Before the update, the EDD for the Lamborghini Aventador was normal. It was a nice thing that Gameloft did so that people who didn't have the chance to get the car could get another shot. Also, when you tapped the Enduro vehicles, you got a lot of Lamborghini's. It's like one big, happy, Lambo family reunion. It was full of bugs. Then. When the new update came. Gameloft made one of the biggest mistakes in Asphalt 8 history. They opened the doors to everyone in that poor reunion. Even the dead cars came in. Basically, you can see every car in the game EVER and update ALL OF THEM (with their required prices). Even the cars that haven't even had an event, like the Apollo Intensa Emozione, the Vencer Sarthe, and the Zenvo ST1.

I found this out when there was only a day left i
Asphalt 8 Airborne 4 14 2018 7 14 22 PM
n the event. It was a great because I could upgrade the Apollo (the future MP killer in my opinion). I even seized the opportunity to upgrade the car myself a bit. By the way. It would also need V12 engines to upgrade it via pro kits.

P.S. If any of you are editing this article to get it ready for the public, you can seize the moment too. Just go on the event, go on 'Enduro Vehicles', and find the car you are looking for. Then, go about how you usually would upgrade a car in your garage.

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