It's finally time to end the Gameloft riot arc with a reference to the final mission of the same name from GTA San Andreas. We've come a long way since August 2017.

This is the final episode of "Multi-universe stories", which dates after TF2014's official retirement. Enjoy. Or not. Not like i care.

Me: hey, Hanna!>:I

Hanna: what's up, Azelfland?πŸ™‚

Me: it's time to deal with TweakRacer.>:)

Hanna: yeah. Let's go.>:)

Me: team Azelfland is taking this fat fool down!>:)

On the way to TweakRacer's crack palace

Me: are you sure he's in the east of Paris?😐

Hanna: he's in a crack palace that's a hundred metres away from the Arc of Triumph.😐

Me: he's as good as dead, then.>:)

Hanna: i just can't believe you're going to end this with the car that started this riot.😐

My Jaguar C-X75: hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.:P

Hanna: so, this is it, huh? Team Azelfland sorting s**t out.😐

Me: yep.😐

Hanna: nervous?😐

Me: yeah.😐

Hanna: me too. Me too.πŸ™‚

Near TweakRacer's crack palace

Me: listen. I know you're in for this, but i have to go in there alone.😐

Hanna: huh?! Why?!😐

Me: TweakRacer tricked me. Vincent tricked me.😐

Hanna: they tricked us all.😞

Me: and you're right. I WAS a coward when cars like the i8 and the Preliator needed me the most. Hey, P1 boy left because of the mess these two caused. This one is for him. For our friends. And for you, Hanna.😐

Hanna: for team Azelfland, baby.πŸ™‚

Me: yeah. For team Azelfland. And hey, if you need me, you know where i'll be.πŸ™‚

Hanna: i know. You've always been there for us.πŸ™‚

One raid later, in TweakRacer's room

Me: hey, TweakRacer!😑

TweakRacer: hey, Azelfland. I was wondering when you'd show up.πŸ™‚

Me: how did you know it was me?😑

TweakRacer: i knew it was my old friend Azelfland. Knew that he was coming and that i don't give a s**t.πŸ˜‹

Me: I'm here to take care of your fat ass. Then i'm gonna take care of all your friends from Vivendi. Where are they?!😑

TweakRacer: man, f**k this s**t! *Hits the bong* man, that's some good s**t.😁

Me: man, you and Vincen-

TweakRacer: man, f**k Vincent. And f**k his CJ rip-off. And f**k Gameloft, man! All that is old s**t! Look at you, you got the whole world! I don't have any regrets, man!😑

Me: but Tweak, y-

TweakRacer: I MADE IT, AZELFLAND! I'M A SUCCESS!! I CAN'T BE TOUCHED!! I don't give a f**k. F**k the whole world!😑

Me: what happened to you?😞

TweakRacer: maaaaaan, what the f**k do you care?! Oh, i guess we better do this s**t, then!😑 *Pulls out his shotgun from the safe*

Me: are you seriously wearing body armour, Tweak? Man, I'm disappointed in you. I thought you were gangsta.😞

TweakRacer: hey, i'm a motherf***ing celebrity! All kind of crazy cats want a piece of me. SOMEBODY SAVE THE TWEAK!!😬

One epic confrontation later

Me: hey, Tweak, what made you flip out like that, man? Was it the drugs or what?😞

TweakRacer (dying): i got caught up in the money...... *Cough* the power....... I don't give a s**t......... Oh, f**k man.......... *Cough cough* X_X

Me: then why didn't you just quit? We were like a family, man.😞

TweakRacer (dying): i had no choice. I had to do it....... I just see the opportunity.......... *Cough cough* oh, when i'm gone, everyone is gonna remember my name.......... TweakRacer.........X_X *dies from his last breath*

Me: ........... Damn!............ What a waste...😞

Vincent: *comes in* Azelfland, my man! I need you to do me another favour. You killed Johnes and now THIS fat f**k?! There's no stopping you! Put out your fire and electricity.>:)

Me: you're not leaving out of here alive, man!😑

Vincent: where's Hanna at? Huh?>:I

Me: why didn't you just shoot me in the back? Feeling exposed? Huh?😑

Vincent: just shut up and load the bag. *Rolls the suitcase towards Azelfland* come on, let's go. I don't have time to mess with you.>:I

Me (loading the suitcase): so, how does it feel, Vincent? All alone, no one got your back. Sucks, doesn't it?:P

Vincent: why do you think I'm alone? I got a couple of rookies outside. But I'll need to slowly open their eyes. You know, a little truth here, a little truth there. All right, screw it. That's enough. Chug it over. I've got a firetruck to catch.>:)

Me: *rolls the suitcase back to Vincent* you're crazy, man. Lost it........ Gone.😐

