we all know that in the Asphalt franchise, the race tracks are mostly real life locations, like Dubai or Iceland. with the making of Asphalt 9 coming, i thought it would be a good time to predict what locations will make it to the franchise's new installment and Asphalt 8 itself..... if Gameloft releases a new update, that is.

so, here are my top 10 Locations i want in Asphalt 8 and 9. as usual, keep in mind that these are striclty my opinions and predictions.

Number 10: Iceland in Asphalt 9.

we all know Iceland made it to a few games of the franchise and it would make sense to bring it in Asphalt 9. in Asphalt 8, we all know Iceland is the hardest race track in the game and not many people like it, BUT if Gameloft brings it back, i want it to be shorter, with many turns, just so it can at least provide a bit of challenge. but i put it on number 10, because i doubt it will ever happen.

Number 9: Patagonia in Asphalt 9.

Patagonia is the newest location in the franchise and it was added at the Lunar update of Asphalt 8. now, if they bring it back in Asphalt 9, i want it to be just as good as Patagonia in Asphalt 8. let's hope Gameloft won't disappoint us. they made a great job making this race track awesome

Number 8: Moscow, Russia in Asphalt 8.

and here's the first entry on this list that i predict it will be in Asphalt 8. Moscow would be a great race track. now, to make it unique and harder, what if, when you crash the traffic from behind, you wreck? that would be great to make an "in Soviet Russia" joke come true. as for the challenge itself, it will have turns from the Azure Coast and the Nevada desert. and a few long straights.

in Soviet Russia, car crashes behind you and survives........ Da.

Number 7:Tokyo in Asphalt 9.

this one is another race track that made it to the franchise...... a lot of times. just like Iceland, i would want Tokyo to have a lot of turns, so it can provide some challenge. i don't need to explain any further.

Number 6: Munich, Germany in Asphalt 8.

this race track would also be great for Asphalt 8. it will start off like Tokyo of Asphalt 8 and will have the narrow streets of Venice and lots of turns. a unique gimmick of the track would be barrels with beer inside them. if you destroy the barrels, the beer will end up on the in-game screen as foam, which would obscure your vision, just like the Blooper From Mario Kart. to make it go away, you'll have to wait 10 seconds OR use the nitro and fire up a perfect nitro. it can be a very challenging, but fun experience.

Number 5: the Moon in Asphalt 8 or Asphalt 9.

if you ever wanted cars in space, this is definitely a chance. this race track would be awesome for both games. No nitro power-ups, no property damage. no traffic. it all comes down to pure skill. now, on the moon, it will make it so that if a car jumps from a ramp, due to the moon being 1/6 of Earth's size, it would stay in the air longer than usual. but i doubt that will ever happen.

Number 4: Oahu, Hawaii in Asphalt 8.

Hawaii only made it in one game and it was Asphalt 7. if it were to make an absolute comeback in Asphalt 8, i would make it a combination of London, Barcelona and the Nevada Desert. it would be REALLY AWESOME! there's nothing else i have to say.

Number 3: Sector 9 in Asphalt 9.

Sector 8 is the only race track in the franchise that's scientifically fictional, even though it takes place in the Bermuda triangle. now, it would make sense for Gameloft to bring it back, only it would be named Sector NEIN instead(see what i did there?). let's just hope it won't be based on a Mario Kart race track, like Sector 8.

Number 2: Athens, Greece in Asphalt 8 or Asphalt 9.

being Greek myself, i would love Athens to make it in any of the two games. it woud start at the House Of Parliament and work the same way with Patagonia, Tenerife(except without the big jumps) and Area 51. though i doubt Athens will be in the games, considering there are other locations that deserve a chance.

there are no Honorable mentions this time, so let's get straight to the number 1 spot.

Number 1: Paris, France in Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9.

this location would be perfect for both Asphalt 8 and 9. i would say it would be awesome if there were Gameloft references everywhere, like Tokyo. one reference i want would be a billboard advertising "Dispecable Me: Minion Rush"(Gameloft's response to "Subway Surfers"). it would be amazing. oh, and going through the Louvre would be cool and jumping inside the Eiffel tower with the Gameloft badge on it being a "city havoc" obstacle would be absolutely awesome. it would be AMAZING!!!!! if Gameloft makes all this, my life will be complete!

End of the top 10.

so, those are the top 10 race tracks i want for Asphalt 8 and 9. let me know what real life locations YOU think will make it both in Asphalt 8 or Asphalt 9.

until next time.


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