with the global release of Asphalt 9, people went nuts and made it the talk of the town in the community. so, i thought of making a review of what i think of this game.

so, here is my review of Asphalt 9. keep in mind these are STRICTLY my opinions and your opinions can be different from mine. everyone is free to tell me of their opinions on this game and that includes Tweak and Nuke on that rule. one rule i should also add is this: no dissing Gameloft. i won't have that. ALSO, respecting my opinions is a must.

got it? good. now let's get to it.

The cars.

while the car roster isn't as big as that of Asphalt 8 -which makes sense, since Asphalt 8 has been around for 5 years-, it's actually really cool.

we have 49 cars to choose from. which is 2 cars more than Asphalt 8's global release. and all of their stats are more based on their real life stats than arcade-like stats. which is kinda like the Forza Motorsport series and the Forza Horizon series.

we have some new additions to the main series and these were cars we wanted to have in Asphalt 8 VERY BADLY! the Chiron, the Regera, the FXX K, the Centenario, the 488 GTB and more. there are also some unexpected additions, like the Cadillac Cien, which was in Gran Turismo 4, the Exotic Rides W70 and the Pininfarina H2 Speed.

there are also cars that come back from Asphalt 8. the LaFerrari, the Lancer Evolution X, the Hommage, the Aventador SV, the Asterion, the Egoista, the Evora Sport 410, the Huayra BC, the 918, which is now the regular 918 instead of the Weissach Package version in Asphalt 8, the Corvette Grand Sport, the P1. even the Vulcan comes back.

now, they also have their problems. the fuel system, which is how many times you can use the cars until they get refueled. this can be kind of devestating for many players, because it's kind of like the Elite system in Asphalt 8.

another problem i could mention -which i'm fine with but many people hate- is the bluepirnt system. i know a lot of people prefer buying the cars instead of waiting forever to get blueprints, but it is what it is. in Asphalt 8, some cars can be obtained with that method. in Asphalt 9, however, that's going to make you say: "oh my god, this is Need For Speed No Limits all over again.".

The music.

it isn't an Asphalt game if it doesn't have some really cool music. while the music selection is strange, it's amazing. bonus points to those who can recognize one of the soundtracks from Need For Speed Payback.

in pretty much any race, the music is also amazing! it's the kind of music one would bob their head to the beat, which is what i do. it also gives you that "it's about to go down" feeling! which is even more awesome than it already is.

The physics.

in Asphalt 8, you would have to drift on a ramp to do a flat spin. in Asphalt 9, you simply press the brake twice to make flat spins happen, which are now called 360s. 360s can also be done on the ground, which gives us that arcadey feeling. it's also great for knocking down your opponents but can also make other players angry.

for the barrel roll physics, they used the physics from Asphalt Extreme. if you played Asphalt Extreme, you might know what i'm talking about.

as for the nitro, there is a new feature. the Nitro Shockwave. now, it's not nescesarily new, because this was called Adrenaline Nitro in Asphalt 6, which made you invincible for a certain period of time. to activate it, this would require a full nitro bar and having to double tap the nitro button. this allows you to knock down your opponents and not get knocked down in multiplayer.

steering and drifting also slow you down SEVERELY! now i know what you're thinking: "well, the drifting only makes you lose a small amount of speed when doing so. and the speed is maintained when steering.". no! you lose A HUGE AMOUNT of speed while doing so. i don't know why, but whoever thought making it so that steering too hard or drifting would make you lose your speed must be trying to make it a little more realistic. and they succeeded in doing so.

The multiplayer system.

speaking of multiplayer, the multiplayer system isn't good or bad. it's the middle of the road. now, it's actually different from Asphalt 8's multiplayer system, as the matchmaking is based on the rating and not based on the rank of your car.

while i do like the difference it makes from Asphalt 8's matchmaking, the matchmaking can be good or bad depending on your skill level.

that means multiplayer tuning isn't a thing in Asphalt 9. which also means my dream came true. so, yeah. forget everthing you knew in Asphalt 8's multiplayer till now. you'll need to upgrade EVERYTHING to stand a chance in Asphalt 9's multiplayer.

also, here's every multiplayer race in a nutshell (which is Sebastian Vettel in the 2016 Spain Grand Prix):