Vincent: half of the world is looking for Vivendi goons to kill, Azelfland. And I'm not about to get dragged out of my Centenario and get beaten to death by some angry mob. No, no. Not tonight.>:I

Me: what are you catching? A plane?😐

Vincent: DING DING DING DING DING!! Good answer, Azelfland! You know, you'll be thanking me one day for opening your f***ing eyes. OH, i ALMOST forgot, Azelfland! *Loads up his shotgun* time to die.😈

Me: um, HANNA!!😬

Vincent: *turns around* wha-?! MOTHERF- *shoots twice and misses both shots* it ain't over, Azelfland! It ain't over!>:I

On the third floor

Vincent: AZELFLAND, YOU MOTHERF***ING PIECE OF S**T GANGBANGING C***SUCKER!!😠 *leaves the place to burn*

One epic escape later

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: ARE YOU OKAY?! WHAT HAPPENED?!😬

Me: I'm okay. Why are you here?😐

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: well, the C-X75 left for your garage, so i got his back. We started this adventure together and we will end it together.😐

Me: okay.😐

Vincent: *gets in the firetruck*


Me: HANNA! NO!😬 *gets in the Sesto Elemento and chases after the firetruck*

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: HANG ON, HANNA!!😬


In the alleyways

Hanna: Azelfland, do something!😬


On the highway

Hanna: *dodges an oncoming truck* man, that was a close call! I ain't letting this bastard go!😑

Vivendi goon: *Stomps Hanna's fingers* let go, you dumb bastard!😑

Hanna: f**k you, pig! Ow, my fingers!>_<

Me: get close, Sesto Elemento! Hanna is losing her grip.>:I

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: you got it!>:I

Me: *catches Hanna* gotcha!>:I

Hanna: my hero.😚

Black Betty by Spiderbait plays on the background for the rest of the chase

Me: take the wheel. It's payback time.>:I

Hanna: motherf***ers! Take that pig bastard down!😑

Me: *proceeds to throw a fireball on the Vivendi goon*

Hanna: the firetruck is indestructible. We won't be able to damage it. Watch our six! Cops on our tail!>:I

On the streets of Paris

Hanna: Don't worry, Azelfland. I'll focus on keeping up with Vincent. You focus on dealing with the cops and the rioters.>:I

Me: *keeps throwing fireballs and balls of electricity to the enforcers*

Hanna: some rioters are throwing s**t from the buildings! Look out, Azelfland. Watch our six! Some rioters are after us on bikes!>:I

In the alleyways (again)

Hanna: cops up ahead! Where did all these assholes come from?!😑

Me (dealing with the enforcers and the rioters): down in flames! DOWN IN FLAMES!!>:D

Hanna: that's my boyfriend!>:D

On the way to Azelfland's original garage

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: it's over, Bollore! OVER! WE'RE GONNA STOP YOU, MOTHERF***ER!😑

Vincent (slowly losing control of his firetruck): ..................😬

Hanna: he's losing control!>:)

Me: we got the motherf***er!>:)

Vincent: *completely loses control of the firetruck, resulting in rolling it over and injuring him severly*

Near Azelfland's garage

Vincent (dying): *struggles to get out of the firetruck* come on, assholes.......... I'll take you all........ You're mine! MINE! I run this wo- *cough cough* orld............ HEY! Over here...... HEY! Officer down, come on...... Hey...... *Cough cough* *falls to the ground* ........... Assholes........ You NEVER understood what i did.......... Fifty of me.......... And this world would be okay........ *Cough cough* .......... I took the trash out! I DID!....... And i'd do it....... All again.......... *Cough cough* X_X *dies from the aftermath*

Me (about to fry Vincent): ............😑

Hanna: don't. Don't do it, Azelfland. He's gone.😐

Me: * puts out his fire and electricity* i wanted to make sure it's over. That's all.>:I

Hanna: it's cool. No need to fry him. He killed himself in a car accident. No one to blame. Let's roll.😐

The truth: i mean, far out, man! I mean, you beat the system! I tried for thirty years to cross over but you managed it! I mean, man, you're an icon, man!😁

Me: oh. Thanks.πŸ™‚

Loraine: I'm just glad it's finally over.😐

Hanna: so what's up with TweakRacer?😐

Me: you know what's up with TweakRacer. He always saw things a little different than us.:P

Loraine: TWEAK?! Tweak was ALWAYS on his own, ALWAYS out for self!😑

The truth: that is the surest path to hell, man........ Well, that or fifteen microdots and an ounce of Mescaline.:P

Silver Azelfland: how about we go get something to eat?πŸ™‚

Hanna: sounds good to me.πŸ™‚

Me: *approaches Vincent's dead body* see you around....... Vincent.>:)

Back at Azelfland's garage

Me: hey, now that everything is cool, we gotta be on top of our game. Keep everything in check, see what's up.πŸ™‚

