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You all knew this day was coming. After 5 years of playing, since I started in September 2014, I am officially retiring from Asphalt 8.

The end of my journey started since the 2019 Holiday Update rolled out. When I first found out about Fusion Coins prior to said update, I thought to myself that hopefully the apply prices would remain. Turns out they inflated the apply costs! As if buying tokens weren't bad enough, now I have to keep my Fusion Coin supply up to Pro Festival vehicles!

Then the Drako GTE Festival brought along another scummy practice from GL. Putting the Festival Pass behind a paywall! Buying bundles, and now buying Premium Passes with real money? Seriously, this is way too much!

Farming changed with the massive reduction of credit rewards in Season 9 races, so I resorted to the McLaren Legends Season for that (knowing well that it will share the same fate sooner or later). That put a downer on me playing.

Then of course, this latest update (Fifteenth Anniversary Update) changed everything forever. Overhaul of Pro Kits (for the worst mostly), Kit Cards used to Pro F1 cars (including the Ariel Atom 500 V8), changing collection rewards, and worst of all, killing farming especially in the McLaren Legends Career Season! I used the McLaren MP4-31's last race to farm credits, now that's not possible!

Goodbye A8. You will not be missed. But thanks for all the fun times I had prior to the Fast Lane Update.