This is an updated version of the previous blog post "Living with Bugs: Delayed Multiplayer Starts after the 2018 Summer Update" from July 6, 2018.
EDIT: As of August 23, 2018, all delayed starts as well as all lagging issues have vanished after an Android system update.

General advice

  1. Android update: If you are an Android user and still experiencing delayed starts in multiplayer races you may want to check if there is a system update for your device. My current version is 8.1.0 Build ABE104, and after this update all delayed starts as well as all lagging in races with traffic have completely disappeared.
  2. Messengers running in the background:
    Screenshot 20180525-162901
    A messenger app receiving text messages in the background normally doesn't affect the normal operation of your device. But if you have enabled the automatic download of received photos and files, your phone starts time-consuming download and SD card read/write processes each time somebody sends you a picture. A friend of mine once happened to send me 12 holiday photos in a row while I was playing Asphalt which caused instant lagging. So you should disable all automatic downloads in your messengers. In WhatsApp, for example, you can do this by going to Settings | Data and storage usage and disabling all media downloads during a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. File explorers running in the background:
    Screenshot 20180525-163020
    The ES File Explorer, for example, is a quite popupar and useful tool, but it's very active in the background because it tracks each and every file access by other apps. This means that every time Asphalt loads a 3D pattern, a music file or whatever is needed for a race, the ES File Explorer logs this into its own files and causes read/write processes that consume CPU time. As Asphalt is a very complex app that demands lots of CPU time, each additional app logging everything Asphalt does slows down your CPU and causes lagging. I strongly advise to stop those apps by brute force before running Asphalt. You can do this by going to your Android Settings | Apps and notifications | ES File Exlorer (or other file tracking app) | Force stop.

While an Android update is likely to solve all problems with delayed starts and lagging, the two other tips should at least reduce irregular lagging caused by other apps than Ashpalt.

When nothing helps

If you still experience delayed starts in multiplayer: I can't provide current delay times any more, but you can go back to my first post on this topic (after the 2018 Spring Update) or the second one (after the 2018 Summer Update), depending on how severe your delays are. You can test this by choosing Nevada:

  • If this track has no delays at all, go to the second post.
  • If it has severe delays, go to the first one.

Good luck!

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