General Assumption

Assuming you have life / study / work outside playing Asphalt, you probably would want to spend maximum playing 1 hour a day (everyday, to maximise reward for Daily Login Progression) and probably 2 hours on weekend.

This also assume that you do not want to spend any real money on the game too. Note: if you have to or want to, at the very least, just get the cheapest token pack so that will give you 200 VIP points, which brings you to VIP category 1, which gives extra item on the daily login progession reward.


Start the game by playing Career mode first. Make sure to get all the 5 Stars on each race. Do this at the first 2 races of the day, which allow you to watch an Ad to get double-points (which is good because of the star rewards get doubled). Don't rush to buy new car until absolutely necessary. For career cars, do choose cars that have cheap upgrade cost. Start with upgrade into 1111. After this, I usually only upgrade the Top-Speed and Nitro (up to level 4). For level 5 upgrades, I tend to use the "Free Upgrades " received by Car Mastery challenges (note that you need to collect sufficient stars to unlock Car Mastery).  

Do join Events competition whenever possible, despite a small stat of you early cars, because this will train you to drive better and they often give participation reward. Occasionally they let you try some very fast car and this will give you a taste of the handling of fast car (it will take awhile to get used to them). You can have better chance to win an events once you have mid-to-high level car from each class with tuning above 0404 and/or with booster combination.

Try to unlock each season, until you reach Season 9 (which require 600 stars, which means you've completed at least 120 races). What is so important about this season? Because this is the place for you to farm for credit. Each race should give you average around 4500 - 5500 credits, but you'll need a MAX car for it. If you have S-Class MAX car (such as Lykan), the challenge 15 in the Car Mastery also give credit around this amount. This is how you farm for credit to buy more expensive car.

  • At this stage, you are more or less ready to compete at Multiplayer League . Start competing with lower car ranks below 1200. Here is some list of cars that suited for MP. Once you are farming regularly, I would recommend to buy "Super Racer Kit Box " on daily basis so that you get the necessary cards for Pro Kits tuning. In the MP game, for each competition season, I usualy try to get myself into the Challenger league, since the reward is better than the Amateur league. To go beyond this league, I think you gotta be Asphalt addict  :-)

Car Selection

In order to progress in career mode, my strategy is to start with entry level car for a particular class (usually they are cheap), and as I unlock further seasons, this car (despite of the tuning) will be too slow and I need to start buying higher end model of that class (it is advisable choose car that is cheap to max-out).

Along the game you would have collected the Token as well. Spend them wisely since there is no way to farm them. It is probably impossible to buy super high-end car token-only car by relying of collecting free tokens giveaway (this is how Gameloft try to earn money from you). However, there are interesting car that you can get with small amount of tokens, such as Renault DeZir (one of the best Class-D car for MP, which only cost 180 token).

There are certain cars that are much more suited for MP. Carefully tune the car for MP and not for Career mode and/or Car Mastery. You can only upgrade, but cannot downgrade.

Here is the list of cars I chosen based on the strategy above

Car Class Notes
Dodge Dart GT D Free
Audi R8 e-tron D Career
Tesla Model S D Career
Renault DeZir D



Audi S4 D High Class-D
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive C Low Class-C
Audi RS4 Avant C Mid Class-C
Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic C



DS Survolt B

Low Class B


Ferrari 599XX B Mid Class B
Rinspeed zaZen B



Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car A Low Class A
McLaren 12C Spider A Mid Class A
McLaren P1 A



Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning S Low Class A
W Motors Lykan HyperSport S



I know that there are probably better car released every other month, like BMW Hommage or Aston Martin Vulcan, but as casual player, I don't think I'll spend money for that. 

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