You have an Android device and thought you wouldn't have a chance because of the multiplayer delayed start bug? Wrong. Go ahead! Here's why:

The Beginner's Guide to a Successful Lamborghini Aventador SV Multiplayer Cup

At first: Accept the facts. You will be thrown into the race 15 to 20 seconds late. All the others will be gone. Advantage: As long as your track is still loading, you appear as a ghost to other players – no one can knock you down at the start. And there are a few other things you can do to improve your chances.

  1. 01 Screenshot 20180523-112427
    Adjust your elite tuning. Although the car doesn't belong to you, you can change the elite tuning. Always chose 0808. This costs 3500A8 credits small 3,500 and lasts only for four races, but it gives you a significant advantage as it increases your top speed and nitro stats. The rank of your car will rise from 1793 to 1810. I did not see one single other car with a 1810 rank in all the races I did; only the stock 1793 or some less effective fantasy tunings.
  2. 01b Screenshot 20180523-144357
    Result: Your car's total speed will be 13.9 km/h higher than that of your competitors (assuming that they still don't elite tune their cars) – without any boosters. Elite tuning takes 2 h 30 min to finish, but you can reduce the timer to zero once per day by watching ads. Be careful not to acccidentally hit the "Reduce timer with tokens" button above!
  3. Don't waste any credits for boosters. It costs you 17500A8 credits small 17,500 to go double boosted for a limited time. The nitro starter is in vain because it can't give you any advantage over other racers at the start as they are already gone, and the tuning kit is wasted, too, because you do not know if it can help you catch up with the others or not. Sometimes the constellation is ok, sometimes you wouldn't catch up even with all the boosters in the world. The elite tuning is always the cheaper and more cost effective way.
  4. 01c Screenshot 20180523-202016
    These are the stats of your car after four races. Top speed is now slower than stock, but you can still do one race with it if you have fuel left. Prepare to be overtaken, though.

  5. 01d Screenshot 20180523-212514
    These are the stats after five races. Top speed is so low now that it's highly recommended to apply the elite tuing again. You don't want to wait? Practice Barcelona in the meantime. I've seen racers driving everywhere during this cup, but not on the shortest route. Here are a few hints how to master the track faster with the Aventador SV (screenshots taken with a slow Audi e-tron for demonstration purposes):
  6. Before the first turn, start drifting early. The Aventador SV has a wider drifting radius than similar cars. This will help you take the turn more sharply and gain time.
  7. 02 Screenshot 20180523-105723
    After the first two turns, most drivers follow the street and try to get the yellow nitro on the right side. Don't do that. First: The street isn't as straight as it seems – it makes a slight, but noticeable turn, so this is not the shortest route. Second: If you happen to have any co-racers ahead of you at this time, they will steal your nitro on the right side, so you will lose time. Always take the nitro on the left side and fall onto the beach after that. (Pro racers can collect the blue nitros under the street directly after falling down, but this is too risky fo unexperienced drivers and, above all, you don't need additional nitro at this time as the Aventador SV has axcellent nitro stats.)
  8. 03 Screenshot 20180523-110345
    Stay on the beach, straight ahead. Ignore the ramp to the right leading back to the street.

  9. 04 Screenshot 20180523-105732
    After the ramp it's time to collect two of the blue nitros under the street. Don't try to get all three because you won't be able to catch the ramp after the nitros to jump back onto the street.

  10. 05 Screenshot 20180523-110352
    Take the ramp to jump back onto the street. Steer right immediately after taking the ramp to reach the street; otherwise you'll wreck at some obstacles between street and beach or will be thrown back onto the beach. No experiments here, no flat spins! You have enough nitro. Back on the street, hit perfect nitro, don't triple tap in order to have enough nitro until the bridges.
  11. 06 Screenshot 20180523-110409
    At the following turn you can turn left without drifting and then head straight for the right blue nitro. In their videos most of the pro racers do a little punch-drift at the first turn and catch the left nitro instead, which would result in a slightly shorter route. If you are not sure where you'd land after drifting with an unknown car, just choose the first variant without drifting.
  12. 07 Screenshot 20180523-110416
    Don't forget: You are still incredibly late, so you'll always face the ship. Prepare to fly around its highest parts. No flat spins.

  13. 08 Screenshot 20180523-110430
    After the first jump, turn right and ignore the blue nitro to the left. Go straight ahead and take the blue ones to the right. You have enough nitro.

  14. 09 Screenshot 20180523-110438
    After the bridges, nitro-tap once and drift right immediately. If you're lucky (or more experienced), you'll land directly on the lower street.

  15. 10 Screenshot 20180523-110825
    Don't stay on the lower street. Take the first ramp and jump onto the right street. No experiments, no flat spins! You have enough nitro.

  16. 11 Screenshot 20180523-110448
    You took the turn to widely and didn't manage to fall onto the lower street directly? No problem. Drive to the right after drifting, down onto the street. There's a second ramp that will let you jump onto the right street.

  17. 12 Screenshot 20180523-110502
    Stay right. After the slight turn, head for the blue nitro to the left over the lower street. Ignore the bus stop, you won't need a city havoc. Ignore the yellow nitro to the very left, you don't need it, and it will lead to a longer route because you'd have to get back to the right side after this. Fall down onto the lower street after the blue nitro. Go straight on the lower street and catch the yellow nitro. No barrel rolls, no flat spins, no experiments, please.
  18. 13 Screenshot 20180523-110519
    After getting back to the upper street, keep left. Ignore the yellow nitro to the right. You'd only need it if there were two laps.

  19. 14 Screenshot 20180523-132734
    Voilà! If you follow the above-mentioned instructions it will be very rare that you finish 7th or 8th. Most of the time you'll finish 5th, 4th or above.

  20. 15 Screenshot 20180523-124846
    Still worrying about the "Finish 1st" and "Finish 3rd" goals? No need to. Approximately one race out of twenty will let you start with "only" 5 seconds delay. With an elite tuning and a little bit of practice it's almost sure you'll finish first at least once during the cup.


I know I strengthened the competition for myself a little bit with these instructions, but hey, we all have to deal with this bug (the Android racers at least), so why not make life a little bit more comfortable for all? As you see, it's possible to get 25 of the 45 Aventador SV blueprints even with the bug, so go ahead and have fun!

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