he attacked the Porsche factory to mind control us. remember my EDD? i was mind controlled, too. but after taking it down shortly, the helmet broke. this was before TweakRacer became allies with us.>:I

My Porsche Cayman GT4: and remember our first encounter? the championships, the R&D and the EDD of my brothers and sisters were traps the boss of Vivendi set to stop you.>:I

My McLaren MP4-31: and with the revival of my championship, he saw that chance as a way to bring the world to total chaos. that's why he hired the boss of Roaring Thunder. to take you and your friends down. but he still didn't stand a chance.>:I

Me: so, what happened after that?:I

McLaren MP4-31: let's just say he's now a better person, thanks to us punishing him for his crimes.:I

Anthony Jose: but it doesn't stop there.>:I

Cynthia: they're still after us. so what do we do?:I

Me: for now, we'll take on season 4.1 and 5 of Moto Blitz. Flora and Chica, you will drive the Kawasaki Z800. Shelby, you'll drive the GSX-R750. Wendy and Alice, you'll drive the Super Duke R. Diana, you'll drive the Ducati Supersport S. i'll come along and i'll take on the final races. also, we'll take turns, as usual.>:I

Diana: you got it.:)

a few days later, after seasons 4.1 and 5 of Moto Blitz.

Hanna: only 77 more blueprints to get the Huracan.:)

Me: the only problem is we don't have the storage space for it.:I

the doorbell rings

Me: i got it:I * opens the door*

???: you must be Azelfland, right?:I

Me: the one and only.:)

Jun Imai: the name's Jun Imai. i'm one of the Hot Wheels designers. it's a pleasure to meet you.:)

Me: wait, how do you know who i am?:I

Jun Imai: we've been watching your progress and we heard a lot about you and your team. and how you crush Vivendi's plans.:)

Me: oh.:I

Jun Imai: anyway. that's not why i'm here, though. i'm here for a different reason. there's a championship going on and Hot Wheels has organised it. this includes driving the Hot Wheels Rip Rod. it won't be a problem for you guys, right?:P

Me: pffff. we took down championships, EDDs and R&D of all sorts of cars and bikes. heck yeah!:D

Jun Imai: but be aware that this is an one-time deal.:I

Me: *shakes hands with Jun Imai* then it's a deal. so, where to first?:)

Jun Imai: Sector 8. also, it's been recoloured, so it will look like a real Hot Wheels track.:)

Everyone: AWESOME!!:D

Sector 8, Bermuda Triangle

Jun Imai: here we are. the track of the future. now here's what changed: first of all, the track is all Orange, just to make it look like a real Hot Wheels track. second, the wormholes also changed. now there's two on the tunnels and there's one on the 360 degree spiral turn, allowing you to skip it. cool, right?:)

NEKON: sounds cool.:)

Jun Imai: anyway. this is what you'll be driving. the Hot Wheels Rip Rod.:)

Hot Wheels Rip Rod: i heard a lot about you guys. care to prove it?:)

Jun Imai: huh. that's strange. i don't remember the Rip Rod talking.:I

Me: *breaking the fourth wall* it's a car dialogues standard. the cars talk. for real.:P

Jun Imai:......................... you guys are joking, right?:I

Hanna: does it look like we're joking?:I

Jun Imai: so you're not kidding? hm. okay. but anyway. you guys look like you'll go through this in 10 seconds.:)

Me: this isn't a 10-second race. i got nothing but time.>B)

at the Grand Finale

the announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 14th annual Asphalt championship! this championship is brought to you by Hot Wheels. every racer will be racing in the Rip Rod to see who's going to get it! and once again, Azelfland joins in the competition! let's see if he'll crush his competition once again!:D

Me: ready to see what my team and i can do?>:)

Hot Wheels Rip Rod: i was manufactured ready.>:)

after the Grand Finale

Hanna: one down, seven more to go!:D

Jun Imai: i gotta say, you guys are the real deal.:)

TheHawtDawg1: and you'll see how much better we can get.:)

meanwhile, at the new base of Vivendi in the Grand Canyon

the boss of Vivendi: so, now we finally got a new base.>:I

McLaren P1 boy: all's settled. the thing is, Azelfland is after the Hot Wheels Rip Rod.>:I

the boss of Vivendi: well, if my racers fail me, and if you fail me, i'll need a weapon that can beat him.>:I

McLaren P1 boy: we've got a Mecha T-Rex under development. this should do.>:I

the boss of Vivendi: good. now..................... i want every single racer after team Azelfland.>:I

McLaren P1 boy: everyone?>:I

the boss of Vivendi: EVERYONE!!!!>:(

McLaren P1 boy: yes, sir!>:I

the boss of Vivendi: and on the Grand Finales, you'll be the one to take him down. we cloned their Rip Rod. so, that should do.>:I

McLaren P1 boy: yes, sir.>:I

and that's the end of episode 1 of season 5 of "car dialogues". the next tours are the Grea Wall of China and French Guiana. these won't be a problem.

until next time.