This is my first blog, so i'm gonna make this quick.

 what is flawless mode in Asphalt 8?

for those who don't know, flawless mode is a classic race. however, there is a twist. the twist is that instead of the usual "respawn upon wreck" rule, the rule changes to "no wrecks allowed", making it a hard mode to master.

so here are some positives and negatives of this mode.

 Positive: it gives you more of a challenge.

think about it. classic races are basically the same, no matter what you do and they're basically a bit boring, unless it's multiplayer. flawless mode, however, gives you that feeling of fear, but then you know that in the end, you will thrive and get the first place finish without crashing at all. it's really stressing, but the moment you cross that finish line in first place without crashing is very satisfying.

this is the only positive this race mode has, so let's get to the negatives.

Negative #1: the slightest wreck disqualifies you from the race.

as i said before, flawless mode's rule is "no wrecks allowed", which means if you wreck even once, you're disqualified from the race. that's it. you're not given any second chances whatsoever. when the opponent AI wreck, however, they don't get disqualified, which DOESN'T. MAKE. ANY. SENSE! but heck do i know? Gameloft logic.


this means that YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYTHING! everything in the race WANTS TO KILL YOU! here are some things that can kill your flawless run: head- on collisions with traffic, jumps with insufficient speed, random bugs, jumps with insufficient height, skidding, the crawlers and rocket in French Guiana and your own recklessness. in Azure Coast, however, the only things that can kill your flawless run are the traffic and your own recklessness. 

Negative #3: some flawless races show no mercy.

so, here's an example of this negative: in the most recent R&D, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS R&D, before test 50 - which is the final AI race -, tests 48 and 49 throw 2 flawless races in a row, with test 48 taking place in Iceland, the hardest race track in the game, and test 49 takes place in Dubai respectively. test 48 has that hardcore time you have to beat in the race. as if it wasn't enough, you have to get 60 quality checks and for test 49, you have to get - get this - 65 quality checks. this shows how flawless races can sometimes be AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE, specifically in an R&D. other races have loads of traffic that's hard to dodge, making them really ruthless and obnoxious.

Tips and Tricks

  1.  master the race track you're about to race in a flawless race without it being in flawless mode.
  2. use 90-95% of your skills for less chances of wrecking.
  3.  avoid things that would normally help you.
  4. always dodge the traffic, no matter what direction it faces.
  5. if you feel like you're about to mess up, simply restart the race.
  6. sometimes, you have to take risks to win.
  7. some of the shortcuts can help you avoid traffic easily.
  8. never let the defeat get to you. always try hard.


all in all, flawless races are a real challenge for all of us, but if you master them, you'll almost never lose. there are more negatives than positives, sure, but mastering the flawless mode will make the game even easier and less stressing for you... and make those negatives go away.

and that's the end of my very first blog. i hope it helps the whole community understand what flawless races are all about. good luck, fellow racers.


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