in my previous top 10, i talked about the worst blueprint-obtainable cars and bikes in Asphalt 8. this time, however, it's the opposite of that list. it's what you're reading right now. the best blueprint vehicles in the game.

here are the top 10 best blueprint vehicles in Asphalt 8. once again, i'll take into account the viability in TLEs, mulriplayer and their stats. let's jump right into it.

Number 10: the Pagani Huayra BC.

before i get into why i put this car on this list, here's some trivia about it. this car was named after the late Benny Caiaola, a close friend of Horracio Pagani and the first customer of the car manufacturer itself. in 2010, the late Benny Caiaola died. 6 years after he passed away, the Huayra BC was manufactured in memory of his and named after him.

now that i'm done with that, on to the car itself.

the Pagani Huayra "Benny Caiaola" is very good. it's got a great drifting, good nitro duration and a good acceleration, but the only thing that prevents it from being a king is its top speed. while it only performs best at MAX PRO in multiplayer and is useless in TLEs, it's not as useless as you might think. one could think of this as an S class McLaren 675LT, since these two have the same purpose: not the kings in any way, but their mastery challenge 15 is great for farming. and while it requires 20 legendary blueprints and a lot of V12s, it's worth your time for that grinding. which is why it's number 10. think of this as the original Pagani Huayra, but with an updated look and with upgraded stats. i was actually able to get it at MAX PRO on its R&D, considering that i had the resources. and let me tell you, switching between this car and my 675LT makes my grinding even more fun.

Number 9: the Kawasaki Z800 and the Porsche 959.

and here's the first ocassion of two vehicles being in one spot. now here are the similarities between the Z800 and the 959:

  • both cars are blueprint-obtainable.
  • they require common blueprints.
  • they have the potential to be multiplayer tuned.
  • both can be obtainable through their championships and outside of them.
  • no use in TLEs whatsoever.
  • great use in multiplayer.

now it's time for the differences between the two:

  • the Kawasaki Z800 needs 4 blueprints to be assembled, while the Porsche 959 needs 14 blueprints.
  • the 959 is nitro-reliant, despite having a top speed of 310 kilometers per hour in real life, while the Z800 is an all-around.
  • the Z800 performs best at 0-10-0-10 5050, while the 959 performs best at 0005 0505.
  • the Z800 has supercharge, while the 959 doesn't. obvious, isn't it?

and that's it for our number 9 spot.

Number 8: the Renault Alpine Celebration and the Sbarro Sparta, AKA Leonidas.

i know there's going to be someone who's going to be like: "THIS IS BLASPHEMY! THIS IS MADNESS!". so, i'll tell them this: MADNESS?! *Azelfland processing mode for 5 seconds* THIS! IS!! SBARRO SPARTA!!! i'm sorry. i couldn't resist. anyway, the two have similarities. so, here they are:

  • both perform best at MAX PRO.
  • they're blueprint-obtainable.
  • no use in multiplayer whatsoever.
  • great use in TLEs.

and here are the differences:

  • the Alpine requires 6 legendary blueprints, while the Sparta requires 16 rare blueprints. you know which one is easier to get at this point.
  • while the Sparta beats the Alpine on most tracks, due to its superior top speed and total speed, the Alpine beats the Sparta only on Sector 8, due to its superior handling.
  • the Sparta is an Elite car and the Alpine isn't. another obvious fact.
  • the Alpine is obtainable through its R&D, while the Sparta is easily obtainable through its EDD.

let's get to the number 7 spot.

Number 7: the BMW S 1000 RR.

the BMW S 1000 RR is another bike that has the potential to be multiplayer tuned. as such, it's the third best BMW in the game behind the Hommage and the M2 Special Edition, which i'll talk about later. while there are some things to be aware of, like cars knocking down motorcycles easily, this bike is one of the best bikes for multiplayer AND 1.000 times better than the Ducati Supersport S. it requires 40 common blueprints to get it. and i was actually able to get through its R&D with my MAXed and nearly PROed BMW S 1000 RR, but after the R&D, i was afraid of using the bikes because of my infamous incident with the knockdown glitch during it.

