it's been a few days since i tackled Drift gate mode. now it's time for Infected mode.

What is Infected mode?

Infected mode is a classic race, but with an extra: at the first 10 seconds of the race, the racer in last place gets infected and if the virus overloads, they'll blow up. in Asphalt Extreme, however, you instantly turn back to normal but with the nitro being depleted to 0%. they can prevent that by spreading the virus and by collecting nitro power-ups. just like in classic mode, all you have to do is finish in first place. simple as that.

Infection process.

once the race begins, after the first 10 seconds, the racer in last place gets infected and has 30 seconds before the virus overloads. knocking down your opponents and spreading the virus give you 10 extra seconds. knocking down an already infected opponent gives you 5 seconds. Orange nitro power-ups give you 2 seconds and Blue nitro power-ups give you 1 second.

this is the only game mode that has a neutral point, so let's get to the positives, negatives and the neutral point.

Positve #1: average level of mastery.

it's basically a game mode that beginners and pros can master. it only takes an average player to get the hang of this mode.

Positive #2: it's a really sick experience( no pun intended).

not gonna lie. surviving a zombie apocalypse, ashpalt style, can be really satisfying for a lot of people. some people, however, will get frustrated over how often the virus will try to spread on them.

now it's time to get to the neutral pont.

Neutral point: being infected is a bless AND a curse.

if you don't know what i'm talking about, let me explain. if you get infected, it's a bless and a curse at the same time. a bless, because you get infinite nitro and double the nitro power-or 50% with nitro reliant cars, like the Ford F-150- and it's a curse, because, in Asphalt 8, if the timer runs out, you wreck. in Asphalt Extreme, however, the virus dies and you're back to normal instantly, but your nitro depletes to 0%.

and that's it for the neutral point. let's get to the negative.

Negative: Infection Overload. JUST infection overload.

being infected can be a real problem, because if the timer runs out, you wreck. and if you're close to winning and you wreck at the last moment because of an infection overload, good luck making a comeback.


avoid being infected at all costs.


Asphalt Extreme's infected mode is 100 times better than in Asphalt 8 and 100 times more fun. still, like it or not, Infected mode is definitely a great mode to go through.............. unless it's an R&D or an EDD.

until next time.


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