this is my first preview. normally i don't do such things, but i thought of leaking some scripts of my colaboration between me and TF2014. now here we go.

Preview 1:

Hanna: so, what is it you want to show us?:I

Me: you can open your eyes now.:)

Hanna and Loraine open their eyes


Loraine: *bursts into tears of joy* a surprise party? for our birthday?:'3

Silver Azelfland: yep. and after the Grand Finale of the Azure Coast, we'll take you to the funfair. this is our gift to you. because you're really great girls.:3

Hanna: best. birthday gift. EVER!:D

Preview 2:

Shadow Azelfland: hasta la vista, AI noob.>B)

Shelby: that was awesome! we knew you could do it!:D *kisses Shadow Azelfland in the cheek*

Shadow Azelfland: *blushes*

Flora: wait. what about that scientist?:I

Shadow Azelfland: THAT'S NONE OTHER THAN P1 BOY IN DISGUISE!>:( *unveils P1 boy's disguise*

Everyone: *gasps*

McLaren P1 boy: ah, s@#t! he figured it out!>:(

preview 3:

Shadow Azelfland: after we took down the AI at test 44, you'd make it hard for the final AI too. soooooooo, Shelby and Chica hacked into your computer -for good purposes, of course-, datamined the AI numbers and made the AI a lot easier to take down. easy victory for us.>:)

McLaren P1 boy: and i would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids!>:(

Flora: say what you will. it won't change the fact that we won. also, suck on this.>:) *gives McLaren P1 boy the middle finger*

McLaren P1 boy: WHY YOU LITTLE................... NO ONE LOVES YOU, YOU PIECE OF S@#T!>:(

Flora:  *gasps and starts crying*

Chica: NO ONE INSULTS MY SISTER AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! do you know what happens to people who dare to insult my big sister?!>:(

McLaren P1 boy: i didn't mean it. i swear.O_O

Chica: WE KICK THEM IN THE BALLS!>:( *kicks P1 boy right in the nuts*

McLaren P1 boy: *screams in pain*

Preview 4:

ThunderWolf: don't listen to what P1 boy says. you're a really great girl.:3

Flora: r-really?:'(

ThunderWolf: yeah. we're always here for you. and so am i. i'll always love you.:3

Flora: awwwwwww, thank you. i love you too, my sweetheart.:'3

ThunderWolf: *pets her hair* shhhhhhhhhh. everything's gonna be okay. don't cry. i'm here for you.:3

Preview 5:

Hanna: that's strange. normally, the funfair is lively even after 9:00 PM. what's going on?:I

TF2014's Aston Martin Vulcan: i can only assume one thing.:I

Everyone: setup!>:I

Silver Azelfland: it's none other than Vivendi.>:I

a chopper comes from above

Me: i'll drive the Huarya BC. Hanna, come with me.>:I

Hanna: on it!>:I

TF2014: i'm going with my Vulcan.>:I

Loraine: i'll drive Azelfland's Hussarya GT. Silver, you'll come too.>:I

Silver Azelfland: are you sure? because you're wearing your high-heeled mini boots and your feet might hurt f-

Loraine: JUST GET IN THE F@#$ING CAR!>:(

preview 6:

Hanna: um, Azelfland. there's Vivendi members coming for you.O_O

Me: nothing i can't handle.:)

Feuerrm: i hope so. because i recognize these cars.O_O

McLaren P1 boy: Nova, Vasilev, Holtzman, take him out!>:(

Me: oh, you've got to be kidding me!>:(

Natalia Nova: oh, look. Nobody is still trying to save the world!>:(

Mitko Vasilev: mister Azelfland, are you ready to be taken out?>:)

Holtzman: the boss of Vivendi called for a demoltion job and i'm here to deliver.>:)

the announcer: oh, this doesn't look good. we've got trouble incoming and it's headed straight for Azelfland!O_O

Me: *knocks down Nova, Vasilev and Holtzman, one by one, then gives them the Azelfland Death Stare* too easy.>:)

preview 7:

Me: um, guys! i got all of Vivendi's forces up my ass!O_O

Hanna: you heard him, guys! go go go!>:I

Udo Roth: League 73 to the rescue!:D

Faith Jones: Free Ember Militia, checkin' in!:D

the crews crush the Vivendi forces

Faith Jones: we'll be hitting those Vivendi members until they chase us down the trails!>:)

TheHawtDawg1: *comes in with the Thunder Attack and crushes the Vivendi members* BOOM! we got your back, buddy!>:D

La Catrina: Graveyard Shift checking in! we got la Vivendi members on the run from Braxton through Newhaven lake!>:)

Big Sister: this is Riot Club! we've got the Vivendi members chasing their own tails downtown. go and win that race, Big Brother! fighting!>:D

Aki Kimura: Noise Bomb coming in hot! we're tearing it up in AsphaltLand!:D

Gallo Rivera: Silver Six in the Barrio! we got the Vivendi members pinned down here and shaking in their boots! take it home, lil' Azelf!:D

Preview 8:

the boss of Vivendi: your damn failure ruined us, P1 boy. it's gonna take all i have to survive this. Vivendi is done with the streets..... and WE are done with you!>:(

McLaren P1 boy: you can't! i've worked really hard for this!O_O

the boss of Vivendi: everything you've achieved i've given you, now i'm taking it away!>:(

McLaren P1 boy: take me down and you'll burn with me! do you know how much i've got on you? ON ALL OF YOU?!O_O

the boss of Vivendi: i should've never trusted you. i won't make that mistake again.>:( *drives away*

McLaren P1 boy: *thinking* no matter. i'll take down Azelfland and his friends for what he's done to me BY MYSELF! but first, i'll have to find a way to escape this situation.>:(

and that's it for my first preview. i hope this gives you an idea of what's coming up.

until next time.


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