well, this is the last championship of Hot Wheels, as the title says.

so, during the BMW S 1000 RR R&D, i started the Twin Mill championship. though, i'm a littile sad, because this will be the last time we'll get to see the Sector 8 in Orange and Sector 8 in any championship. oh, well. it was fun while it lasted. also, i intend to make a GTA San Andreas reference in this one, alongside a Predator reference.

this is episode 6 of season 5 of "car dialogues". here goes:

Silver Azelfland: hey, Loraine. i was wondering. do you want to go out on a date with me?:3

Loraine: really? awwww, that would be great.:3

later that night (6:30 PM)

Hanna: so, Silver Azelfland asked you out?:I

Loraine: yep.:3

Hanna: and he's just really good, huh?:I

Loraine: he's really kind and gave me consolation when i needed it. he's even better than those pigs i used to date with.:3

Hanna: i agree. he truly is kind.:3

Loraine: and we both fell in love with each other.:3

Hanna: this reminds me back when i met Azelfland back at the Porsche 911 GT3 RS R&D and back when we were both human girls. it was love at first sight. it's fun when we're together. and it still is after six months and five days. once we go through Valentine's day, our bond will be unbreakable.:3

Loraine: you two are a really nice couple. i hope you two will get married and have kids.:3

Hanna: thanks. same to you too, sis.:3

Loraine: yeah. anyway, i'm ready. i'm wearing my long dress, i put my high heels on, i put my makeup on. is there anything i forgot?:3

Hanna: i think you forgot your purse.:I

Loraine: oh. right.:3 *takes her purse*

Hanna: have a good time, sis. i'll study with Azelfland at 6:55 PM.:3

later that night (7:00 PM)

Silver Azelfland: *sees Loraine in her Red dress and Pink high heels* wow. you're.................... you're really beautiful.:3

Loraine: *giggles* why, thank you.:3

Silver Azelfland: what do you say we go for a walk?:3

Loraine: sure.:3

Silver Azelfland: after you.:3

Loraine: *giggles* you're such a gentleman.:3

a few minutes later

Silver Azelfland: so, tell me about yourself.:3

Loraine: well, i'm cheerful, brave, smart and sometimes sassy. what about you?:3

Silver Azelfland: well, i just so happen to have Azelfland's personality. now, what's your favorite color? mine's Silver and Green.:)

Loraine: mine's Black and Pink, just like my sister. so, what do you like and what do you dislike?:3

Silver Azelfland: well, i like playing games, watching TV, reading books and hanging out with you.:3

Loraine: *giggles*

Silver Azelfland: the only thing i dislike is losing. what about you?:3

Loraine: well, i like playing pokemon and people being kind to me and i'm into ice skating and boxing. and i took boxing when i was 13, so you should never mess with me. i also dislike losing. and i dislike being critisized and people being mean to me. like, oh em gee, i had other boyfriends before we met and they were absolute jerks.:(

Silver Azelfland: oh.:I

Loraine: anyway. wanna know about my powers?:3

Silver Azelfland: heck yeah!:D

Loraine: well, i can use my mouth as a flamethrower. you could say my breath is literally hot. i can summon blizzards and thunders, and fire a lazer of poison, which is my gunk shot and use shadow balls, i am fast and agile and i can fly. what about you?:3

Silver Azelfland: well, i have Shadow Azelfland's fire punch and thunder punch, Azelfland's fire blast, thunderbolt and hyper beam and their psychic powers. i can also alter my cellular structure to transform into my batfox form.:)

Loraine: now that's cool.:)

Silver Azelfland: so, when's your birthday? mine's on the 9th of January, but you already know, since i turned 20, and i'm 2 years older than Azelfland and Shadow Azelfland. what about you?:3

Loraine: mine's on the 15th of January, alongside my sister, who's 2 years younger than me. and i'm also going to be 20 and Hanna is going to be 18 years old.:3

meanwhile, in Sector 8 (3:00 PM)

Ira Gilford: well, this is the last time we'll get to see Sector 8 in orange.:(

Me: it was fun while it lasted.:(

Larry Wood: the good news is we get to use the Twin Mill. here he is.:)

Me: you're one ugly motherf@#$er.O_O

Hot Wheels Twin Mill: HEY!>:(

Me: sorry. it's just that i find your design really funny.XD

Hot Wheels Twin Mill: much better.:)

Hanna: anyway. Azelfland and i will be taking turns, as usual.>:I

at the Grand Finale

the announcer: ladies and gentlemen, weclome to the 16th annual Asphalt championship! this is the last Hot Wheels championship with the Twin Mill and the first championship of 2018!:D

Me: ready to take them down?>:)

Hot Wheels Twin Mill: i was manufactured ready.>:)

after the Grand Finale

Me: hey, TF2014. i got some friends in Nevada and we need to pick them up. do you mind going there?:)

TF2014: sure.:)

Me: you can borrow my Impreza.:)

later, in Nevada

TF2014: hellooooooooooooooooooooo? is anyone out here? Azelfland sent me.:I

Maccer: EH! over 'ere.X_X

TF2014: hey, man. are you okay?:I

Maccer: 'kin' hell. i'm f@#$in' hangin'.X_X

Kent Paul: stone me bloody crows. where am i?X_X

Maccer: i dunno, mate. i was having a dream; i was wanking over some fat bird's tits when this twat turned up.>:(

