aka Justin Tan

  • I live in Quezon City
  • My occupation is Social Media Manager of Filipino girl group DIVAS
  • I am male
  • Jskylinegtr

    After 6 years, i retired from Asphalt 8: Airborne after Vivendi has murdered the game and ordered Gameloft to be very greedy, this caused the forced rank requirements, conversion of many career-required cars to token-only purchases, and even to come. I am rather having Philippine Showbiz than this game that has been murdered by microtransactions. I would rather buy a ticket to Zephanie Dimaranan's first concert, than to use the time and money on the Acura NSX GT3 Evo's R&D that is infested with a MAX PRO requirement and -only upgrades.

    I have decided to quit after the Sixth Anniversary Update, one of the bad things to happen in this update is the forced rank requirements.

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  • Jskylinegtr

    It all started when the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 arrived on Asphalt 8, in which it costs $99.99 for Level 4 and 5 upgrades combined, and it's R&D had no free upgrades. The cheapest collection to complete, Glimpse into the Future is plagued with the McLaren P1™, a previously credit car, having it's price changed to without a Credit option, means that Vivendi is making Gameloft very greedy. This game has gone more pay to play and littered with token only payments, and gaining tokens is harder for NMS players since Vivendi's hostile takeover of Gameloft in mid-2016, which started all the bad things. The Centenario is an example, if i would choose to buy a ticket for Yeng Constantino's concert, or this Centenario, i would take Yeng ove…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    After 6 years of play, i started the game around late Septmeber 2013, i have officially called it quits from playing Asphalt 8: Airborne, The reason of this is due to the high amount of forced payments that the game has gone since Vivendi's hostile takeover in mid-2016. I never blame GL for those, i always blame Vivendi for why this game sucks now, everything was increased in costs, and even credit-purchasable items got turned into Tokens.

    • 25 Collections cleared (23 maxed
    • Completed all career seasons (exclduing token-only cars, got the 2015 Mustang GT S550 for free from an old TLE)
    • Getting the 9FF GT9 VMAX from it's giveaway event, and maxing it out.

    • Research & Development/Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 - Makes you spend more than $99.99 to c…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    Here is a story of how my future of Asphalt 8 is being, now that Asphalt 8: Airborne has added the Orbital Loop track.

    Vincent Bollore: We are about to launch a rocket that will take our A8 players to the Orbital Loop! Several Earth Cars are also being deployed to the Moon.

    Me: What, i would have to go to space if i want to continue Asphalt 8, i would rather want to go to Showbiz realm!

    Fabien: A8 players,whoever gets to the rocket will be continuing Asphalt 8!

    Mina: Well, Fabien, we are launching the rocket, we must follow Vivendi's orders!

    A8 Players get into the rocket that will launch into the Orbital Loop

    Stéphane Roussel: We are ready to launch in just 1 and a half hours to liftoff!

    Zephanie Dimaranan: Justin, i should help you, Gameloft/Vi…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    VVL-918, Launch Day at the Vivenloft: Explorers, We are waiting for the launch in an hour, get suited up now, Vivenloft people.

    This story was made because of the new Orbital Loop track, and how i am likely to uninstall than update and take the Terzo from the Festival. The lift off to the Orbital Loop is a way for me to uninstall the once great, turned pay to play game because of Vivendi's hostile takeover.

    The crew suits up Mina and Fabien, along with some other GL people that work on A8 as they get ready to explore the Orbital Loop, where a Lamborghini Terzo Millennio and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ await them.

    I am getting ready to choose whether to update or uninstall Asphalt 8, but i decide my time for the R&Ds will waste my time and mon…

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