Sebastian Vettel: if i don't avoid that, he's just going straight for my car! honestly, what are we doing? racing or ping pong?>:(

and here's Asphalt 9 multiplayer in a nutshell (which is Sebastian Vettel in the 2016 Russia Grand Prix):

Sebastian Vettel: *gets spun out of turn 3 and crashes* OH, FOR F**K'S SAKE!! WHO THE F**K?! oh, I'M OUT! crashed! somebody hit me in the f***ing rear, turn 2, and then somebody hit me in the f***ing rear again in turn 3! for f**k's sake! HONESTLY! what the f**k are we doing here?!>:(

if you didn't get the references to Sebastian Vettel's 2016 season in Formula 1, i feel sorry for you. moving on!

Career mode.

in Asphalt 9, career mode takes the difficulty up to 11. in Asphalt 8, all it would take would be a multiplayer-tuned car to win the races. Asphalt 9's career mode, however doesn't tolerate that. remember when i said you need to upgrade everything to stand a chance? well, it's the same for career mode.

this career mode, just like Asphalt 8, has brand-only races, car-specific races and races based on the car class. it also introduces country-based races. and by "country based races", i mean races that require cars from a specific country.

now, the first season of career mode is mandatory, as this is the tutorial season and teaches you the basics of the career mode of this game. you also get the Z4 for completing the first season, which means we get 2 starter cars in one game.

also, if you tap the "?" on the goals, the descriptions for the goals are really cool and funny at the same time.

The maps.

the maps in this game ARE GORGEOUS!!! the detail in every single one is amazing!! for racing on them, here are my opinions:

  • San Francisco is amazing! getting to race through the downhill streets of the city makes for some great source of adrenaline! you also get to race on a part of the Goldengate bridge, which is awesome! in one of the variants, on the uphill, there's a ramp for barrel rolls on the left and one on the right, which makes a nice little reference to The Great Wall of China in Asphalt 8.
  • Shangai is the Tokyo of Asphalt 9, but without the long straights. nuff said.
  • Scotland is the only map with rain and the rain effect on the higher graphic settings is amazing!
  • Rome at night is beautiful. you also get to race under the Colliseum, which is awesome.
  • U.S. Midwest has some twists and turns of its own. AND THERE'S TORNADOES ON THE BACKGROUND!! it would've been cool if they made it so that the tornadoes would suck you up if you get too close to them. but heck do i know? Gameloft logic.
  • The Himalayas are the Swiss Alps of Asphalt 9. heck, there's a jump that gives you a serious air time.
  • racing in a pyramid and in the old streets of Cairo never felt so good. there's even a spiral turn, which is a very nice reference to Sector 8 in Asphalt 8................... minus the drifting.

hopefully we get more maps like those.

The features.

this time around, we get clubs. now, clubs are a great way to get awesome rewards AND you get to play with other players from around the world. it's kind of like the Clan system from Clash of Clans. i know this because i played that game myself.

but to create or join a club, you'll need your own XBox account if you're a Windows player. and 50 tokens to create your very own club.

the events are also here and they're split into two categories. solo and leaderboard events. on solo events, you compete alone and you get some cool rewards. for the leaderboard events, you'll need an XBox account to gain access to those, as you compete with other players. leaderboard events in this game have the reward system of Asphalt Nitro. you get in a certain rank percentage, you get the rewards you're given of that rank percentage.

and if you want to get tokens, there are two awesome ways. the first one is the championships, which give 40 tokens for beating the 2 time limits and more tokens depending on your rank percentage. the second way is the missions, which is kind of like the achievements of this game, but a lot better. just remember that missions are a one-time deal and those get better as you complete more of them.


every game has its negatives and Asphalt 9 is no exception.

  • Audi fans will think this game sucks because there are no Audis. to me, it's more of a middle of the road thing than a negative.
  • the fuel system. just the fuel system.
  • while the club feature is well executed, the explicit system is poorly executed.
  • the blueprint system on every single car.
  • the multiplayer matchmaking can be unpredictable. especially for new players.
  • some cars are locked behind events.


overall, Asphalt 9 gets a score of 8.5 out of 10. while the game is amazing, there are some things that could be fixed. and just like Asphalt 8, Asphalt 9 is far from perfect. but it's worth giving it a chance.

end of the review.

and that's it for this review. remember, you're free to comment on what you think of this game. to each their own.

until next time.


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