this time, i'll resist making a joke about McLaren's unreliable engines.

getting to the point, i made Iceland look easy on the MP4-31 championship, due to the fact that i got the skills. now, on the third qualifier, i picked the long way, but still made it with 5 seconds to spare. and man, i loved the quote about the car insurance bill. it made me laugh. but anyway. the Grand Finale was just too easy. now, the MP4-31 is at a tuning of 9-10-10-4, which is overkill at this point. as for the Peugeot RCZ R R&D, lab 2 is complete, with the RCZ R being nearly MAXed and fully PROed.

so, here is episode 17 of season 3 of "car dialogues". here goes:

Iceland, 1:45 PM

Alice: so, how was last night?:)

Hanna: it was so romantic. i relived our first date with Azelfland. Flora and ThunderWolf were also with us. and look. they made plushies of me and Flora.:3 *shows the Hanna and Flora plushies*

Wendy: awwww, they're so adorable.:3

Flora: thanks. Azelfland and ThunderWolf got them for us.:3

Cynthia: i saw your text on Twitter and it was really cool.:3

Me: okay, ladies and gentlemen. it's time for our qualifiers. let's all do our best.;)

McLaren MP4-31: i'm so ready for this tour! LET'S GET 'EM!:D


after the Grand Finale

Me: didn't break a sweat beating everyone. WOO!:)

Anthony Jose: looks like Roaring Thunder is about to fall........... well, if we beat the other 3 Grand Finales, that is.:)

Wanda: so, you must be Azelfland's friends, right?:)

ThunderWolf: yup.:)

TheGoldenThunder: that's us.:)

Wanda: i'm Wanda the Bat. this is my older sister, Persephone the Bat.:)

ThunderWolf: nice to meet you.:)

Persephone: nice to meet you too. so, if you want to know our part in team Harmony, my baby sister is the flying girl of the team.;)

Wanda: when it comes to flying, Hanna and i are of equal skill level.:)

Persephone: as for me, i'm the weapons expert. and nothing gets away from my line of sight, not even ninjas.;)

TheGoldenThunder: woooooow! now that's awesome.:D

Wanda: also, we're athletic and work out every day. you can tell why we're the only girls in team Harmony that wear running shoes.:)

ThunderWolf: i guess so.:I

meanwhile, at the Asphalt labs, after test 19 (8:10 PM)

Shelby: so, how did i do?:3

Shadow Azelfland: well, if you hadn't been reckless, you'd do better. but your permormance was satisfying. a three-second lead wasn't bad at all.:)

Diana: oh em gee, sis. you won't believe this!:D

Shelby: what is it?:I

Diana: check your Twitter.:D

Shelby: *checks her Twitter* is that............ Flora on a double date?:D

Shadow Azelfland: wait, what?O_O

Diana: yep. read the tweet.:D

Shelby: *reads the tweet* "on a double date with Hanna, Azelfland and my sweetie ThunderWolf. #plushiesofmeandHanna. #iceskating. #bestnightever." wow. and she sent it to our friends too?:D

Shadow Azelfland: lucky them. i guess that's something you don't see every day....... even though Azelfland and i don't have Twitter.:)

back to the MP4-31 championship, after the third goal of the third qualifier ( 9:30 PM)

Me: phew. no sweat on those goals, either. we're killing this right now!:D

Alice: definitely. oh, and do you want me to fully upgrade that suspension?:)

Me: go ahead.:)

Alice: *pro tunes the suspension to level 10* damn, i'm good.:)

McLaren MP4-31: nice! now i feel those turns being tighter than usual.:D

Me: okay, C63. you go and get over 72.000 credits for those tires.:)

My Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Touring Car 2014: you got it, man.:)

after farming over 72.000 credits (10:35 PM)

Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Touring Car 2014: phew! that should do it.:)

Me: okay, Alice. do your thing.:D

Alice: right away! * pro tunes the tires to level 9* aaaaand we're out of Custom Racing Engines. but the rest of the championship will be easy. it will take a while till we turn those hard tires to super hard tires, but that's fine by me..:)

Hanna: *pauses the action and breaks the fourth wall* now, if you didn't get where she's going with this, here's how it works. in real life, we all know that super hard tires are the hardest tires in durability, which last for very long, while ultra soft tires are the most fragile tires and won't last long. in our case, however, and because this is Asphalt 8, tire pro tuning equals more top speed and handling, plus the tires don't wear out. and since the tires are at level 9 for now, which are the hard tires, the last tire pro tune will give us the super hard tires. the logic doesn't make sense, sure, but remember. this IS the Car dialogues, after all.;) *unpauses the action*

meanwhile, at the Roaring Thunder boss' office

the Boss of Roaring Thunder: HOW DOES TEAM AZELFLAND BEAT US?! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE INVINCIBLE, BUT EVERY TIME THEY WIN, THEY GET CLOSER TO TAKING US DOWN IN THE LEADERBOARD!!! but it doesn't matter. we'll st- *the phone rings* hm? *picks up the phone* hello?:I

TweakRacer: so, i heard you got beaten in five of the eight Grand Finales so far.>:(

the boss of Roaring Thunder: look, i can expla-

TweakRacer: SAVE YOUR EXCUSES!! now, you had one simple job, you idiot! to take down Azelfland. you took him out once, remember?!>:(

the boss of Roaring Thunder: but team Azelfland hasn't beaten us yet. there's still a chance.O_O

TweakRacer: there is. if you can beat them in Venice, Rio De Janeiro and Tokyo, you'll get paid. so, don't disappoint me. not again.>:)

the boss of Roaring Thunder: yes, but there's a slight problem. their MP4-31 is too powerful to take down.O_O

TweakRacer: i knew you'd say that. let me guess. they came prepared.>:(

the boss of Roaring Thunder: yes.O_O


the boss of Roaring Thunder: i won't let those idiots take us down. we still have some ace up our sleeves.>:)

and that's the end of episode 17 of season 3 of "car dialogues". every qualifier and Grand Finale i complete gets me closer to the fifth qualifier of Rio De Janeiro, which as i said, was the race i ragequit the first time around. this time, things will be different. but until then, Venice is our next tour of the championship tomorrow.

until next time.


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