now it's time for a good old top 5.

the cars and motorcycles in Asphalt are really cool. but there are some cars or motorcycles that might or might not surprise you, depending on how well you know them and in which game you saw those vehicles and those cars and motorcycles you will see on this list are the ones that made me think: " i knew it was too good to be true.".

so here are the top 5 vehicles i didn't expect in Aspahlt 8. keep in mind that this list is 100% opinionated. let's get right to it.

Number 5: the 2015 GTA Spano.

now, the first time i saw this car was back when i was THE KING!!! OF CSR RACING!!!....... okay, sorry. i couldn't resist. anyway, when i first saw this car, i thought: "wait a minute. isn't this GTA Spano supposed to be the one i saw in Asphalt 8?" and i thought that it was the original GTA Spano, but when i saw it in this game, i was confused. and that's why the 4000 dollar car that we know deserves the number 5 spot.

Number 4: the McLaren M14A.

i could put this car alongside the MP4-25, but this one is more unexpected. now, when i first saw this car, i was at a 50-50 state. and by "50-50 state", i meant that i was confused and shocked at the same time. sure, Gameloft has the rights to add some of the McLaren cars in the game, but a formula 1 that no-one knows about sounds downright confusing. but hey. even if one doesn't have this car, you can still get it by getting 14 blueprints. and can i say that going through a race with a formula 1 from the 70s is really cool? that's how much i like this formula 1 car............. even though i don't have this car.

Number 3: the Suzuki Hayabusa, AKA "the Falcon 2.0"

this is the only motorcycle in the list, so i'll get straight to why i put it on this list. when the official motorcycles update article was published on this very wiki, i saw it, clicked it, but then when i saw the list of motorcycles, i was disappointed with the fact that the Hayabusa wouldn't be in the game. later, when Anthony Jose uploaded a video about the new cars and motorcycles in the game, I WAS LEGITIMATELY SHOCKED AND HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME! for once, Gameloft answered my prayers! and you bet that once its R&D is released, i'll go for that motorcycle. it's also because i saw one of those in real life.

Number 2: the Mercedes-benz SLR McLaren 722 edition.

this car is number 2 on this list, but for a different reason: my childhood. sure there are some games, like Need For Speed Most Wanted and CSR racing that have the regular SLR McLaren, BUT AN SLR MCLAREN THAT HAPPENS TO BE A CONVERTIBLE?! i was legitimately shcoked and happy at the same time, because Gameloft revived our childhood car in an awesome way............... for most of us, that is. still, i won the car through its EDD, and it's fun to drive.

and now, it's time for our number 1 spot.

Number 1: the GT by Citroen.

here it is. in my opinion, the most unexpected car and the most unexpected out of all the vehicles to have ever been added in Asphalt 8. now, if you're a fan of the Gran Turismo franchise, like TheHawtDawg1 is, you might be familiar with this car. BECAUSE THIS CAR IS IN GRAN TURISMO! now, i would've never thought that Polyphony would give the licensing to Gameloft just like that. sure, they were fine with the VolksWagen Golf Vision, but that's a different story when it comes to licensing. because it's literally the Gran Turismo by Citroen. i thought that this car would be a Gran Turismo exclusive, but nope. the GT by Citroen is the only car that's in a racing game outside of Gran Turismo and it's a car made by Citroen in association with Polyphony, which is something only Gran Turismo fans are familiar with. again, i never thought that Polyphony would actually give the licensing of this car to Gameloft. and all that for its very own R&D. also, what you see on the spedometer is real speed. so...... yeah. at least it's really cool-looking.

end of the top 5.

and that's it for our top 5. man, they were definitely ONYX-pected (pun intended). anyway, though. let me know in the comments below what vehicles YOU think were unexpected to you.

until next time.


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