Loraine: we got problems in Rome, problems in Barcelona. S**t never ends.😐

Hanna: sure. I mean, the racing scene is back on its feet, but we gotta watch our backs. Cause a lot of people are keeping their eyes on us.>:I

???: *Comes in*

Everyone: *pulls out their weapons*

Matt: WHOA-WHOA-WHOA! I come in peace with mister Dogg here, who has an announcement.😬

Madd Dogg: my....... I mean our. First. Gold. RECORD!😁

Everyone: *cheers*

Maccer: AND I've decided to get breast implants!😁

Kent Paul: oh, shut up, will ya?!😑

Silver Azelfland: you're crazy.πŸ™„

Me: anyway, what's next?πŸ™‚

Loraine: we should hit the race tracks again!😁

Hanna: nah, we need to take care of s**t here first.πŸ™‚

Madd Dogg: we're going on tour, fam!😁

Matt: does anyone have a tissue? My nose..... It.... It just won't stop running. Anyone?😐

Maccer: yeah. I have. Over there!😁

Matt: I'll pass.😐

Hanna: hey, Azelfland. Where are you going?😐

Me: I'm gonna go hit the block. See what's happening.πŸ™‚

Outside of Azelfland's garage

TF2014 (on the phone): so, how'd it go?πŸ™‚

Me: it's done. Vincent is finally dead.πŸ™‚

TF2014 (on the phone): glad to hear you guys are okay.πŸ™‚

Me: well, i know you won't come back to the racing scene, but i'll continue my Motorsport career. Now that it's back on its feet, i no longer need to worry about anyone ruining my fun.😁

TF2014 (on the phone): but what if a new threat comes?😐

Me: we'll be ready. No worries.πŸ™‚

TF2014 (on the phone): you know, after this riot, it's gonna take a long time till everyday life in the world goes back to normal.😐

Me: i know. But hey, you can visit us anytime you want. Anytime you want to relax with us, let me know.πŸ™‚

TF2014 (on the phone): same here. I'll see you around.πŸ™‚

Me: see you later, bud.πŸ™‚ *Hangs up*

At the original Vivendi HQ

Me (in my dark form): for far too long have i let Earth be threatened. Time and again, we've protected it from anyone who dared defile it. But what have we gained from this pointless riot? More intrigue. More senseless violence. As the leader of team Azelfland, heed me. No longer will we simply defend Earth. We will seek out and eliminate anyone who dares threaten it, no mercy shown, no quarter given. *Drops Vincent's severed head and Anais' severed head to the ground* Vincent and Anais have always avoided their fate and cheated death. But now that their fates are sealed, it's only a matter of days before Vivendi goes bankrupt. (Turning back to normal) there are fates worse than death.😑 *Teleports away*

All Vivendi goons (looking at Vincent's severed head and Anais' severed head): ................😞

Meanwhile, back at the ruins of TweakRacer's crack palace (like you didn't see it coming)

???: Tweak, Nuke, it's not over yet. I'll make sure Azelfland and his friends suffer like i did. You may rest in peace now, my friends.>:I

The end. The adventure continues on DeviantArt, Real Racing 3, The Crew 2 and PokΓ©mon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness.

And now it's time for round 2. The blooper reel for the entire series!

Co-director: action!:P

My Porsche Cayman GT4: um......... I forgot my lines.😐

Everyone: *laughs*


Co-director: rolling.πŸ™‚

Hanna: well, i heard about your crashing skills.😁

Me: my what?😐

Both: *laugh*

Co-director: cut!😐


Co-director: action!:P

Anthony José: wait, why are you introducing me in the 718 Boxster S' championship again?😐

Me: oh my god, dude. Can't believe you forgot!🀣


TweakRacer: wait. Why am i the main villain? Isn't Vincent the main villain during those events?😐

Everyone: *laughs*


My Falcon F7: AREA RESTRICTED. ALL NOOB INTR- okay, seriously. Who wrote this script?!😑

Me: what? I thought a reference to Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time would be nice.😁

Feuerrm: seriously?🀣

Everyone: *laughs*


Richard Epcar (as Vincent): i must consult with Azelfland.exe.:P

TheHawtDawg1: um, that wasn't the line. You know you're supposed to be a villain that wants to prevent us from winning the cars.😐

Everyone: *laughs*

Me: good one. Mortal Kombat memes for days.🀣


Co-director: action!:P

TheHawtDawg1: hm? *Picks up the phone* hello? Mom! I told you not to call me! We're making a new episode of our series here!😑

Hanna: ugh.......... CUT!!!!😑



Me: dude. I'm the director here. Sheesh.πŸ™„

Audi R8 tyke: that is savage!😁



Me: whoa, dude. Chill. It's only until we find out in the plot.😬

Cyril (as TweakRacer): and i thought identity theft was going to be his thing in those episodes. HE HAS A WIFE!😑

Me: i didn't know, okay? Just go along with it.😬

Cyril (as TweakRacer): fine.πŸ™„


Co-director: rolling.πŸ™‚

Loraine: wait, what are we doing here again?😐

Silver Azelfland: we were actually trying to escape the VVS.

