Yeah, this is how the fictional Porsche Tuning Cup should go...

Stage 1: Rally to Germany

1. Classic at Sector 8. 3rd or better. Grant 5 tokens. 2. Versus at Nevada. Win it. Grant a Porsche 918 Spyder BP. 3. GF (Grand Finale) at Classified. Win it. Grant 10 token and 2 Porsche 918 Spyder BP's.

Stage 2: Old School Homage (driving the '67 Impala)

1. Elimination at Tokyo. 2nd or better. Grant 2 hybrid engines. 2. Classic at Porsche Dynamic/The River Ft.. Drive a lap backwards. Unlockes a Exclusive deal of 2 Porsche BP for 4100 tokens (it is legendary). 3. Unplugged at Great Wall Rev.. Finish it. Grants 3 Porsche BP. 4. GF at Porsche On-road Long/Westminster. 2nd or better. Grants 500 credits and steal 1 BP if you don't skip it for 200 tokens.

Stage 3: (for those who didn't skip the Stage 2 GF) Find the Thief 1. Flawless at Barcelona. Finish it. Grant a contract for GL worth -1000 credit. 2. GF at Porsche On-road Short/Barcelona Rev. Win while lapping (lead by 1 lap) 2 racers. 3-lap race. Grants 4 BP's.

Stage 4: Second Stint with Impala 1. Gate Drift at Porsche Dynamic/Tokyo. Win it. Grants 1 Porsche OR Impala BP. 2. Knockdown at The River Ft.. Win it. Grants 7 Impala AND 1 Porsche BP. 3. Infected at Venice Rev. 4th and better. Grants 2 Porsche BP. 4. GF at Barcelona Rev.. Win it. Grants 5 Impala BP AND 4 Porsche BP.

Stage 5: Man In Black (all races in Barcelona) 1. (Impala) Classic, win it. Grant ONE Hybrid card, IF YOU PAY 700 TOKENS. 2. (Porsche) Classic, don't use nitro for more than 5 seconds. Grants nothing. 3. (Porsche) Drift, get no less than 5000, but no more than 5200 points. Grant a factory. Details below. 4. (Impala) GF, win it without airborne. Just do 2 laps, forwards, or backwards. Take away 25 MP points per day.

Stage 6: Whodunnit (all races in Sector 8) 1. Classic, drive backwards with neither braking nor steering. Grant 200 tokens. (Pay 400 token to move on) 2. Gate drift, do it without gates. Grants 2 Porsche BP's. 3. Classic, don't wreck. Grants 1 Impala BP. 4. GF, win it. Grants 5 Porsche BP.

Stage 7: Close to it (Repeats all stage 6 goals except goal 4, which is a solo race.)

Stage 8: It's Gameloft (all races are versus) 1. Sector 8, win it. Grants 1 Porsche BP. 2. Porsche Dynamic/Westminster, win it. Grant 4 Porsche BT and the exclusive deal of 20000 dollar to one Porsche BP.

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