• BenCarter01

    okay. this is supposed to be the speeds for some multiplayer brackets that you will need to achieve to have a reliable multiplayer car. and remember, this is for REAL SPEED ONLY. NOT FAKE SPEED.

    ranks 900-990: you need to be going at least 320 kmh to be good. the Porsche 959 and the Hyundai i30 n will achieve this.

    ranks 1250-1320: you will need to go at least 370 kmh to be good. the Rinspeed zazen, McLaren m14a, Renault alpine celebration, and the Mitsubishi eclipse.

    ranks 1510-1590: you will need to go around 400-410 to be good. the McLaren mp4/8, audi r8-etron SE, Ferrari 330 p4, McLaren P1, etc.

    I hope this was useful.

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  • BenCarter01

    Cars i has

    March 10, 2019 by BenCarter01

    One of if not my favorite car is the Holden Coupe 60, which is a great car, but i accidentally overtuned. i am now working on tuning my Porsche 959, recommendations welcome. i have it at 0102 0000, but that will soon change.

    haven't spent a dime on this game yet, but it is still fun. fast lane update kinda ruined the game, but it still passes time okay.

    i am the proud owner of 93 vee-hickles at the moment, will hopefully have more in the future.

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