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So recently I heard from one of my friends that there is going to be an SLK 55 SE Multiplayer cup coming up, and I'd like to confirm whether this is true (Currently overseas so he's my only source of information :/).

If this is true, I'd be REALLY hyped for this cup, though I probably won't go for the top 25 (maybe top 2000), as I think a lot of beginner/mid-core players would be too. After all, the SLK SE is something of a legend in A8 as the Fastest Car Existing and the huge level of skill needed to control this thing (Especially more so as the MP cup will be in Alps according to my friend). God knows whethe I can finish the race without wrecking...

The only time I've ever driven the SLK was in my first month in A8 in the initial SLK release event (I think it was in Dragon's Den ), and I only have vague memories of that. I do remember myself thinking "Goddamit, this car is teribble... it's so hard to turn, and the top speed sucks... (The last part was probably because I didn't even manage to hit half the top speed, bumping around the walls and all that).

If this cup happens (and if I make it back to my computer before it starts) I'll be really grateful for the chance to drive it again. I've seen countless SLK SE gameplays and I never understood why it was so hard to drive. This will be a chance for me to find out... and wreck 465747 times in the process -_-

What do you guys think about a chance to drive SLK again?