The Evija Killer

As you know, most Festival cars are weak at low ranks. I used this to my advantage to make an Evija Killer, the Ford Shelby GT500.


Upgrades: [2222] [3333]

Rank: 1406

Acceleration: 3.06 s

Speed:213.5 mph

Handling: 1.211 Gs

Nitro: 13.8 mph


It is great at beating, well, Evijas. Specifically Evijas at Stage 1 upgrades as they have similar ranks to the Ford Shelby GT500, but are way slower. Even my own Evija, which is [3343] is slower. However, most other cars around the Shelby’s rank are capable of beating it, especially the Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition. It is also good at beating the Drako GTE.

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