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    for those who don't get the title on this "car dialogues" episode, TGW stands for "The Great Wall" and SDH stands for "San Diego Harbor".

    anyway, though. i got through the San Diego Harbor tour of the Porsche 718 Boxster S championship this morning. so, what i wanted to do was to combine two tours in one episode, just like last time.

    so, here it is! the "car dialogues" will begin now. grab your...... well, i'm out of food ideas, but it's still about to go down. so, here goes:

        Team Azelfland arrives at the great wall of China

    Me: well, the great wall of China hasn't changed one bit. still a great tourism hot spot.

    Hanna: indeed. but we're not here for sightseeing. we're here to race.

    Me: and we will race. LET'S GO, everyone!

     after the qualifi…

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  • Azelfland

    i got pretty late on that one, but it's just as promised.

    now, it's at this point where i completed the Nevada and Barcelona tours of the Porsche 718 Boxster S championship. now i got to the great wall of China in the championship and got started.

    also, spudanky, if you're reading this, you might want to check out my previous "car dialogues" just to avoid spoilers. it's awesome.... and weird at the same time.

    anyway, here it is! the car dialogues are, once again, about to begin. grab your Doritos and Mountain Dew, because it's once again about to go down. so, here goes:

    previously on "car dialogues": Hanna has transformed into her Sonic OC version of herself and now she is known as Hanna the Bat/Fox. TheHawtDawg1 gave Azelfland a flyer about t…

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  • Azelfland

    and my barrage of blogs continues with a top 10. so, here we go.

    in Asphalt 8, there's a variety of race tracks to choose from. some of us like the race tracks, because they provide us some challenge. other race tracks are cool-looking. and others have both in one. while others are just hated, because of their difficulty or because of personal experiences.

    so, here are my top 10 favorite race tracks in Asphalt 8. keep in mind that this is strictly my opinion and opinions may differ. so, let's get to the top 10.

    don't get me wrong. i like this race track, i really do, but there is a reason why i put it on number 10. and here's why. if you remember the time of the McLaren MP4-31 championship, the seventh tour was on Rio. i tried taking down the…

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  • Azelfland

    now, before we begin, read the disclaimer on my first blog edition of "car dialogues" you'll thank me later.

    as you already know, the Porsche 718 Boxster S championship has begun. i already completed the Azure Coast, the first tour of the championship.

    this will be the first of many "car dialogues" in my blog barrage. so, here we go! the car dialogues are about to begin. so, grab your tacos, because it's about to go down. so, here goes:

    just a normal day at Azelfland's garage, when all of a sudden...

    Hanna(now known as Hanna the Bat/Fox): *slams the door angrily* WHAT THE FRICK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!>:(

    Me: whoa! calm down. what's wrong?

    Hanna: the people on the street call me a weirdo. seriously, DO I LOOK LIKE A WEIRDO TO YOU?!

    Me: hmmmm...…

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  • Azelfland

    now, before we begin, this blog is a little different from the others. unlike the blogs where i tackle a certain game mode or the "car dialogues"- which is the way i entertain the community-, i decided to do something different.

    all of us Asphalt players have cars that are our favorites, because of personal experiences, or because we like the stats they have, or because we like them in real life, or because we use those cars the most in our playthroughs. OR because we want them really badly.

    so, here are my top 10 personal favorite cars of all time in Asphalt 8. this will be my first top 10, so please go easy on me. also, keep in mind that these are strictly my opinions.

    this car is my Number 1 personal favorite car of all time in real life, …

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