back from my 2-day break.

in one of my previous top 10s, i talked about the worst cars in Asphalt. now, as you read from the title, it's the opposite of what i talked about. which means we're gonna talk about the best cars in the game.

so, here are the top 10 best cars in Asphalt. keep in mind that i'll use facts and personal experiences for this one, but mostly facts. also, this list is as of September 6th

Number 10: the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS, AKA "the tank".

normally, i would be a Camaro hater, but in this case, i'll leave my hate aside and talk about what makes this car good. now, this car has terrible everything, but top speed. it's number 10 on this list, because there are better cars that can beat the Camaro. still, it's good for long tracks, like Azure coast or Tokyo, but if your opponents pick a twisty track, you'll have to use a lot of skill to avoid getting the low end of the stick.

Number 9: the BMW 3.0 CSL hommage, AKA "the pig".

we all see this car in multiplayer A LOT and i hate this car! Hommage hate aside, its acceleration is average, it's nitro duration could've been better and its handling is sort of...... weird. but it's top speed makes up for EVERYTHING! short, twisty tracks can be a problem, unless you pick 2 laps. but hey. it's a Vulcan competitor and it's good. now, if you didn't win it through its R&D -which i didn't, because i quit on test 48-, well, there are some cars that are better and affordable.......... if you have patience, that is. on to our number 8 spot.

Number 8: the McLaren MP4-31, AKA "Skidlaren"

now, i know what you're thinking: "HOW ON EARTH IS THIS CAR ONE OF THE BEST CARS IF IT CAN'T BEAT THE VULCAN?!". well, 7 words. mastery challenge 15 as its farming race. if you fully PRO it, which can be very hard and will take a long time, it's worth it. but BE WARNED! its mastery challenge 15 is a flawless race on Dubai. despite having the biggest payout in the game, this is a race that i highly suggest practicing. now, the MP4-31 doesn't skid as much as back when it was introduced, but the skidding is still a problem for those hardcore credit farmers. now, i don't have this car, but let's all hope that Gameloft will revive the McLaren MP4-31 championship, because i want it SO BADLY.

Number 7: the McLaren 675 LT.

now, i still don't have this car, but from what i heard, it's the best car for farming loads of credits. it's not the king in any way, but the good acceleration and good nitro duration truly make up. mastery challlenge 15 is the best for farming and it still is the best. if you can get 1.2 million credits with a lot of hard work -i know everyone can-, it's worth it. sure, it takes a bunch of V8 engines and a long time, but it's worth it.

Number 6: the McLaren Mercedes MP4-25.

just like the MP4-31, the MP4-25 will skid, but only sometimes. however, what makes this Formula 1 car great is the extreme acceleration and its awesome drifting. if you didn't get it through its championship -i'm one of those people that didn't get it-, don't worry. all you have to do is get 30 blueprints and that's it. but the only problem is that getting 30 blueprints might take a long time, unless you're lucky enough. and it's able to beat the Hommage on some of the tracks and some Vulcans, if you know how to handle it.

Number 5: the lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce and the Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package

i know that this is 2 cars in one spot, but i couldn't do otherwise. so, here's what they share in common: both cars are Elite Cars and kings of their respective brands, they both have a good top speed and perfect nitro duration, they both cost 45 blueprints to get and they have their own EDDs.

now, the differences between the 2 cars are the following:

the 918 is more nitro-reliant than the Aventador SV, but has a better triple nitro duration.

the Aventador SV has worse drifting than the 918, but has better steering.

that's all i have. another thing they share is that they're both Vulcan alternatives and they're worth it if you don't have the Vulcan.

Number 4: the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.

this car is on this list and for good reasons. it's a Vulcan competitor, it's faster than the Vulcan, but only performs well on 2-lapped races. now, as an Elite Car, this car is super fast, has an okay handling, it's acceleration is bad, but it's nitro duration is very good. now, if you haven't gotten it through its EDD -which i didn't because of the final exams in tenth grade-, worry no more, because this car is the only EDD car that happens to be available to buy. it costs a lot of tokens, but they're worth it.