Kent Paul: Maccer, you f@#$ing psycho! you did it again, didn't ya?!>:(

Maccer: that peyote was s@#te, you were lucky i brought some tabs.:P


Maccer: oh, piss off, kidder!>:(

Kent Paul: who are you again?:I

TF2014: oh, i'm Azelfland's friend. he said you might need a ride back in town.:)

Maccer: but i'm a f@#$ing raspberry!O_O

Kent Paul: you're not a f@#$ing raspberry!>:(

Maccer: i can't feel me legs, our P. i've wanked the use out of them!O_O

Kent Paul: just stand up, you soppy c@#t. we go through this every weekend.>:(

Maccer: *gets up* ah! ooh!O_O

TF2014: man, what the heck were you doing last night?:I

Maccer: anybody got a rag?:I *Kent Paul gives him a rag*

TF2014: so, where am i taking you?:I

Kent Paul: i've got a pal, Matt. he's got a job in Gameloft in Barcelona. sweet?:)

TF2014: okay.:I

Kent Paul: f@#k off, string!>:(

Maccer: oh, charming!>:P

TF2014: okay, ladies, let's go.-_-

Kent Paul: come on. f@#$ing notheners......................>:(

Maccer: well, it felt like i couldn't feel them. honest!O_O

after a Kent Paul vomitting and cowboy threat moments later

Kent Paul: oh no! run like f@#k!O_O

My Subaru Impreza WRX STI: everyone get in!O_O *everyone gets in her*

Barcelona, Spain. 10:10 PM

TF2014: seems like you boys had a good time.:)

Maccer: hey, what about the band?:I

Kent Paul: we'll just have to pray they made it to civilization. keyboarders and drummers are ten-a-penny anyway.:I

a few seconds later

Maccer: what kind of tits does this Matt have? big, floppy sausage tits? empty saddlebags? or bee stings?:I

Kent Paul: MATT IS A MAN! and stop touching youself!>:(

Maccer: it's just for comfort, Paulo. this is a stressful situation, man.O_O

Kent Paul: you're f@#$ing telling me it is!>:(

TF2014: hey, can it, you two!>:(

Maccer: hey, he started it!>:(

at Gameloft

Kent Paul: *knocks the door and a guard opens* Kent Paul, here to see Matt.:I

guard: hey, Matt. there's someone to see you.:I

Matt: go away. i have a migraine.:(

Kent Paul: oi, Matt, son, it's me, Paulo.:)

Matt: oh, god. my despair is complete. OKAY. LET HIM IN.:(

Kent Paul: Maaaaaatt, how are you, me old son?:D

Matt: i pray that one day i can do my job a million miles away from anyone i've ever f@#$ing known and instead I GET THIS!>:(

Kent Paul: come on, it's me. Kent Paul.:I

Matt: well, hello Paul. what a pleasant surprise. and who the heck are these guys?:I

Kent Paul: these are my boys, Maccer and TF2014.:)

TF2014: 'sup?:)

Maccer: you want any speckled doves, boss? i'm peaking on one right now. top-of-the-range, man.:D

Matt: well, it's fitting, as i sit here up to my neck in a river of s@#t, with every mafia gorilla from Liberty City to Los Santos pissing in my face, that you, Kent Paul should witness it!>:(

Kent Paul: what's the matter, son?:I

Matt: too numerous, oppressively insurmountable and depressingly f@#$ing typical even to mention.>:(

Kent Paul: it's all right, bruv. Paulo can help. give us some space, would you, son? i'll give you a tinlke later.:I

TF2014: sure thing.:)

Kent Paul: not you, Maccer!>:(

Maccer: oh, you twat.>:(

Kent Paul: unbelievable.-_-

back at Azelfland's garage

Loraine: well, what do you say we go ice skating?:3 *puts on her Pink skates*

Silver Azelfland: sounds good to me.:)

one hour of ice skating later

Silver Azelfland: wow. i would've never thought that you would be a true professional.:3

Loraine: you know, it's always been my dream to be a figure skater.:3

Silver Azelfland: and Loraine, i want to tell you something.:I

Loraine: what is it?:3

Silver Azelfland: Loraine, i.......................... i'm in love with you.:3

Loraine: awwwwwwwwwwwwww, that's so sweet of you.:3

Silver Azelfland: and i got you these as first-date gifts.:3 *gives Loraine a Sky Blue scarf and a pair of Pink high-heeled mini boots*

Loraine: *gasps* for me? awwwww, that's so sweet of you. i got you a first-date gift for you too.:3 *gives Silver Azelfland a Green bandana*

Silver Azelfland: now that's a cool one. just like Azelfland's. thanks.:3 *wears the bandana on his neck*

Loraine: and it fits you well.:3

Silver Azelfland: also, i wanted to ask you this. i always pick the best there ever was. so, Loraine............... will you be my girlfriend?:3

Loraine: *bursts into tears of joy* awwwwwww, so you really do love me. that's the sweetest and best thing anyone's ever said to me. yes, i'll be your girlfriend! *sighs lovingly* i love you.:3

Silver Azelfland: i love you too.:3 *they both make out*

Loraine: *as they both stop making out* you're very good at kissing.:3

Silver Azelfland: thanks. you too.:3

Loraine: *giggles*

Silver Azelfland: we should go out again sometime.:3

Loraine: *giggles* sure. oh, and i should introduce you to my parents. they're really kind to their friends.:3

Silver Azelfland: sure. why not?:3

and that's the end of episode 6 of season 5 of "car dialogues". took me long, but finally made it. and there will be more soon.

until next time.


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