This blog post is part of a series on myths and urban legends around Asphalt 8 game elements.

  • 1: Cards Come to Those Who Have Them


I guess we all know this: There's an event coming up and the new car needs far more Pro Kit cards of a certain kind (mostly engines) than we have in our inventory. Players have developed different strategies to manage their inventories. One of them is often referred to as a "classic golden rule":

"Always keep a certain number of a specific card that you need the most."


Is that true? To verify this, a valid method would be to

  • fuse all cards of a certain kind and keep the number constantly at zero by fusing this card as soon as it is granted
  • always keep a certain number of other cards
  • watch how often the "empty stock" card is granted in relation to the other cards of which a certain stock is kept.

As the Holiday Update did not introduce a class D car and the Lamborghini Murciélago championship was the only class B event in this update, I started a test right after the championship:

For one month, I fused all class D and B part cards and kept their number at zero (except for a few times when I forgot to fuse them before opening the next box), and tried to never run out of part cards of all other classes. During this period, 419 boxes were opened, containing 472 car parts for class D, C and B.

If the "golden rule" was true, the number of received class D and B parts should be significantly lower than the number of class C cards.


Received class B, C, D car parts
Dec 15, 2018 – Jan 15, 2019
Card Amount Percent
Class D 166 35.17 %
Class C 148 31.36 %
Class B 158 33.47 %
Although the inventory didn't contain any class D or B parts most of the time, they did not appear less frequently than class C cards.


There is no "golden rule". The number of cards in the inventory doesn't influence the probability of getting them.


Received class B, C, D car parts (details)
Dec 15, 2018 – Jan 15, 2019
Card Amount Percent
D: Tires 40 8.47 %
33 empty
D: Suspension 41 8.69 %
31 empty
D: Drivetrain 39 8.26 %
31 empty
D: Exhaust 46 9.75 %
33 empty
C: Tires 37 7.84 %
5 empty
C: Suspension 37 7.84 %
5 empty
C: Drivetrain 30 6.36 %
6 empty
C: Exhaust 44 9.32 %
1 empty
B: Tires 50 10.59 %
35 empty
B: Suspension 38 8.05 %
31 empty
B: Drivetrain 33 6.99 %
25 empty
B: Exhaust 37 7.84 %
29 empty

Here's a more detailed list of the distribution of all cards. The grey bars ("empty") show the number of times the inventory didn't contain any card of that type.

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