Number 3: the TRION NEMESIS.

this car................ was the king of Ashpalt, but then it got shut down by the Vulcan. it was able to survive a full year of updates, but it finally got shut down. this car costs 4 million credits and has a decent top speed and nitro, it's handling is good and its acceleration is OFF THE CHARTS. yep, it was the king of acceleration, until the MP4/8 took that title. now, it's a Vulcan alternative. and sure, it costs a load of Forced-induction V8s to PRO, but it's worth those engines. however, even if it's no longer the king, Anthony Jose is the only one to show that it can beat some Vulcans with his skills.

Number 2: the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition.

Special Edition? more like NIGHTMARE EDITION! now, here are the 3 reasons people think it should be renamed to Nightmare Edition: one, any car at rank under 1400 will get matched with this one. two, if you MAX PRO it, it's an absolute nightmare to control. and three, it takes 18 blueprints, but will take FOREVER to get this car, which is also a problem for me, since i don't have this car. however, there are some positives. now, this car, if you fully upgrade anything top speed-related, this car IS A ROCKET! yet, this car is the fastest in the game. but there are 3 problems. one, its 8-second acceleration. without using the nitro, it takes forever to reach its top speed. two, its handling. now, small cars handle very well, but this car, despite being small, its handling is absolute crap. and three. the nitro duration. if you intend to use it in multiplayer, ALWAYS USE AN EXTRA TANK! its nitro duration sucks. and remember what i said about it taking too long to reach its top speed? yeah.

also,fun fact. the Special Edition of this car wasn't made by Mercedes-Benz. it was actually Gameloft that made this car. pretty sure Gameloft must really like A class cars for that reason.

Honorable mentions.

before we get to our number 1 pick -which will be really obvious-, here are some honorable mentions.

-Mazda RX-8. this car is the D class king for a year and a half. now, i'm not sure if it will stay as a D class king, but i'm pretty sure a lot of people want this car to be dethroned. still, it's worth the 1.100 tokens.

-Sbarro Sparta. this car is new, but it's the OG C class king for a good reason. and if you haven't gotten it through its EDD, i feel sorry for you.

-Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. it's a Hommage alternative, but it's really cool. 175.000 credits are definitely worth your time.

-McLaren P1. now, this one has some good stuff going on. sure, it costs 475.000 credits, but it's cheap to MAX PRO.

Mercedes-AMG GT3. this is the B class king of awesome. now, while it may be good, its handling is kind of sloppy.

-Ferrari 330 P4. this is one of the few and the first of A class cars that's able to compete with S class cars. that's how good it is. also, OLD SCHOOL FOR THE WIN!

-Devel Sixteen Prototype. now, this car, just like the SLK 55 Special Edition, is an uncontrolable rocket, only it has a fake speed. if it had a 100% speed modifier, it would be more uncontrolable than it already is. it was the king when it comes to long tracks, but now it's the S class king on long tracks. it may cost 14.500 tokens, but it's sort of worth it.

now, it's time for our number 1 spot, which........... you already know which one it is.

Number 1: the Aston Martin Vulcan.

yep. i mentioned this car in my list a bunch of times and i made it too obvious. this car is the best car in the game, no matter how you tune it. it's got the speed of a Camaro, the acceleration of the Egoista, the drifting of the Fenyr and the nitro duration of the P1. put all those in one car and you get the best car to appear in Asphalt. it's every Asphalt player's dream to get the Vulcan and the road sure is long. but Gameloft made a car worth spending those tokens. it costs 14.250 credits to get the car, but we don't care. it kicks some serious butt. if we get a future update, where the Vulcan gets a 100% speed modifier, it would be so fast, that it would be unstoppable, no matter what.

we also have a number 0 spot. there's something better than the Vulcan. it's.................. THE DART!..............THE ALMIGHTY. KING. DODGE. DAAAAAAAA- i'm just kidding. the Vulcan is still the best car in the game.

End of the top 10.

and that's it for our top 10. i hope this list helps you understand how cool these cars are.

until next time.


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