aka Justin Tan

  • I live in Quezon City
  • My occupation is Social Media Manager of Filipino girl group DIVAS
  • I am male
  • Jskylinegtr

    Our game has been ruined severely by Vivendi after they bought Gameloft in 2016. Since the hostile takeover, our game was destroyed by severe updates like many items becoming token only, and rewards gradually becoming small amount of Credits.

    • Car Mastery would have their rewards increased to the rewards before they were reduced in the Research & Development Update.
      • Mastery Races would become replayable again, and the credit payouts are reverted to the pre-R&D or pre-FLU Updates
    • would be removed,
    • Free Upgrades would have been restored in Research & Development.
    • Rank Lock Requirements would be heavily nerfed
    • Car Kits would be likely extinct and turned to regular upgrades
    • Credits would be used again to apply Pro Kits, and the cards would not be foun…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    After 6 years, i have called it quits on the Asphalt tracks, and revealed some of my true identities. The Sixth Anniversary Update is the update i have decided to call it quits, so i let Gameloft launch some of the A8 community and some of their cars to the Orbital Loop and leave them behind

    NOTE: The game was awesome and enjoyable until somewhere in the late 2010s, which was caused by Vivendi's hostile takeover of Gameloft in 2016.

    • Back before the game became freemium, i bought the Class D Car Pack for $1.99 dollars.
    • With the 20 Free Class D upgrades from the Dodge Dart GT wipeout incident in the Decals Update, i used to buy the Ferrari 308 GTS and MAX it with the 20 free upgrades.
    • In the Car Mastery Update, the Audi R8 LMS Ultra's price was…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    On the launch day, Gameloft and Vivendi commands the A8 Community to go to outer space to take a first look at the Orbital Loop track. They also deploy a rocket to launch some road cars to space.

    Fabien: Our boss has told us to force our A8 community to go to the Moon to be able to continue their opportunity to participate in our Festival.

    Mina: We alert you, community, any of you going to the moon must wear space suits to be safe in outer space.

    Pepper: We are ordering you all to get suited up before going to space.

    Gameloft employees order the space center people to suit up the A8 players that are going to race in the Orbital Loop.

    Jskylinegtr continues to leave GL behind and decides to avoid the Orbital Loop mission.

    After the A8 players are …

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  • Jskylinegtr

    As i continue enjoying my retirement from Asphalt 8: Airborne, I have decided to make a story on how i decided to retire from this game. My decision to retire was likely caused by the extreme greediness of the devs.

    • Gameloft Community managers
    • Vincent Bollore (Vivendi president)
    • Gameloft/Vivendi's rocket

    • Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.
    • Star Magic

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  • Jskylinegtr

    I have totally quit Asphalt 8 and given up on the game due to the aggresive monetization this game has had since Vivendi's hostile takeover of Gameloft. I revealed that Yengsters is one of my true fandoms. I started playing Asphalt 8 in 2013, and enjoyed it for most of the pre-Vivendi era of the game. Once Vivendi bought Gameloft, things just started getting worse. And the Fast Lane Update killed A8 and made it pay to play. Do you know why Fast Lane Update is also known as the FLU?

    • Extremely nerfed rewards. This was first worsened in the Fast Lane Update/FLU by removing Mastery farming/nerfing Mastery Rewards. Then the 2019 Spring Update worsened the rewards by nerfing Career payouts to low credit amounts and Moto Blitz to only reward Biker…

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