This story is all about making the 2019 Autumn Update, which will hit the track soon for Asphalt 8: Airborne, However, since Gameloft and Vivendi only cares about money, a girl group from my home country decides to take over for Asphalt 8: Airborne and make everything available than locked behind expensive real-money paywalls.




  • Vivendi
    • Vincent Bollore
  • Gameloft (when forced by Vivendi to prioritize profit over gameplay experience)

Developing the update

Gameloft: We are about to make an update that will be hitting the track soon!

Vivendi: Gameloft, we need a lot more money, so how about making more items only purchasable with tokens?

Gameloft: We will add more cars to the game.

Vivendi: Gameloft, if you would want more money: We would order you to make the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio have no credit upgrades, All upgrades shall be A8Tokens only upgrades!

Gameloft: Sure! We will also lock many behind token-only paywalls

Gamloft/Vivendi's profit focus

Vivendi: Gameloft, we order you to prioritize our profit earnings over gameplay experience, here is one thing that will make us more money, make the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio have all upgrades all purchasable only with A8Tokens!

Gameloft: Sure Vivendi! We will do it so no one can get the car without paying a lot of cash! We need money!

The DIVAS Takeover

Yeng Constantino: Um, we have noticed Asphalt 8 has a lot of things locked behind Microtransactions!

Angeline Quinto: How about, we are going to drop the prices:

Kyla Alvarez: Sure! But we need the key to get in.

KZ Tandingan: Um, what are we going to do, we saw the game died since the FLU.

All 4 DIVAS: We are going to try to get rid of the pay-to-win greed, and make this game easily winnable.

Dropping costs

DIVAS (Kyla, Yeng, Angeline and KZ): We will do all of these: 1) Decrease the pro kit requirements. 2) remove all the token-only upgrades. 3) Make Mastery races reracable again. And 4): Make all Token cars have credit prices and always purchasable.

Car prices

Vivendi: Gameloft, We have plans to make more cars Tokens only, that means, we will make more money if people will be forced to buy tokens with real money. We also plan to shelve the Blueprint system, and make cars purchasable, however, they will be A8Tokens only purchases.

Vivendi: Gameloft, we order you to make more cars have token-only prices, that will make us even richer.

Kyla: No way! Vivendi ordering Gameloft to do those things will force many players to shed their wallets to afford these cars!

Angeline: We will change it because we are going to ban microtransactions for good!

DIVAS reduce the costs of the cars to a fairer value, and make them affordable.

KZ: We have changed many of the car costs, now the Pagani Huayra will be priced at A8Credits 50,000, the Lamborghini Huracán will be priced at A8Credits 92,500, the W Motors Lykan HyperSport will be priced at A8Credits 160,000, the SSC Tuatara will be costing only A8Credits 187,500, the NanoFlowcell QUANT FE will be going down to A8Credits 200,000, while the Koenigsegg Agera R's price will be down to A8Credits 225,000, and the Chrysler ME412's price will be only A8Credits 250,000.

Angeline: For the first time, many of these token cars can now be bought with credits, The SSC Ultimate Aero XT's price is set at A8Credits 300,000, the Peugeot Onyx will be worth A8Credits 340,000, and the 2015 GTA Spano will be down to A8Credits 400,000. The Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package's price would be dropped to A8Credits 500,000.

Kyla: The McLaren P1™ GTR's price will be A8Credits 750,000, while the Aston Martin Vulcan's price will be A8Credits 900,000.

Yeng: And last but not least, we have also set the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4's price to A8Credits 2,300,000, and the Koenigsegg Regera's price would now be A8Credits 1,900,000.

Vivendi: Those S Class cars have too low value, and Gameloft, if this is true, we would lose a lot of money!

Yeng: The Ferrari LaFerrari was given a price of A8Tokens 2,400 without an A8Credits option!

Angeline: We will also drop the cost, and many A8Tokens only cars that were converted from A8Credits purchasable back into being credits purchasable.

KZ: Now, we also plan to make many Token Cars credits purchasable, This means, Completing Career Mode will be easily winnable without having to hand over your wallets!


Vivendi: After having introduced these with the Mosler Super GT and the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage, we will make it even worse, that will make Gameloft have even more money! For this, the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio will have no Credit upgrades, all of them being Token-only upgrades..

Gameloft: Sure, we also made it require an online connection, and all of the 2019 Autumn Update's new cars will have Token-only upgrades.

Yeng: That is too much! Those developers are too greedy, and making this game force microtransactions!

Kyla: We are going to get into their systems:

KZ Tandingan grabs the key to the secret coding room, and drops the upgrade costs.

Angeline Quinto: Now, we are going to remove all those Token only upgrades, drop the costs, and make it available offline!

KZ Tandingan: Instead of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio requiring A8Tokens 20,000 for it's maxing, it will just be A8Credits 417,500 to max that Lamborghini.

Vivendi: We also plan to make the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ require A8Tokens 13,950 for Level 4 and 5 upgrades, just like the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4's A8Tokens only upgrades prior to the 2019 Spring Update.

Pro Kits

Vivendi: Gameloft, we would order the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio to require tokens for all of it's upgrades, and all pro kits will be for the first time, only appliable with tokens! We encourage everyone to give us money, so we can feel very, very rich!

Gameloft: We have to do it, because Vivendi said they will not publish this update until we follow all their profit-oriented orders!

Vivendi: And now, for every new car released from this update onwards, they will require 2x the Pro Kit requirements, and will have certain levels be token only pro kits, and will require a lot of advanced techs, and new engine cards, andtokens to apply each level.

KZ Tandingan: No way! Those developers are worsening the Pro kits for their own money!

Kyla Alvarez: Those developers are trying to be even greedier than EA because of a parent company!

Angeline Quinto: No! We got to stop these greedy businessmen!

Yeng Constantino: No way! Those are too much! They just want you to hand them your wallet for a car that will be useful for several months, then you would keep paying again in the next few updates!

Vivendi employees leave the building, DIVAS hijack the systems, and decide to fix the prices.

Yeng: We have significantly reduced all the pro kit requirements and costs, now you do not need to do any loot boxes/microtransactions to Pro your car.

Angeline: And also, we have removed the online requirement for the Pro Kits

Kyla: These reduced costs and requirements are less than the requirements for most cars prior to the increase in the Fast Lane Update.

Entering the top coding room

Vivendi goons: Access denied!

Gameloft unlocks the door for employees to enter.

Employees lock the door, and Yeng Constantino sees the key.

Yeng grabs the key, unlocks it, and DIVAS enter the room.

Vivendi/GL employees leave, and DIVAS hack into the code to change the prices.

Banning Microtransactions/Loot Boxes/Surprise Mechanics

Vivendi: Gameloft, we have made a lot of money from this game through the updates we made a lot of items tokens only!

Vivendi: We will also increase the costs further and make some Credit items Tokens only!

Angeline: They are doing it again with their greed, we have to get rid of that!

Yeng: Get out Gameloft! You all want more money! We will code it back and drop all the costs:

After DIVAS change the car costs: Vivendi/GL comes and sees the costs

Vivendi: UGH! That prices are too low!

Sen. Josh Hawley: I have announced that my bill to ban loot boxes and pay-to-win microtransactions has passed!

DIVAS: We have announced that we are going to place US Senator Josh Hawley's Bill against surprise mechanics, so Microtransactions have to unfortunately go and be banned for good!

KZ Tandingan: We will have to convert many overpriced token-only items to be credit purchasable.

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