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If Maja and Janella Salvador took over for Gameloft/Vivendi, the following changes could happen: Vivendi's takeover caused Asphalt 8 to be more on money making.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

  • Car Mastery would have their rewards increased to the rewards before they were reduced in the Research & Development Update.
    • Mastery Races would become replayable again, and the credit payouts are reverted to the pre-R&D or pre-FLU Updates
  • A8Tokens only upgrades would be removed,
  • Free Upgrades would have been restored in Research & Development.
  • Many cars that were changed to A8Tokens only cars (eg. Lamborghini Veneno, McLaren P1™, McLaren 675LT, W Motors Lykan HyperSport, Ford Shelby GT500, Ferrari 458 Italia) would be given back their old credit prices.
  • Many upgrade costs for cars released after the SSC Tuatara would be reduced (eg. Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4's upgrade cost of A8Credits 720,050 + A8Tokens 13,950 would become A8Credits 417,500.
  • Pro Kit requirements would be reverted back to the pre-Fast Lane Update requirements or reduced further/
  • Many A8Tokens only cars would become credits purchasable (eg. McLaren P1™ GTR would be A8Credits 2,700,000 or A8Tokens 13,500, or Aston Martin Vulcan would be A8Credits 3,500,000 or A8Tokens 14,250)
  • Credit rewards in races would be doubled/tripled/quadrupled.
  • Car Ranks would be rebalanced further.
  • Many A8Tokens only Exclusive Deals would become A8Credits purchasable.
  • Many R&D/Championship/EDD cars would become permanently available in the garage for A8Credits or A8Tokens
  • Apex Wednesdays and Daily Heat Events would return
  • The Proto Keys system in Research & Development, along with the tires system in Championships, and the Invitations in Enduro Double Down would be removed to allow the event to be easier to win.
  • Many engine requirements in Pro Kits, especially in the high amount of V12 MPI engines of the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 and the i3 Engines of the BMW i8 Coupe, would be excessively reduced.
  • Festival events would have reduced costs and more rewards.
  • Many Blueprint-buildable cars would no longer be BP craftable, and would be instead A8Credits or A8Tokens purchasable.
  • New currencies would be introduced, similar to Need for Speed No Limits' Event Credits. These currencies would only be used in the events themselves, and when the event ends, the unused currency will convert to A8Credits
  • The Fusion Point costs would be reverted back to the pre-Halloween Update costs for the A8Box Starter Box Starter Box (A8Fusionpoints 5,500 → 5,000​​) and A8Box Ultra Box Ultra Box (A8Fusionpoints 22,500 → 22,000​​).
  • The Fusion Points for fusing Pro Kit cards and Blueprints would be reverted back to the pre-Asphalt Moments Update Fusion Point rewards.
  • Many excessively overpriced decals' prices would be reduced, and many A8Tokens decals become A8Credits purchasable or free.
  • Pro Kits and Upgrades would be upgradable even when offline
  • Many things that became online-only in the FLU would become available offline again.
  • Decals will be added for many 2017 and beyond released cars.
  • Free upgrade rewards would be restored and increased further in multiplayer seasons.
  • Ultimate AIs in Research & Development would be nerfed to allow for an easier win.
  • Microtransactions would be reduced or nearly prohibited.
  • VIP system would be removed as part of a bill that would ban microtransactions
  • Research & Developments would go from a limited-time with energy-based waiting time (Proto Keys) to a story based-plot event that would be like a quest than a limited time challenge with waiting times that can be skipped with A8Tokens
  • Time Limited Events will no longer have a Fuel system.
  • Many upgrade costs that were increased in the 2019 Spring Update would be reduced.
  • Several Engine Sounds would be changed.
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)'s engine, would be changed from M3 GT2 V8 to either V6 NA, or gets a new engine sound that resembles RB26DETT.
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