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    we all know that in the Asphalt franchise, the race tracks are mostly real life locations, like Dubai or Iceland. with the making of Asphalt 9 coming, i thought it would be a good time to predict what locations will make it to the franchise's new installment and Asphalt 8 itself..... if Gameloft releases a new update, that is.

    so, here are my top 10 Locations i want in Asphalt 8 and 9. as usual, keep in mind that these are striclty my opinions and predictions.

    we all know Iceland made it to a few games of the franchise and it would make sense to bring it in Asphalt 9. in Asphalt 8, we all know Iceland is the hardest race track in the game and not many people like it, BUT if Gameloft brings it back, i want it to be shorter, with many turns, j…

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    no disclaimer this time. let's get straight to the point.

    so, i completed the Porsche 718 Boxster S championship, got the blueprints and got the Porsche 718 Boxster S after 2 hours of assembling. after that, i got all the way to challenge 13 in mastery and let me tell you, challenge 5 rewards you with 2 nitro starters and all the mastery challenges give you 32 licenses if you complete all of them. it's not a bad reward, but the mastery rewards could've been better.

    anyway, here we go! the"car dialogues" are, once again, about to begin. it's about to go down, so here goes:

    Team Azelfland arrives at the Swiss Alps

    Me: this tour gives me a feeling of Deja Vu.

    NEKON: why's that?

    Me: because i remember when the McLaren MP4/8 and i took down his champ…

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    before we begin, i would like to give a big thanks to two awesome members of the community.

    the first big thanks goes to spudanky for being with us since the time the Porsche Motor Series started. the second big thanks goes to TheGoldenThunder for two things. one, for supporting the whole community. and two, because the prank he's done on my previous "car dialogues" was very good.

    anyway, it's briefing time. i just completed Dubai yesterday and completed Tokyo after that in the Porsche 718 Boxster S championship. that means i get to combine the two tours in one episode...... again.

    so, here we go! the "car dialogues" are about to begin. again, i'm out of food ideas, but it's still about to go down. so, here goes:

      Team Azelfland arrives at Du…

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    Drift Gate mode

    July 14, 2017 by Azelfland

    i'm back with the game mode blogs. it's been a while since last time, so let's get to it.

    now, we're all familiar with how drifting physics work in Asphalt 8. if you played Need For Speed Underground 2 and Carbon, it's mostly known as drift mode where you rack up points by..... well, drifting. in Asphalt 8, however, you rack up points by drifting through gates. the more gates you drift through, the more points you get. beat the 3 top scores and you win.

    in Drift Gate mode, every time you drift through a gate, you get 100 points. drift through a second gate and you get 200 points. drift through a third gate and you get 300 points, and so on. if you miss a gate, however, your combo will break and you'll have to start the combo all over again.


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    since i talked about my favorite cars in Asphalt 8, i think it's time to talk about my least favorite cars.

    just like we have our favorite cars, we have our least favorites, possibly because of bad stats, or because of our personal experiences.

    so, here are my top 10 least favorite cars in Asphalt 8. also, keep in mind that those are strictly my opinions, so try no to get triggered.

    yup. you expected this one to be on my list, didn't you? "the boat", as every Asphalt player knows, is a really bad mastery reward. you already know it: second worst handling in the game, low top speed, bad accelertion, but very good nitro duration. however, the only reason i put it on number 10 is because it rewards you with loads of boosts on its mastery.

    oh, god…

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