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  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on February 22
  • My occupation is Bank Clerk
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  • CarlRaven

    You all knew this day was coming. After 5 years of playing, since I started in September 2014, I am officially retiring from Asphalt 8.

    The end of my journey started since the 2019 Holiday Update rolled out. When I first found out about Fusion Coins prior to said update, I thought to myself that hopefully the apply prices would remain. Turns out they inflated the apply costs! As if buying tokens weren't bad enough, now I have to keep my Fusion Coin supply up to Pro Festival vehicles!

    Then the Drako GTE Festival brought along another scummy practice from GL. Putting the Festival Pass behind a paywall! Buying bundles, and now buying Premium Passes with real money? Seriously, this is way too much!

    Farming changed with the massive reduction of cr…

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  • CarlRaven

    I'm so mad about this update. Not because the Apollo IE has been dethroned as king of the game after only 1 update, but because of these things: 

    Fusing cards now gives less Fusion Points: This is the main reason why I'm so mad. Especially when Fusing BPs gives half of what they used to.

    Champion Kit Boxes in Mastery are now Advanced BP boxes: Yet another reason why, they just like taking so much away from you. 

    Graphical glitches on Android still haven't been fixed: I hate it when such a simple problem that existed two updates ago still hasn't been fixed. Although it's not game-breaking in any way, it's still an eyesore to see pre-rendered graphics in a race.

    These things, especially the first two, are almost making me want to quit. So I'm gue…

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  • CarlRaven

    The End of Elite Cars?

    April 17, 2018 by CarlRaven

    As many of you have noticed, for the past 4 updates, there were no new Elite Cars released.

    So this is what I'm guessing: Has GL pulled the plug on Elite Cars? 

    I'm guessing that many of you like this as you don't have to be connected to the Internet to use your cars.

    Now, onto a few points on why I think there are no new Elite Cars.

    Not good for farming credits or for MP: Probably their biggest downfall, as you have to tune them up after 3 or 4 races, depending on the length of the race.

    Using them in Multiplayer Time-limited events just makes it a lot harder: Waiting for fuel to refill and for the Elite Car's Tune-up to finish is just nightmarish. Perfect example would be the SLK SE MPE held last year.

    Long waiting times: Wait up to 2 h 30 min…

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  • CarlRaven

    Like many of you, I'm very critical of the Blueprints system introduced in the previous update. For many good reasons:

    Their rarity: Blueprints are quite difficult to get through random boxes, which is probably the best way to get them outside of Exclusive Deals and Assembly Cups. I've gotten common and rare Blueprints through boxes, but never Legendary. Their drop rates are way too low, even more so for the Legendary ones.

    The amount of Blueprints needed for some cars is downright crazy: You probably know which cars I'm talking about, but for those who don't: Peugeot SR1 (65), Sbarro Alcador (95), Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 (100) and of course, the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 (145). This makes them not worth getting via Blueprints if you have v…

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  • CarlRaven

    For those of you who started playing Asphalt from 8, you cannot answer these questions.

    So here's a question I've been wanting to ask for a very long time to all the active users on this Wikia: Which game brought you into the Asphalt franchise, and what were your favourite games or games?

    For me, I started playing since the very first game back in 2005: Asphalt Urban GT back on my mobile phone. I have played every single game in the mainline series up to now, and have never played any of the spinoffs.

    As for my favourite games: Those would be 6 and 7. Even those had IAPs, they were not necessary at all to finish up the game! It was also very easy to earn cash.

    Let me know your answers to these questions below. Looking forward to the what you g…

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