Everybody who played this game for a while knows it: the game is far from being perfect, as there are some evident shortcomings which are quite (or very) annoying. Still, the authors decided not to fix them for years and for whatever reasons (not to be discussed in here). So based on my own experience (on Android), here is a list of those things one should be aware of...

General problems

  1. (!!!) Incomparable speeds of many cars (mainly from higher classes), aka the quirk called Speed Modification. So before you go for a car, better check its "real game speed" in the wiki! Also in a similar way the acceleration indicator cannot be usually trusted. UPDATE: In 2019 authors realized the non-sense and gradually remove all the fake speeds from the game!
  2. (!) No confirmation when user chooses to buy a car, an expensive car upgrade or to spend 100 tokens on activating the Double Credits booster, for example. UPDATE: This got partly fixed in about 2018 - players can activate confirmation for a selected amount of tokens spent.
  3. (!) Time-synchronization glitch resulting in losing fuel (and often also activated boosters after game restart) when one leaves the game for some time, brings it back from the background and starts a race in an event. Always restarting the game is therefore recommended after leaving it in the background for a while.
  4. A race gets started in the background (= the race is lost) when an AD pops up while the race is being loaded and one doesn't close it soon. UPDATE: This seems to be finally fixed in 2019.

R&D events

  1. (!) Next lab gets always opened at its hard-coded time, even though one unlocks a previous lab before its original start time.
  2. Missing keys are not refilled once the next lab gets opened when one finishes the last test in the previous lab and there are some proto keys left. UPDATE: In 2019 this problem no longer exists, because the keys are purely elapsed time-based now.
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