hey, everyone. as the title says, i wanted to share a new idea i got for Asphalt 8. i know it won't be in this update or any other update or even going to be a thing, but you need to hear me out on this before you comment.

without further ado, let's get to it.

The name of the idea.

the idea i came up with is none other than the Event History. nuff said.

the execution of the Event History.

now, remember those events Gameloft always launches and later on revives in every update? well, now we can act like Gameloft and revive any event we want at anytime. here's how:

  • to unlock, it would require 250 stars from Career mode, which most people already have and it's not a really steep unlock requirement.
  • this is going to be a single player thing, which means you can play it anytime.
  • it will have three different modes, which i'll explain in the next section.

the game modes of Event History.

these are the game modes you can play in the Event History.

  • single event mode: as the game mode says, you get to take on a single event.
  • single event type mode: this one allows you to take on every single event of a single type. this means that you get to take on every single event of that type.
  • all-star mode: in this one, you take on every single R&D, EDD and championship that's been released until today.

the rules of Event History.

now, a game mode has its rules and this one is no exception.

  • any events that Gameloft launches will be added to the Event History for players to revive anytime, after they expire.
  • on single event mode, after the event is completed, you won't be able to take it on for two and a half days.
  • on single event type mode, you won't be able to take on the same type of events for 5 days, once completed.
  • on all-star mode, you won't be able to take on ALL the events in that mode for 10 days, once completed.
  • no refill times on Event History, but for any events that are released outside of it, the refill time rules still apply.
  • on EDDs, you get the same rules, but without having to worry about tickets. auto-passing still applies.
  • no time limit to complete the events, but for any events that are released outside of it, the time limit rules still apply.
  • on R&Ds, it's still the same, but without the refill times. the auto-test prices still apply, though.
  • on the championships, there are no refill times, like the other two, but just like with R&Ds and EDDs, the auto-pass prices still apply.
  • however, if you complete the specific championship, you are given the choice to either conitniue getting trophies for the extra rewards or complete the championship with the trophies you collected.
  • when you exit, in any game mode in Event History, your progress is automatically saved. however, you can't quit the event, unless you complete it.
  • any cars or bikes you don't have will be rewarded once you complete the events. however, if you already have them, you'll get 25% more credits and tokens upon completion. for cars and bikes that are obtainable with blueprints, the rewards are the same.
  • the "upgrades are kept after the event is over" rule still applies.
  • the Porsche Motor Series, or PMS for short, counts as its own event category, as you'll have to race 5 events in a row in all the Porsches.
  • to make this more interesting, Gameloft still has the right to revive the events as well.


here are the positives.

  • this will be a great way to farm tokens.
  • having the ability to revive any event at anytime would be so cool.
  • you can grind the cards you need for the cars and bikes you want to PRO.


every idea has its negatives and this one is no exception.

  • some events can be token-draining, which would be really bad for our token stashes.
  • this method of token grinding and card grinding would be overpowered.
  • some events would be too easy.

end of the idea explanation.

and that's it. what other elements do you think it should have? what other positives and negatives have i missed? let me know in the comments below.

until next time.


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