Me: CUT!πŸ™„


My BMW M2: are we seriously making a "i'm you but stronger" joke?πŸ˜’

Me: yeah. What's wrong with that?😑

BMW M2: nothing. Carry on. ._.


Aris Cheese God: wait. The script says "TweakRacer joins Azelfland only to betray him at some point". Why's that?😐

Feuerrm: plot armour, i guess.😐


Shadow Azelfland (making his Mortal Kombat announcer impression): FINISH HIM!>:)

Mario: what?! But he's-a gonna die!😬

Shadow Azelfland: oh, come on Mario! It's just a mannequin with fake blood on it! TweakRacer doesn't really die. We're just going to "kill" a mannequin.πŸ™„

Luigi: oh. For a second, i thought someone would-a really die.😁

Me: well, with that screw up, we gotta redo the scene. Cut!😐


Co-director: action!:P

Porsche Cayman GT4: i...... Forgot my lines. Again.😐

Me: it was supposed to be a flashback, man! Are you serious?🀣

Everyone: *laughs*


Me: action!:P

Norman Choi: IT'S THE END OF HUMANITY! RUUUUN!!!😬 *Faceplants to the wall*

Sonic: good choice of hiding, i guess!😁

Co-director: CUT!😐


Me: action!:P

David Croft (as the announcer): this is it, folks! The final Grand Finale of the X2 champions- wait a minute, this isn't Formula 1.😐

Co-director: cut!😐


Co-director: action!:P

Hanna: okay, i'm just gonna s-

Cyril: BOO!>:D

Hanna: AAAAAHHHH!!!😱

Diana: you should've seen your face!🀣

Me: CUT!πŸ™„


My Aston Martin Vulcan: I AM THE ASTON MARTIN V-

My Toyota Supra (off-screen): *hysterical laughing and wheezing* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!🀣

Co-director: cut!😐


Co-director: rolling!πŸ™‚

TweakRacer: okay. It was Big Poppa.😞

Me: Big Poppa?! The drug dealer?! Man......... YOU GAVE MY MULT- *laughs for no reason* oh my god, i can't believe this.🀣

Everyone: *laughs*


Patrick Seitz (as Kazuya Mishima): not to mention..... Um...... What did the VVS do again?😐

Bowser: i forgot too.😐

Everyone: *laughs*


TweakRacer: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! FINE! FORGET GAMELOFT!!! I'LL J- *falls to the ground face first* ow.X_X

Feuerrm: is he okay?😐

Me: hey, prop guy!😑

Prop guy: my bad.:P


Dr. Eggman: THIS IS BLASPHEMY!! THIS IS- *gets zapped and passes out*

Luigi: heh. Don't-a expect me to give-a you CPR.πŸ˜‹


Bowser: "the VVS plans to wipe out all of Venice except for the ones in the Goldman building"? What kind of episode plot is this?😐

Entity303: i dunno, man. But it's best to go along with it.😐


Co-director: action!:P

Mario: oh, god! Are we gonna kill Herobrine?!😬

Cyril: again, it's a mannequin.πŸ™„

Me: cut!😐


Jskylinegtr: *bumps into the door* ow.X_X

Me: did someone lock the door?😐

Jskylinegtr: can someone unlock the door so we can do the scene?😐

Cynthia: i got it.😐 *Unlocks the door*

Jskylinegtr: thank you.πŸ™‚

Me: okay. Time to redo the scene. CUT!😐


Lewis Hamilton: wait, so you want me to act as a rip-off of myself who's arrogant, only wants to be a winner and is a sore loser?😐

Me: pretty much. That's how Clarence Bishop the third acts in The Crew 2.πŸ™‚

Lewis Hamilton: fair enough. There were times some people were sore losers.πŸ™‚

Me: just like you did in this year's Austrian Grand Prix?😁

The crowd (from the SIKE! that's the wrong number! Video): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!:D


Me: this is the part where you die from the electricity.>:I

An amateur (as one of the Vivendi goons): *pretends to die from the electricity*

Me: where do you get these guys?!😑

Co-director: cut!😐


Co-director: action!:P

Me: hey, TweakRacer!😑

TweakRacer: hey, Azelfland. Wanna hit the bong?😁

Me: are you high or something?😐

TweakRacer: damn it! I said the wrong line! Again.😐

Me: CUT!😐

Shelby: everyone take five.😐

The end of the blooper reel

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