every one of us has many ideas to make a game better. some ideas, however, can make a game bad, but still work well. Asphalt 8 had some great additions, like awesome cars, the decals, new tracks and many more. there are also common complaints about the Multiplayer system, the Elite Car system and the Blueprint system. sure, these were really bad, but they had their positives.

so, in this blog, i want to express some ideas of my own that are sure to bring Asphalt 8 back on its feet.

Idea #1: New cars.

every update gets 5 new cars, so i thought of some cars that can be in the game. First up is the 2017 Ford GT as an S class car, second king of the game, alongside the Vulcan, with the same stats and rank, as an EDD reward. then there is the Lamborghini Centenario,as an S class car, which would work similarly to the TRION NEMESIS, as an R&D reward. next is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, as an A class car, would work the same way with the Hommage, only better, as a championship reward. next, we have The Mazda 787B,as an S class car which would beat the TRION NEMESIS and the Lamborghini Centenario, also as a championship reward. last but not least, The Ferrari FXX-K, as the new A class king, as - you guessed it - a championship reward. if the FXX-K isn't added, then the Bugatti Chiron should replace the FXX-K and should be the new A class king instead. none of these cars will need blueprints.

Idea #2: Multiplayer 3.0

it's a merge of the old multiplayer system with the new multiplayer system. no tickets needed. players will get the chance to do a ranked match or a free race or race with their Facebook friends anytime, anywhere. it also comes with better matchmaking.

Idea #3: making the game Hacker-proof.

the idea speaks for itself. hackers won't be able to hack the game, which leads to fair gameplay.

Idea #4: improved brand filter.

all you will have to do is type one letter and the car manufacturers of the first letter you typed will be given.

Idea #5: Story Mode.

it's an idea of my own, so hear me out on this. the Story Mode will have every single EDD, R&D and Championship, all in order of introduction and without the "time-limited" restriction. all the other rules still apply. it will also include me, TheHawtDawg1, NEKON, Anthony Jose and HannaLeinH - as Hanna the Bat/Fox, my Sonic OC-, as we help the players get to the top. we'll also have Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton as guest stars on the McLaren championships. of course, there will be voice acting done by us and there will also be references from movies, anime and other games as well. the cutscenes will be animated. however, to make it difficult to unlock, the players have to unlock season 9. it will be worth it.

Idea #6: character bios.

as you saw on the previous idea, the characters mentioned above -including me- will have their own bios, so you'll get to know them better.

Idea #7:Azelfland city(new race track).

it's basically my Minecfrat creation with 2 tracks, forward and reverse directions. one that serves as the Rainbow Road of Asphalt 8 and one in an underground cave that serves as a "point A to point B" race with 3 sections. no traffic. no property damage. no nitro power-ups. it all comes down to pure skill. the "Rainbow Road" of Asphalt 8 will combine the first 3 straights and 2 90 degree turns of Tokyo, the final turn of Sector 8, the 270 degree turn of Venice, twice the double jumps of the Great Wall of China and the big jump of Barcelona. The underground cave - the "point A to point B" race - will start with a turn that leads to a big height jump - with a lava river on the gap and lavafalls on the walls- which leads to a 90 degree turn that leads to another 90 degree turn, which then leads to the 180 degree turns of the Azure coast. after that is the "DNA strand"- that's how i call it - of the French Guiana. then you get to a lava river, which looks like a dead end but a wormhole get you to the other side. then comes the spiral turn and the narrow streets of Venice, which lead to the final turn of Sector 8. after that, you get to the surface and then the finish line is after the unfinished bridge of the Nevada Desert. all that combined will make those tracks the hardest in the game. even harder than Iceland.

Idea #8: Rim customization.

just like the Decal update, only you get to choose what rims your car will have. simple as that.

Idea #9: Improved Elite Car System.

if you're tired of waiting for your Elite cars to be repaired, WORRY NO MORE! the Elite Car buff will be: no waiting times and you get to use your Elite Car as many times as you want.

Idea #10: Catch mode.

if you're unfamiliar with this mode, that's because you haven't played Asphalt Nitro( Gameloft's underrated spin-off game). in catch mode, you'll play as the Police. the objective is simple: bust every single suspect before the time runs out. in Asphalt Nitro, all you could use was the ElectroMagnetic Pulse, or EMP for short. in Asphalt 8, however, you'll get to use EMPs, roadblocks, spike strips and helicopters. just like Tag Racing, catch mode will have its own season and instead of the usual stars, you'll get rewarded with Police badges, allowing you to unlock more ways to take down the suspects faster, which are the ones i mentioned earlier. as you progress through the catch mode Season, the suspects get harder to bust. there will be 100 police badges to get. and to make it better, one of the catch mode events will be awesome for farming.

Idea #11: More music and "Favorites" option on the pause menu.

the music is great, but we need more of it. also, a "favorites" option isn't too shabby, either. when you pause the game, you'll get to register your favorite songs to the "favorites" list and register up to 15 songs as your favorites. as for the music, i seriously want some songs from Need For Speed Most Wanted and those are:

Hyper- we control

ils- Feed The Addiction

BT feat. The Roots- Tao of the Machine

basically, those are the 3 songs i want in Asphalt 8. they will be a great addition to the game.


all in all, i think these ideas are great and i'm sure they will bring Asphalt 8 back on its feet. what i want from you guys is to let me know what ideas YOU have to improve the game. if your ideas are the same as mine, that's okay.

until next time.


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