since the Porsche 718 Boxster S championship is coming up, i would like to dedicate a few minutes to tackling elimination mode.

What is Elimination mode?

if you have played Need  For Speed Most Wanted, you might know it better as "Lap K.O." mode, in which the racer in last place is eliminated in each lap. in Asphalt 8, however. this is not the case. a timer will begin and once the timer reaches zero, the racer in last place is eliminated. last one standing wins.

now, before we get to the positives and negatives, let's analyze the elimination porcess.

The Elimination process.

the race starts with a 10-second warm up. once the warm up is over, this is where the real race begins. in championship mode, the racer in last place gets eliminated after 12 seconds. in the R&D, the racer in last place is eliminated after 15 seconds. in career mode, every last-place elimination lasts 30 seconds. last one standing wins the race.

and now, it's time to tackle the positives and negatives.

Positive #1: it's unique in its own way.

now, unlike classic, flawless, unplugged or even versus mode, which you have to finish in first place on a certain number of laps, elimination allows you to lap your opponents as many times as possible, as they get eliminated, which makes this mode really funny.

Positive #2: it's easy to master.

there are no words to describe how easy it is to master elimination. though, i would say it's easy both for beginners and professionals.

now that we got all that out of the way, let's get to the negatives.

Negative: in Career mode, Elimination mode is a time waster.

as i said in the elimination process, in career mode, it takes 30 seconds for someone in last place to get eliminated. that and the fact that there are always 8 racers - you and 7 AI racers- makes it take WAY too long. not worth farming credits, if you haven't unlocked car mastery mode. at least in championships and R&Ds, elimination mode is shorter, so you won't have to waste time doing the same thing over and over for 4 minutes.


always rely on your survival instincts.


Elimination mode is really fun when it comes to championships and R&Ds. some people like it, because it's unique. others hate it, because it's a time waster and because some tests in R&Ds are hard. like it or not, it's very fun..... unless it's career mode or multiplayer, which is a rare ocassion.

until next time.


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