Number 6: the McLaren Mercedes-MP4-25.

the MP4-25 is known as one of the best cars for multiplayer. it has one of the greatest accelerations in the game. i'm not kidding. it really does. this car also has an excelent handling and drifting, making it a great choice for short and twisty tracks................ well, that is until we get the Rezvani Beast Alpha, which is a non-blueprint car. a tuning of 10-0-10-10 makes it an absolute monster on the short tracks. however, it's number 6 because of the absurd number of CREs needed AND the fact that it requires 30 rare blueprints. which is how i got this car.

Number 5: the Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce and the Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package.

here's the last instance of two cars in one spot. now, here are the similarities:

  • both are Elite cars.
  • they're obtainalble through their respective manufacturer-based EDDs.
  • both require 45 rare blueprints to get.
  • they're great alternatives to the Apollo IE and the McLaren X2.

and now the differences:

  • the Aventador SV has a better steering and worse drifting and triple nitro duration, while the 918 has better drifting, prior to the Motorcycles update, and a better triple nitro efficiency but worse steering.
  • the 918 is slightly slower than the Aventador SV.

that's all. on to the number 4 spot.

Number 4: the SIN R1.

the SIN R1 is one of the greatest cars to use in multiplayer. awesome drifting, good top speed, good nitro duration. what more do you want?! i guess the looks, but it's got that too. while it requires 18 legendary blueprints to get, it's worth your time, because it's an amazing car to use in multiplayer AND TLEs.

Number 3: the Arrinera Hussarya GT.

the Hussarya GT is known as one of the cars that are great in everything. while it has an inferior acceleration to the Vulcan, and while it's a V8 guzzler AND requires 20 legendary blueprints to get, the Hussarya GT, as a huge upgrade of the original Hussarya, is amazing! it's worth your time if you don't have the X2 or the Apollo IE. also, it's championship was easy.

Number 2: the BMW M2 Special Edition.

with the FOB update being one of the slightly better updates, the BMW M2 SE is the B class king........... or at least it was until it got dethroned by the Mazda RX-8 SE. but it still performs well in multiplayer, even though it got dethroned in the TLE scene. while 70 common blueprints are a lot to get, it's worth your time, considering that it's the second best B class car, as of this point. and in my opinion, Gameloft went all out to make the Fall Out Boy World Tour event amazing, despite the fact that they had to go easy on us, due to the fact that it was a new kind of event. hopefully we can get a new event like this one.

Honorable mentions.

before we assemble our number 1 pick -see what i did there?-, here are some honorable mentions.

-Holden Coupe 60. a speed demon of awesome. it requires 10 rare blueprints to get it.

-ED Design Torq. it's the acceleration king of C class. 14 rare blueprints for it.

-McLaren M14A. its London Eye race is great for farming. it needs 12 rare blueprints to get, but you'll have to deal with fully PROing it.

-McLaren MP4/8. it's the king of acceleration in the game. it needs 25 rare blueprints to get.

-Icona Vulcano V12 Hybrid. cool-looking and it's super fast. it takes 35 rare blueprints to get it.

-ONUK Sazan LM. while it's not that great, it's worth your time for that free A class upgrade. it needs the same amount of blueprints with the Icona, only they're common blueprints.

-Alfa Romeo 4C. great alternative to the RX-8. it only needs 6 rare blueprints.

-BMW M2. it's a great car, even if it's the original. 30 common blueprints for this one.

-W Motors Fenyr Supersport. it's the king of Tokyo Drifting. it requires 20 legendary bleurpints to get it.

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. like the Fenyr, but with slightly worse drifting. it also requires 20 legendary blueprints to get it.

-Suzuki Hayabusa. while it has the same problems with the S 1000 RR, it's still a great bike to use in the sub-1600s range. it requires 10 legendary blueprints to assemble.

now it's time for the number 1 spot.

Number 1: the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition.

the SLK SE was the first OG SE car. now, at first, it sucked, because its acceleration was really bad. after it got buffed from 11 to 8 seconds, however, this car became the absolute killer of multiplayer favorites on long tracks, before the SEs even became a gimmick. it's one of the hardest to get, as it requires 18 legendary blueprints, but those blueprints are NOT easy to get your hands on. if you can go through all that trouble to get this car, you got yourselves the fastest car in the game. i'm not kidding. it really is the fastest. despite the negatives, the SLK SE is awesome. and that, my friends, is why the SLK SE is number 1 on the list.

End of the top 10.

and that's it for this top 10. let me know in the comments below if i missed anything or about whether YOU got the car through blueprints or through their events.

until next time.


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